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MAFS' Clare Verrall has a compelling theory on why Nick Cummins strung Cass Wood along.


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Australia’s hearts collectively broke last night as Cassandra Wood, the woman who was so hopelessly in love with Nick Cummins from day one of being a contestant on The Bachelor, was dumped on national television.

And as we shed a tear alongside Cass, we were all left with one, burning question: Why the hell did Nick Cummins string his former flame along for so bloody long?

Because, in case you missed it, leading someone on is a cardinal sin, pls.

Clare Verall, former Married at First Sight contestant (and thus an expert on what goes on behind the scenes of a reality show) has a very compelling theory that explains why she was kept on for so long…and we are all ears.


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Posting to her Instagram Stories on Thursday night as the episode went to air, Verall explained the significant, manipulative role producers would have played in The Honey Badger’s decision-making at each rose ceremony.

“I have thoughts on this whole Cassie-being-sent-home thing,” Verall, who was fake-married to Jono Pitman in the 2016 series of MAFS, began.

“My theory [is] the producers would have insisted that he kept Cassie around because they dated in the past, and they wanted to ensure he didn’t come across as a prick,” Verall explained to her 73,000 Instagram followers. “So I’m sure that is what happened.”

“However, by doing that, they’ve [the producers] got a very young 23 year old girl, who actually thought this was going to be her love story, and utterly manipulated her…and that makes me angry.”


Cass bachelor
No. She is obviously not okay.

The former reality TV star ended her theory by wishing Cass Wood all the very best as she deals with her broken heart, and finding a man who will treat her better than Nick Cummins ever did.

"So, beautiful Cass, I hope you're well, I hope they're looking after you, and you deserved so much more than this, and you will find your one," Verall said.

Cass has since revealed to The Herald Sun that she is still heartbroken after being dumped by the bachelor.

“My goal for going on the show was to find someone I would spend the rest of my life with. He will always be the one that got away," she said to the publication.

“I was definitely falling for him [at the end] and it was so real for me. I feel like it was more real for me than anyone else. I never really felt the way I felt about him about anyone else. I want to find that but I don’t know if I will.”

Maybe we should start a campaign for Cass Wood to be the next, next bachelorette?

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