No TV, beach trips and bed by 7.30pm: A day in the life of Elyse Knowles.

Want to know how your favourite celebs spend their days? Yep, us too. In Mamamia’s A Day in the Life series, fascinating people share everything from what they eat for breakfast to their pre-bedtime rituals.

This week, we find out what life is like for model, author, Fisher Price brand ambassador, and mum to eight-month-old Sunny, Elyse Knowles.

Whether she is out on a shoot or spending the day at home, Elyse Knowles is all about family and keeping it as simple as possible. 

But it can also depend on how much sleep she has had the night before.

"My days are very different," Elyse says. 

"Since daylight saving, Sunny has actually been sleeping a little later which is a good thing as 5am wake-ups were hard! 

"When he wakes up, Josh usually goes and gets him out of bed for a cuddle and so I can give him a feed in bed. We then head straight outside to feed the dogs and the ducks and to get a bit of fresh air together."

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Breakfast is a relaxed affair as Elyse likes to sit with Sunny and enjoy his company.

"I am not a coffee person but I crave a daily cup of chai made with almond and cashew milk. Then I might scramble some eggs with spinach and have that with some avocado or whatever we have in the fridge. 

"I'll pop Sunny in his high chair up on the bench so we are at the same level and we can 'chat' while he makes a mess!"

As her work can be last minute and varied, every day looks different. On shoot days, Elyse has to be out the house by 7am, but Josh has flexible work, making the parenting juggle fairly straightforward.

"We don't have any family to help us close by but luckily Josh runs his own business so can stay home with Sunny when I need to work. Sometimes Josh will bring Sunny to the set so I can feed him or if it's a campaign like the one with Fisher Price, Sunny can come with me which is ideal."

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Working with Fisher Price to design a range of must-have nursery products was a dream job for Elyse.

"It's a six-piece capsule collection that is durable and easy to clean, but also looks beautiful. 

"My love of Australian nature and being outdoors inspired the earthy colours and stylish patterns. I especially love the SpaceSaver high chair as we don't live in a massive house and I can pop Sunny up on our kitchen bench and know he is safe and comfortable."

After work or on days where she doesn't need to work, Elyse loves to take Sunny to the beach.

"I love being able to whip my shoes off and leave my phone behind and just chat to Josh and have fun with Sunny, away from technology. We live near a beautiful lagoon and as the ocean is now warming up, Sunny is getting more comfortable getting in and getting wet!"

Come lunchtime, Elyse says it's all about fast and simple food that she can eat on the go.


"I might make myself a smoothie or have some granola as then we try to get out in the afternoon for a long walk. The dogs are always ready to stretch their legs and Sunny likes a nap. I feel like I spend most of my day constantly walking or moving!"

With a busy work schedule and an eight-month-old baby, self-care is about the simple pleasures. 

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"Right now it is all about my sleep, so that might mean an early bedtime at 7.30pm or 8.30pm - we don't watch TV so it's pretty easy.

"Otherwise, I also try to lock in a training session with the personal trainer twice a week while Josh stays with Sunny. Also, a shower alone for five minutes can do wonders!"

When it's time for dinner, Elyse is the household's head chef and she enjoys making nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy. 

"I start thinking about what I'll cook in the afternoon. My go-to recipe is a salmon poke bowl with loads of ginger, garlic, lemon and served with rice or noodles and fresh herbs. Delicious!"


A non-negotiable aspect to the week for Elyse and Josh is that they reserve Sunday for family time only.

"It is easy for the calendar to fill up with work and catch-ups with friends, so we have ring-fenced Sunday as a 'family only' day. We head to the beach or just get outside and embrace our beautiful surroundings. It is so precious to enjoy this time when Sunny is so little together."

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Something that Elyse can't wait to add to her diary however is seeing her family in Victoria. They have only been able to see Sunny on FaceTime until now.

"I am hanging to see my family - watching Sunny on screen just doesn't cut it. 

"I can't wait until they can come and visit, take him to the beach and play with him. It will be so special and I can't wait!"

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