The $10 exfoliator that changed my life.

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I’ve spent stupid amounts of money on big name exfoliators. I’ve picked up some budget buys at Priceline. I’ve even taken a tupperware container to the beach and packed some sand to use at home. (I wouldn’t recommend this, after a while it gets very stinky with all that sea-related business.)

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But about three years ago I found a winning recipe when it comes to a product that removes flakes, softens the skin and leaves you feeling hydrated and I haven’t looked back. For me, that’s unheard of.  I couldn’t over-sell this if I tried so I’m calling it;  it’s the world’s best exfoliator.

So where can you find it and how much does it cost? Well, it's actually not a skincare product at all. It's something you can get very easily at your local supermarket.

The answer is... (drum roll please) raw sugar. Yep, the very same sweet stuff you might add to your 'cino of a morning.  You need to find one that doesn't have large crystals, so look for something finely ground but basically, raw sugar will put all of your expensive products to shame.

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During the summer, I keep a small tupperware container of raw sugar in my bathroom. While in the shower I use a small handful over my face (and slightly larger handfuls/bucketfuls for my body) and I work it around in small circles. I'll admit that I actually try to get some on my lips so I have to lick it off but during winter the following recipe has seen me enjoy smooth soft skin all season (and for someone who has dry skin, that's pretty great).

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Just don't all rush to the supermarket at the same time and create a supply issue please...

What you need

1. A bag of raw sugar. It can be organic, or not organic. Your choice. This is the one that I use (#foodwanker) If you can't find it, just look for one that has smaller crystals so you con't scratch and irritate your skin.

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I find the cheaper brands to be more abrasive so maybe splurge and go all out on a four dollar bag. Go on, treat yo' self.

2. An oil of your choice. I've used sweet almond oil, rose hip oil, coconut oil and olive oil and have found them all to be great. My personal preference is the sweet almond because it's known to help keep skin supple and wrinkle free and is rich in cell replenishing vitamins.

NATIVE: Shu Uemura Ultime8 Cleansing Oil

Sweet almond oil is well known for it's skin loving properties. Image via website

What to do

I'd recommend mixing your oil and sugar just before you want to use it, otherwise the sugar will dissolve and become a sludgy mess.

Simply add two to three drops of oil to a small handful of sugar and apply to your face in circular motions for about a minute. You can use a hot washcloth to remove it (and feel very much like you're in an upmarket salon) or just rinse with warm water.

With the oil there should be no need to apply moisturiser or night cream.

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What's your best budget beauty find?