Beauty in 2022 looks different. Here's what to expect.

Anyone else excited to leave the s**t show that was 2021 behind? SAME. From dealing with maskne to cutting our hair at home (bless) and oh, you know - not socialising for a WHOLE YEAR, 2021 can kindly go in the bin.

The good news is, better days are ahead (sit down, Omicron) as our beloved beauty salons reopen, top knots are taken down and we get back into the swing of being human again. 

And after a year of DIY everything, we gotta say - there are some pretty fancy beauty trends kicking around.

Watch: I tried the lube makeup trend that's all over TikTok. And the results kinda surprised me. Post continues below.

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Wanna know what they are? Course you do! Silly question.

Below, we've rounded up some of the biggest new beauty trends we think will explode in the year ahead.

From beauty tech to evidence-based skincare, here are the top beauty trends you can expect to see in 2022.

Beauty tech.

Get ready to see more high-tech beauty tools hit the market, friends. Next year beauty brands will continue to adapt to fancy new technology, revolutionising everything from personalised skincare to shade matching and shopping. 

Off the back of the pandemic, artificial intelligence-powered products, augmented reality, and virtual experiences will be the new norm, changing the way we shop and experience beauty.


Virtual retail spaces will remove the need to go to a beauty counter, while analysis tools will give us next-level personalisation when it comes to skincare and shade matching. 

We're literally living in the future, you guys! How cool.

The 'clean' beauty look.

We're not talking about clean as in 'clean ingredients' - nah. We're talking about the rebranded 'no makeup' makeup look. Just search #cleanlook on TikTok and you'll see what we mean. 


Galaxies away from the homogeneous "Instagram" makeup look (contouring, cut-creasing and the gang) - it's all about minimalistic makeup and hairstyling. 

It's like the 'skinimalism' trend - but with your whole beauty look.

Think slicked-back hair, full and brushed up brows and natural complexions on show.

Evidence-based skincare.

In 2022, we've never been more interested in understanding the science and evidence behind our skincare products. 

We're savvy as ever about our skincare choices and how we spend our money (just take a peek at the You Beauty Facebook group!), which is why we'll see more and more people move slowly towards cosmeceutical products and evidence-based skincare. 


We're all about results - not the fluffy, frilly stuff.

De-gendering beauty.

As we move away from the gender binary and categories begin to blend and fade, you can expect to see a massive shift in the space of inclusivity - because in 2022, beauty is all about fluidity. 

And we are so here for it.

In a positive step, you'll see more brands move towards universality - expanding their marketing and product offerings to reflect gender-neutrality. Think Harry Styles' non-binary beauty brand, Pleasing.


Because whether it's skincare, makeup or fragrance - your gender shouldn't influence your choices when it comes to beauty.

Stripped-back routines.

After doing approximately way too much on the skincare front over the past year, we're predicting people will pull it right back - using fewer products and ingredients on their skin.

Instead, we'll see a shift towards perfecting a more minimalistic skincare routine and going back to the bare necessities - cleanser, serum, moisturiser, SPF. 

In line with a 'less is more' approach, brands will reflect this movement by stripping back their ingredients and focusing on transparency and results.


While there's no massive surprise here, beauty brands and consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about their environmental footprint - so you can expect to see a lot more in this space. 


From waterless skincare products to carbon positive beauty brands, there will be a 360 degree approach to changing the industry's business model. 

Led by brands like Emma Lewisham, we can expect to see more brands adopt a conscious and more eco-friendly approach - including plastic-free packaging, refillable products, ethical and sustainable sourcing and a responsible approach to reducing carbon footprints.

Teen market boom.

The teenage skincare market is set to get a boost in 2022, as the younger generations become more educated and aware of good skincare habits thanks to - you guessed it - social media. 

Whether it's managing acne problems and preventing potential scarring or practicing daily sun protection, you'll notice new and existing brands pivoting their product offerings to teens and their top skin concerns.

What are your thoughts on the changes coming to the beauty industry in 2022? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: @fluidebeauty; Getty; @vida_glow.

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