Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The Bachelorette’s Charlie has finally spoken about his relationship with Dasha.

Over the last week or so, there’s been a huge Bachelorette rumour that suggests Charlie Newling and Dasha Gaivoronski may be dating.

Suspicions were fanned after paparazzi photos of the pair ‘hanging out’ at a restaurant emerged, which was followed by more shots of Charlie giving Dasha a piggyback at the beach. Then the rumours were more or less confirmed after a very flirty Instagram Stories exchange, in which the 31-year-old asked Dasha, “What’s with you and that hot amazing guy that your dating? You two look incredible together.”

I mean what were we meant to think?

Charlie Bachelorette Dasha
We thought this was definite proof. Image: Instagram.

However, now the Bachelorette contestant himself has decided to personally clarify the situation.

Speaking to Now to Love, the Sydney-based builder confirmed he and Dasha are "good friends" and apparently nothing more.

"Dasha and I are good friends and she has been an amazing support to me over the past few weeks. Last night's Instagram post was us trying to make light of all the media attention on our relationship," he said.

And umm, call us cynical but we think there's making light of the 'media attention' and then there's purposely aggravating the rumours and we wonder which this scenario is...

BTW, Daniel made the... oddest confession on The Bachelorette last night and well this is a little embarrassing.

Video by MMC

2. “It was the most absurd thing.” Jackie O shares her worst celebrity encounter.

Jackie O has interviewed a fair few celebrities in her time, but there's one particular Hollywood A-lister who left the radio star with a particularly bad taste in her mouth.


Speaking on her KIIS FM breakfast radio show this morning, Jackie O shared that her worst celebrity encounter was with Girlfriend singer Avril Lavigne in the early 2000s.

jackie o

"It was the most absurd thing that I ever experienced," Jackie O told her co-host Kyle Sandilands.

"We were sitting side by side. The question I asked was normal – nothing probing or offensive – and she just looked at me and turned her back on me and sat there for ages in silence."



Later on in the show, Kyle and Jackie O interviewed Avril once again, ahead of the release of her upcoming album Head Above Water.

Thankfully this time around things went a whole lot smoother.

3. There’s a surprising new frontrunner to win Ali’s heart on The Bachelorette.

From the start, Charlie Newling and Bill/David Goldsmith were labelled as clear frontrunners to win Ali Oetjen's heart.

But it turns out the bookies are now favouring Todd King as the bachelor most likely to win The Bachelorette.

Ali, 32, had her first date with the 26-year-old Perth resident on Wednesday night's episode. It went well - so well, in fact that it saw Todd emerge as the new frontrunner.

Until the episode aired, King had odds of $8 on Sportsbet and Ladbrokes, but after last night, things have changed dramatically.

Sportsbet now places King at $5 odds, although he's still second, behind Taite Radley - who has odds of $1.33. And Ladbrokes now have King listed at $4.75, again second behind Radley, who has $1.18 odds.

He may be second, but it's nevertheless not bad odds for a man who's flown mostly under the radar for the whole season - until now.

Oh - except for when he turned up on the first night in a full suit of shining armour.

Looks like Todd may just come to Ali's rescue after all.



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I couldn't work out how to fasten my seatbelt... then it clicked ???????????? #astonmartin #bacheloretteau

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4. Ellen DeGeneres just scared the sh*t out of Kris Jenner and her reaction is absolute gold.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is funnier than someone scaring the crap out of another person.

In a controlled, safe environment, of course...

Moving on.

Ellen DeGeneres did just that to Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner on The Ellen Show and the footage is golden.

Sharing the set up on her Instagram, Kris wrote, "I think I wet my pants."


We dare you to watch this just once.

5. Meghan Markle had a wardrobe malfunction on the last day of the royal tour and we’re here for it.

Just a little bit see-through. Image: Getty

If you're not keeping a running tally of Meghan Markle's royal tour fashion choices, don't worry. That's why we're here.

The Duchess of Sussex latest look is, in our opinion, the very best of the last two weeks for a reason that provably had the Queen spitting out her tea with two sugars.

Thursday’s trip to Rotorua, New Zealand saw Meghan wear a custom Givenchy indigo blue knit top and matching pleated skirt... which went kinda see-through when she stood greeting fans in the sun.

Honestly, we think that's what made it so farshun and don't really care if it broke 2,368,968 royal protocols.

You can read more about Meghan Markle's New Zealand fashion here.