The editing fail on The Bachelor that speaks absolute volumes.

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So it seems like the editing team at The Bachelor HQ are getting a bit too heavy-handed with the ol’ artistic licence when it comes to their portrayal of Cass Wood.

From what we’ve been shown, it’s easy to conclude the 23-year-old accounting student is hopelessly lovestruck.

It appears she is absolutely enamoured with the Honey Badger and would like to stroke his Badger curls, have a million Badger babies and live happily ever after in Badger land, but this just may not be the full picture.

It’s almost as if reality TV editors think we’re just drama-hungry, gullible fools, but alas, we see right through their tricks, and the evidence is mounting.

Cassandra Wood Bachelor
Of Cass... Image: Channel 10.

For example, if you think Cass comes across as a bit strong in her interviews because she repeats the phrase "He’s definitely someone I can see myself falling in love with,” then you've been fooled.

If you listen closely, it's actually the same sound bite repeated over and over again, making her sound like the 'stage-five clinger' she's been unfairly portrayed to be.

Similarly, on Wednesday night's episode, there was another editing fail during the cocktail party. One moment contestant Brittany is sitting at the party in her green dress looking concerned after Cass walks out after chat with the Badge. Then the camera switches to an interview with her, but she's wearing her cocktail party dress from episode one.

“Cassie definitely came back a little rattled,” she says to the camera, wearing her beaded, navy frock from weeks before.

A continuity error, we doth spot.

The Bachelor Cass editing
One minute Brittany is wearing this strapless, green get up. Image: Channel 10.
The Bachelor Cass editing
Next minutes she's back to her Episode One outfit. Image: Channel 10.

In interviews with both The Daily Telegraph and TV WEEK,  Cass has spoken of her portrayal.

“It is not a true portrayal of me and what people are saying that I am a stage five clinger and a stalker. It is nasty and untrue,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“I didn’t know I would be featured this much. The first episode was pretty hard to watch because they only show certain things."

But whether you relate to her story, or find her absolutely unbearable,  perhaps we can all agree - this is a bit unnecessary.

What do you think of this latest editing fail? Tell us in a comment.

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