PSA: There's an easy way to reapply sunscreen without ruining your makeup.

As we head into the peak of summer, and with our Sun Smart app informing us that the UV index is 'Extreme' on the daily, proper sun protection is increasingly important. 

I'm sure we are all slathering SPF 50+ on our faces in the mornings (right, you guys?) - but are we reapplying sunscreen throughout the day?

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Just as a refresher, the Cancer Council recommends reapplication of sunscreen at least every two hours, irrespective of how water resistant the sunscreen is.

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And I'll be honest - while I take very good care of my skin and apply more than enough sunscreen in the morning, I have been guilty of skimping on reapplication of SPF during the day. 

This is mainly due to three different reasons:

  • I have makeup on, and I don’t want to ruin it.

  • It’s messy reapplying with fingers.

  • A sunscreen bottle sometimes doesn’t fit into my teeny bag.

We all love a good sunscreen reapplication hack (have you checked out Hannah's?) so I thought I’d introduce you to mine. 

This trick includes adding your favourite SPF into a cushion compact, which makes carrying your sunscreen around SO much easier. 

The sponge applicator also means that you are applying the sunscreen evenly across your face without ruining your makeup. Win!

Want to give it a go? 

Here's a quick clip and a step-by-step instruction guide below:


1. Get a cushion compact.

First, get a DIY cushion compact. I get mine from either YesStyle or eBay. Most people purchase these DIY compacts to add their favourite foundations in, but we’re going to add our favourite SPF instead.

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2. Remove the sponge.

You should be able to push out the compact from the bottom and remove the sponge insert (grab a pair of tweezers to help!).

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3. Grab your favourite sunscreen.

I like to go for formulas that are more lightweight, as they are easier to apply. I also opt for SPF with a hydrating formula that gives you a glowy finish - because I am all about that fresh, dewy look. 

Some of my favourites are Ultra Violette’s Queen Screen, $47 and the new Bondi Sands Hydra UV Protect, $22.95 - both are SPF 50+, which is important.

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4. Pump the sunscreen into the empty cushion compact.

Remember to make sure you only put sunscreen in here! It's important not to add any additional serums or foundations, because this will ruin the efficacy of your sunscreen.

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5. Pop in the sponge.

Alright, it may get a bit messy here! You want to add the sponge back in and make sure it soaks up all the SPF. Again, you can use a pair of tweezers to help push the sponge into place.

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6. Dab it on your skin using an applicator.

Voila! You now have your favourite SPF that you can carry around with you ANYWHERE.

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Now you have no excuse to skimp on sunscreen re-application!

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