2021 is the year of "skinimalism." Here's what that means for your face.

Since most of us spent A LOT of time indoors last year, we had more time to pay attention to looking after our skin. We tried new products. Researched ingredients. Gave ourselves facials. Wore face masks while working. Ditched makeup. Felt kinda cute. All this jazz gave rise to something called 'Skinimalism'. 

Heard of it? This buzzy term is what Pinterest is calling the "new glow-up". And according to their 2021 Trend Predictions Report, it's going to be a major trend this year - like, HUGE.

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So, what's it all about? 

Well, let's put it this way - people are basically deciding not to spend an entire hour every morning slapping on a full face of makeup. They're sick of that s**t. This year, it's all about embracing a pared-back beauty look and letting your natural skin texture do its thing.

The best part? It's totally low-maintenance. Thank. Goodness.

What does 'Skinimalism' mean?

Skinimalism is a cute new thing that marries the best of both worlds: skincare and makeup. Like, have you noticed how so many beauty brands are jumping on board and coming out with hybrid products right now? There's A LOT. 

The Pinterest Report describes Skinimalism as "the end of the caked-on makeup look" and the new "effortlessly chic routine is simple and sustainable." We're listening.


This year you can expect to see a wave of natural, minimal or no-makeup beauty looks, that all have one main focus: letting real skin texture shine through. We're talking pores, acne scarring, blemishes, discolouration - the whole shebang.

Sure, it might not be a brand new concept ('no makeup' makeup has been trending for yonks), but in a world where everything looks re-touched and perfect, it's a sign that people want to move away from those wildly unrealistic beauty standards. FINALLY.

*Faith in humanity restored*.

According to the report, searches for "how to get naturally glowing skin" have gone up four times year over year, while searches for "natural everyday makeup" have increased by 180 per cent in the last year. That's, like, a lot.


So, does this mean we'll be ditching our eyeliners, full coverage foundation and pretty eyeshadow palettes? Nah. But it does mean that us womanly folk are finally starting to focus on enhancing what we've already got, rather than covering it all up. And that's the kinda bandwagon we want to jump on.

How do you actually create a 'Skinimilism' look?

While the effect is certainly minimalist, if you're not ready to go completely bare-faced just yet, there are HEAPS of good beauty products out there that'll help boost your confidence while still keeping things pared-back. 

We recommend keeping an eye out for skincare and makeup hybrids that work to enhance your skin, rather than cover it - think lightweight BB creams, CC creams or primers that work exactly like your usual moisturiser. 

The key is to just keep it, well, minimal.


If you're looking for options, Becca Cosmetics has recently released a No Pigment Zero Foundation product that, as the name suggests, contains no pigment. It literally just blurs and smooths the skin, while keeping it hydrated. 

There's also the new Clinique Even Better Clinical™ Serum Foundation SPF 20 (it comes out in Feb - so keep an eye out!), Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint and L'Oréal Paris Skin Paradise Tinted Water Cream.

Here's to letting our skin breathe!

Feature image: @harriet.yasmin; @makeupblake

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