One woman, two vaginas. Yep, it's possible.

Up until now, we wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of uterus didelyphys.

But thanks to one female Reddit user and her boyfriend, the world has been gifted a whole lot more information on what it’s like to live with two vaginas.

Posting to the popular site back in 2013, user nurseryRN began, “I am in my 20s. I found out I had two uteri, 2 cervices (sic), and 2 vaginas when I was 16 years old. I’ve been told I can get pregnant in either uterus. AMA.”

That’s two uteruses. Two cervixes. Two vaginas.

A normal uterus compared with a double uterus. Source: ITV / Youtube

If your head is still spinning from the information that you can have two vaginas and suddenly filling with logistical questions, don't worry. You're not alone.


While the condition is known to be extremely rare, numbers on its frequency are still undecided, with the American Medical Association estimating that just 0.1 to 0.5 per cent of the female population are affected.

But while nurseryRN's post may seem like another far fetched Reddit tale to begin with, she's is far from being the first woman to share her story.

Hazel Jones and Dr Harper shed light on the rare condition. Post continues... 

Video via This Morning

In 2013, American model and beauty vlogger Cassandra Bankson told fans she also suffered from the condition, taking to her YouTube channel to answer people's questions on the condition.

And just one year earlier, then 27-year-old UK woman Hazel Jones spoke about her condition and the effect it had had on her life on ITV's This Morning show.

Appearing with on the show at the same time, Dr Dawn Harper explained, "when your uterus develops, when you're a baby in the womb, it starts as two tubes. And the normal thing to happen would be for those tubes to fuse and the septum breaks down and you form one uterus.

"What's happened with Hazel is that septum never broke down and the two tubes have made separate uteruses and two vaginas and two cervixes, which obviously has huge implications," she continued.

born with two vaginas

nurseryRN shares her experience with fellow redditors. Source: reddit.

Answering questions about pregnancy, monthly periods, sex and learning about her condition, nurseryRN's boyfriend also shared his experience of dating someone with the condition, starting his own thread and explaining how he'd come to learn about it all.

"Before we started dating she mentioned she had two of something most girls don't, after a couple minutes of guessing I finally figured it out," he wrote, adding, "It was an interesting conversation."

Questions towards the pair ranged from the logistics of childbirth to the immature "does two uteruses mean four boobs?" type questions. (This is Reddit, after all).

It's hard to know why the conversation has resurfaced again after so many years, but having frank and educational conversations about women's reproductive systems can hardly be a bad thing, can it?