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The uncomfortable reaction the Honey Badger had to Dasha's entrance we didn't see on TV.

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In Wednesday night’s Bachelor double elimination episode, Dasha was sent packing back to Adelaide to finally hug her son Leon and live a life free from Osher’s bizarre made-up games.

But as we prepare for the final four to introduce the mustachioed rugby star to their families in tonight’s episode, Dasha has offered Mamamia a glimpse into some interesting personality traits of the Bachelor we haven’t seen on the show.

And her revelations could add substance to the swirling rumour that he ends up with… no one.

Apparently, the Honey Badger came across as “a little bit insensitive” at times, and while he was…*cough*, affectionate, Dasha doesn’t think he’s looking for an emotional connection, rather, “just some fun”.

She said the Honey Badger from her first date – the swamp fishing expedition of our greatest nightmares – was different from the man who sent her home last night.

Never forget.

"On the first date it was just easy, it was just flowing, and that was the reason why I was there for so long... honestly I was just looking forward to what was to come," Dasha told Mamamia.

"But as the time went by, I just kind of started seeing some sort of differences in him. He was just sort of exhausted and tired, the whole process is exhausting, dealing with so many women would be quite difficult for him... but it is very mentally draining for us, too, and I don't think he really thought about how all the girls were dealing with it."

She added that when she scored solo time with Nick on a group date, Nick's conversation skills, or lack thereof, made it, um, a little awkward. She even hinted that he was kinda rude.

"Are you going now?"

"At times he wasn't even making an effort in conversing with me, for example my second time getting solo time on the group date. I was doing all the talking...I was pretty much talking for 40 minutes straight and he was like throwing in a few questions here and there, but at one point he just kind of kicked back and was like 'oh now I'm going to eat crackers' and he just kind of was nibbling on the cheese platter while I was opening up about past mental struggles, which didn't really feel that nice."

Dasha Bachelor Instagram
Dasha says Nick was all about the cheese.

She speculated that perhaps it was the same for other girls who were sent home after their dates (Jamie-Lee, Rhiannon and Emily also suffered a few *crickets*).

"I think maybe things weren't as awkward as they looked, and if they were, he definitely wasn't helping," she said.

Reflecting on her unforgettable entrance to the first cocktail party, the personal trainer also added that Nick was, erm, kinda handsy.

"When I put my legs around him when we first met he kind of held on to me a bit longer than I thought he would, and it was a bit awkward...I'm pretty sure I had a double chin because I was trying to back away," she said, laughing.

"That was the moment that I was like "oh alright, so this guy is a bit touchy-feely" he's affectionate which is a good thing because I am as well... but you probably don't want your potential man to be as affectionate with everyone in there.


"He probably was there for the kisses," she added.


Watching the episodes back, Dasha thinks it's almost impossible to tell who will win Nick's heart because "he doesn't seem to have a type".

"I think he's after something less serious than finding a life partner," she said.

The plot thickens...

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