Annie was born with two vaginas. Her boyfriends have 'one each'.

What a hook! What a headline! Where do we... begin? At the start, probably. 

You see, a 24-year-old woman has recently shared she has two boyfriends that don't know about each other — and while it doesn't sound the slightest bit interesting and an awful lot like a woman who is just cheating on her partner, there's a catch. And what a catch it is.

Because Annie Charlotte, an OnlyFans creator, said it doesn't actually count as cheating — because she has two vaginas.

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Charlotte has a rare condition where she was born with two vaginas, two uteruses and two cervixes. Meaning? Yes. She could conceive two babies with two different men at the same time. 

She also has two periods, which sounds like absolute hell, but she's shared is something she manages with contraception.

Importantly, she's also shared that both vaginas are "completely functional" — hence the whole dual boyfriend thing.

With a story that sounds too insane to be true, Charlotte's quite open to describing her condition and how it impacts her life. Because look, the people just wanna know ALL THE DETAILS — and it's fascinating as hell.


Speaking about her diagnosis with the Mirror, she shared she was 16 when she first discovered she had two vaginas

"I went with a friend to get a contraceptive coil fitted, the nurse was poking around down there and made a confused and surprised sound," she said in the interview.

"I was a young woman. I was just starting to become interested in dating and exploring different parts of my body and I was suddenly told it was different to everyone else's.

"As a teenager, you want to be 'normal' and being told you weren't, was really quite scary," she said. "I went off the rails a little, I didn't tell anyone anything, and I found it difficult to speak to my mum about it."

Now, at 24, Charlotte has shared that she's learned to embrace her condition and use it to her advantage as a unique point of difference. Known as @twopssyprincess on Instagram (oh, come on — as if you wouldn't!), the OnlyFans creator has earned a whopping £1 million (nearly two million Australian dollars) on her page. 

And honestly, good for her — we love a success story!

Annie Charlotte, 24, has two vaginas. Image: Instagram/@twopssyprincess


After her long-term relationship recently ended, she's also shared that she's gone on to find love again. 

This time, with two separate men.

"I started dating only recently. I got my first boyfriend last year, and then just kind of enjoyed that until it fizzled out and then started dating two new people," the model recently told What’sTheJam.

Charlotte shared she has been dating one of the men for four months, previously revealing her boyfriend came up with one arrangement in the relationship. "We have a rule: one vagina is for work, and the other is for him," she told the Mirror, at the end of last year.


"I didn’t tell him about my condition until after we had sex for the first time. He reacted with shock and then he asked me a ton of questions and was super curious."

"It was more just curiosity more than anything, and then he said 'I want to claim one, I want one for me and then you can use the other one for work' — and that was how we got the arrangement!"

Now, Charlotte has revealed she has a second boyfriend, who she's been seeing for two months. And no, they don't know about each other. Are you keeping up?

"It was casual at first but then we started hanging out more and more. It is actually kind of nice because they are both totally comfortable with making adult content with me and their vagina."


She said, "I don’t cheat because I let my boyfriends use one vagina eachThey don’t really know about each other. I never told either of them about each other — I didn't think they needed to know."

"They both have their own vagina, so they only have sex with that one."

And, we... we just.

It sounds so... organised?? And exhausting?? But also, HOW?

Annie Charlotte has earned a whopping £1 million on her OnlyFans page. Image: X/@twopssyprincess


If your head is still spinning from the information that you can somehow have two vaginas and then your brain is also trying to work out the logistics of having two boyfriends with... one vagina each (how do you know what's what? Is there a conversation to use a certain hole?? Again, SO MANY QUESTIONS), honestly, same. 

For the uninitiated (all of us) Charlotte's condition actually has a medical name. It's called uterus didelyphys.


While the condition is known to be extremely rare, numbers on its frequency are still not very clear, with the American Medical Association estimating that just 0.1 to 0.5 per cent of the female population are affected.

Notably, in 2013, American model and beauty vlogger Cassandra Bankson told fans she also suffered from the rare congenital condition, taking to her YouTube channel to answer people's questions. She also spoke about her experience and the effect it had had on her life on ITV's This Morning show.

What is uterus didelphys?

Uterus didelphys (double uterus) is a rare condition that occurs in approximately one in 3000 women, according to gynaecologist and fertility expert Dr Sonya Jessup.

Dr Jessup previously told Mamamia the condition describes an uncommon abnormality of the uterus and sometimes also the cervix and vagina.

"In a female foetus, the uterus develops when two mullerin ducts (two parallel tubes) fuse and the middle portion disappears to create a uterus. With this process women end up with one uterus, one cervix, one vagina and two ovaries.

"In some women this process fails to happen in the usual manner. There are many different variations of uterine abnormality ranging from a heart shaped uterus to a situation where a woman may have two uteri, two cervices, and a double vagina."

According to Dr Jessup, uterus didelphys can usually be diagnosed by an ultrasound or speculum examination and often women will not recognise any abnormalities until they begin menstruation or become sexually active.


She said that in general, women with the condition are able to conceive spontaneously and usually the pregnancy will be in one uterine horn only.

There have been other cases of women carrying multiple children in both uteri — such as UK woman Hannah Kersey who gave birth to triplets.

Two of her babies were identical twins born from one uterus, and her third was born from the other in what was believed to be a world first.

Then there's Arifa Sultana from Bangladesh — who have birth to twins just 26 days after giving birth to her son.

The Mayo Clinic states uterus didelphys can create extra risks, such as miscarriage and premature birth, during pregnancy.

As for her thoughts on children and pregnancy concerns, Charlotte told the Mirror, "I'm too busy to be thinking about kids, but I think in future, pregnancy is going to be so tough for me with my condition and I think it’s been off-putting.

"It's not something I’ve been thinking about because of all the complications. It’s something I'm incredibly nervous about."

Have you heard of uterus didelyphys? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram, @twopssyprincess/Canva.

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