We've just learned a genius way to reapply sunscreen over makeup and OMG, problem solved.


We all know how vitally important it is to apply sunscreen each day to protect our skin from harmful UV rays.

But what’s just as important as the initial application is making sure you top up your sunscreen throughout the day, which can pose a slight logistical issue if you’ve put on makeup.

Slapping your face sunscreen straight over the top can leave your makeup looking a bit… dishevelled.

Leigh Campbell explains everything you need to know about chemical and physical sunscreens on Mamamia’s You Beauty podcast. Post continues below audio.

But a genius demo from Melbourne-based Instagrammer Hannah English has shown us the perfect way to be sunsmart throughout the day without sacrificing our makeup. And it has thoroughly changed our lives.


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The best part is all you need is a couple of minutes, a beauty blender and your sunscreen.

It’s a quick and easy technique that’s great if you’re going out for lunch, walking to or from work or simply in need of some fresh, office-aircon free air during the day.

Hannah uses a velvet beauty blender as it doesn’t absorb much product, but you could also use a regular beauty blender. You’d just have to make sure you use enough sunscreen to provide enough coverage and be careful that the water from the blender doesn’t dilute the SPF.

Remember that you need more sunscreen than you think – two teaspoons for your face and neck!

She uses Ultra Violette’s Queen Screen SPF 50+ Lightweight Sun Serum (which FYI, Mamamia’s executive editor and beauty journalist of 15 years Leigh Campbell reviewed here).

Hannah recommends using the Cancer Council Australia’s SunSmart app to check UV levels. The SunSmart app lets you know when you do and don’t need sun protection so you can be sunsmart year round.

In her demo – saved for easy reference as story highlight ‘REAPPLY’ on her Insta profile – Hannah uses two droppers of sunscreen to cover her face.

suncreen over makeup
Apply like so. Image: Instagram.

The first dropper full is for the upper face; the cheekbones and forehead and the second covers the jawline, nose and rest of her cheeks.

suncreen over makeup
Apply to the top half of the face. Image: Facebook.
suncreen over makeup
And the bottom. Image: Instagram.

Then, well, get dabbing.

The key to not disturbing your foundation is to gently dab and pat the sunscreen in rather than rub, pull or blend.

suncreen over makeup
Then DAB. Gently. Image: Instagram.

As Hannah says, the idea is for the SPF to form an even film over your skin.

She told Mamamia that sun safety is her "personal mission".

"I want to make reapplying fashionable and cool," she said, adding that the positive reaction to her demo is one of her proudest moments.


Once done, you'll be left with a lovely dewy finish. You might like to go in over the top with a bit of powder, blush or bronzer to give your makeup a top up or set it.

If you've got mascara on, this won't work for your eyes - so make sure you've got your sunglasses ready to protect them too.

Voila. It really is that easy.

Thank you Hannah, we are forever in your debt.

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