We're calling it. This is THE pair of boots we'll all be wearing this year.

Like sandals are to warm weather, boots reign supreme when the colder months roll in. 

And they aren't just considered a winter staple just for aesthetic reasons, but also because of the practicality.

Once you find the perfect pair, you wear them until they disintegrate into dust. 

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And this year knee-high boots are making a comeback in a big way. 

I get it. Boots are... expensive. Especially if you're buying ones made of leather. However, if you have room in your budget, I highly recommend looking for a good quality pair, because if you choose wisely, they'll last you for years.

Finding the perfect pair of boots can be daunting. You want them to be purposeful yet trendy, and comfortable enough to be worn every day (so maybe skip the stilettos).

So I scoured the internet and found the best pairs of knee-high boots, all for under $150.

Princess Polly Sawyer Knee High Boots, $99.

Image: Princess Polly.


Billini Nakoa, $139.95.

Image: Billini.


Verali Linden Black Tall Boot, $129.95.

Image: Verali, MYER.


Therapy Candid Tall Boot, $139.95.

Image: Therapy.

Betts Mairi Stiletto Knee High Boots, $149.99.

Image: Betts.


NOVO Orva Boots, $149.95.

Image: Novo.


Therapy Woof Tall Boot, $119.95.

Image: Therapy.


SPURR Lily Knee High Boots, $99.99.

Image: SPURR, The Iconic.

Dazie Masego Knee High Boots, $119.99.

Image: Dazie, The Iconic.


Zeroe Wide Fit Eaton Tall Dress Boots, $139.99.

Image: Zeroe, The Iconic.


Novo Jadine Boots, $119.95.

Image: Novo.


Los Cabos Talula, $129.95.

Image: Los Cabos, The Iconic.

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Feature Image: Instagram @oolivamiller/@sophiemoulds.

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