'I’m a beauty editor. Here are 7 things I'm doing differently this year.'

It's a new year, you guys. Did you know? Were you aware? Cause you'd be forgiven for thinking it still feels very...2021.

But it isn't! It's new and fresh and exciting and NOT ONE MORE WORD ABOUT THE COVIDS, PLS.

While 2021 delivered a lot of great highlights for skincare (diligent routines, lots of masking), it also offered some really not great things (purchasing way too many products, burning our skin off).

I mean, it wasn't all bad - but I did pick up a few shitty skincare habits that I'd very much like to change. And that's why I'm here! Havin' a yarn to you, sweet dame!

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And just for the record - it's not about completely changing my entire skincare routine. Nah, bugger that. I'm just talking about some small tweaks I want to make to improve the health of my skin.

So, I'm going to share them with you! 

When it comes to looking after my skin, here are seven things I'm doing differently in 2022.

1. Not picking/squeezing pimples.

I may be a beauty editor, but that doesn't mean I have the strength to not pick and squeeze at my skin. It's honestly one of my worst beauty habits, but one of my biggest hobbies. 

As soon as a big ol' shiner pops up, I'm squeezing that jerk right out of my face. Simply can't help myself. 

This year, however, it's strictly no touchy on the facey. I'm going to try my best to stop terrorising my face every time a pimple pops up - because scarring just ain't worth it.

Plus, there are tons of other ways to reduce pimples without tearing up your face. 

Masks! LED lights! Spot treatments!


Effective AND terrifying.

2. Reapplying sunscreen throughout the day. 

Like, FOR REAL, you guys. I can smugly say I slap on SPF every, single, morning - but I SUCK at reapplying my sun protection throughout the day. It's not that it's hard or anything, I just... forget.

So, this year I'm setting a reminder on my phone every day to top up my SPF application. 

I'm also keeping a handy tube of this SPF50+ sunscreen lotion from Banana Boat on the table near my front door so it's in my line of sight when I'm heading out.

If you're wondering the best way to apply sunscreen over makeup, check out this genius compact tip from You Beauty Collective contributor Mandy Huynh. 

3. Being more consistent with retinol application.

THIS. I always start off so strong when it comes to using vitamin A, before kinda coming to a halt because things veer south (peel-y, flaky, irritated skin). 

Me on my second week of retinol.


But! This time around I've found a cute retinol formula that's super gentle and not scary - and I'm finally going to use it for more than, like, two weeks. 

The formula I'm loving is Beauté Pacifique Defy Damage Skin Repair Serum, $80, for those who want to know (mum) - it's highly concentrated but won't burn your face off.

4. Washing makeup brushes regularly.

I don't do this often enough. Like, at all. And I know it's gross and really not good for my poor skin, but I'm very lazy.

HOWEVER, this year I'm going to commit to a more regular routine. Promise. 

Dirty makeup brushes can end up full of muck and bacteria if not cleaned regularly, leading to breakouts, irritation and all that jazz. 

So, in the interest of having happy skin, I'm going to soak my face tools every two weeks - at the very least - to keep things in check.

5. Being more consistent with beauty supplements.

Apparently you need to take beauty supplements for more than one week to see results?? Shocked and confused. 

Every so often I jump back on the supplement bandwagon, stay on it for a few weeks, then fall off it again - only to have a whinge about not seeing results. Ha. The key to supplements is obviously consistency and patience - both of which I'm VERY not good at.

But this year it's going to be different. It is! It really is. 

My plan is this: I'm going to start adding my supplements to my morning routine, rather than trusting myself to take it later on in the day/that evening. 

Doing it first thing in the morning will almost certainly help me keep it that wee bit more consistent (hopefully).

6. Only using products that are appropriate for my skin type.

Now, I don't like to brag, but I'm very, very good at compromising my skin barrier.

Image: Giphy


As a beauty editor, part of my job obviously involves trying different skincare products - and sometimes, some of the stuff I use doesn't agree with my skin. There's redness. Flaking. Irritation. The whole gang. 

Not ideal.

SO! This year I've decided I'm going to pay more attention to what I'm putting on my skin (please refer to the video in the intro of me slathering lube on my face). 

Rather than caving into FOMO and trying ALL of the buzzy, new, hyped-up products, I'm only going to use ingredients that work for my skin - because absolutely annihilating your acid mantle is just never a good time. It takes MONTHS to repair and leaves you feeling very silly indeed.

7. Tracking my skin's progress and changes.

Skincare products can take weeks, even months, to make changes to your skin. And as someone who is constantly switching out product after product, it can be hard to keep track of results and what's actually working for my skin. 

That's why, in 2022, I'm going to try to stick to certain products for as long as I can (read: stop opening one hundred new products at once), take regular selfies and track any changes in my skin, so I can share the results with you.

What's your skincare routine like? Are you making any changes in 2022? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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