'I'm suddenly obsessed with press-on nails. Here's 4 of the best brands to try.'

With the revival of everything Y2k and the whole, y'know, financial crisis thing, you might've noticed a new nail trend doing the rounds: Press-on nails. Yes! They're back. And this new generation of fake nails are better than ever. Seriously — they've come a longgg way, you guys.

With more styles, shapes and colours than ever before, they're not only versatile but they last longer, too. The best part? A lot of them can be reused multiple times. 

So, if you're thinking of ditching the pricey salon and looking for some nail inspo, I've got you sorted. 

Because I'm officially OBSESSED with press-on nails.

They're easy and quick to use, affordable (but look like they've been done in a salon) and strong enough to last the distance.

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Whether you're looking to go short and classic or some Kardashian-level length, here are the press-on nail brands that I simply can't get enough of right now. 

Ready? Let's go!

1. By Me Crew Gift Set, $79.95.


This cute bundle crept its way across my desk recently — and it might be my favourite send-in this month. Big call, I know. But these are so good.

It comes with a clear gift pouch/mat (it unfolds), an at-home UV light, a glass nail filer and two sets of gel nail stickers (you can choose different colours).

I used the Nude Pink Semicured Gel Nails design prior to a wedding — and they lasted over three weeks (they probably could've lasted even longer, but I wanted to switch it up) without any chipping or discolouration. I was SO unpressed.

The application process was super easy, too — you wipe your nails with the alcohol pad (provided), pick the size for each nail, cut off any excess and set it under the UV light.

2. Instant Mani Co., $29.99.


Have you tried these? Ya just gotta

Instant Mani Co. came about during COVID, when nail salons were shut down and everyone was sick of looking at their sad, plain nails. Since then, the brand has only gotten bigger. 

You can grab these nail kits for $30, and it includes 30 multi-sized press-on nails, a nail file, buffer, cuticle pusher and glue. You simply select a nail size, brush the nail glue on your nails and press them on. Voila! Easy as pie.

They last around two to three weeks and just make your hands look eleventy million times more fancy and pretty.

My favourite shade? Velvet pink.


3. Glowie By Her, $45.

Another fave! At one point, everyone in the Mamamia lifestyle team were wearing Glowie nails — so I knew I had to give them a whirl.

Each kit features a reusable case with a little mirror, 30 nails in 15 sizes, nail glue (for longer two to three-week use), sticky tabs (for shorter three to four-day use), an alcohol pad and nail file.

The brand has a HUGE selection of styles and colours, 

4. Acrylique, $39.95.


Hailey Bieber is that you? 

Perfect for last-minute plans/when you don't want to break the bank on nail appointments, Acrylique is another great brand for press-on nails — boasting a solid range of shapes and colours, including Bieber's signature 'Glazed Donut'.

Similar to Glowie's nail kits, you can either use the adhesive strips for a shorter wear, or apply glue to your nails for longer wear (up to two weeks).

Each kit contains 28 nails in 14 different sizes, 26 adhesive tabs, nail glue, nail file, alcohol wipes and a cuticle stick.

What are your favourite press-on nail brands? Share with us in the comment section below.

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