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sylv October 5, 2020

Isn't this behaviour a big part of what sent Victorians back into lock down in the first place?

sylv August 8, 2020

I love how she shows her tummy post birth. I remember having my first and excitedly looking in the mirror to inspect what  I expected to be my nearly flat tummy. I felt so light! But there it was.. the seahorse tummy! It does contract quite quickly and then just have reasonable expectations. You have a baby! It should be noted, though, that Ellie is quite slim everywhere else. If you can it does help to not put on too much extra weight but everyones experience is different. Do what you need to do. 

sylv July 30, 2020

Hair grows back and colour grows out but to me, unfortunately, those neck tattoos make  his head look detached! 

sylv July 20, 2020

Yes, I don't think it will be his finest hour. But he young. He will grow up eventually. In the meantime he is edited entertainment for some. Hopefully the girls will realise he is there for a good time not a long time. Be with him if you want but please girls don't expect commitment. I know people have different opinions on tattoos and it's certainly a personal choice but do people realise that these tattoos up their neck makes them look like their head is unattached! 

sylv June 21, 2020

Why haven't the police investigated? This is horrific on so many levels. It breaks my heart that victims get up the courage to tell elders and then they are not believed and the abuse continues! So many awful people, abusers and those that cover up! 

sylv June 20, 2020

I'm all for doing it your way but as a parent I would be very hurt if I wasn't invited to my child's wedding. Very!

sylv June 6, 2020

I found that a very sad but also very uplifting story. I'm sad that the IVF journey has not been successful but happy at the wonderful team this couple are. It was great to hear how the male in this felt and how he supported his partner incredibly as you would expect but still wonderful to read.

Sylvia July 14, 2019

Friend visited Uluru and surrounds recently. Didn't climb the rock. Probably because she had younger children in her group. She did comment that she didn't see one Indigenous person working at the hotel she stayed at. The camel operator was Dutch and other tour guides were from overseas. i think there was one Indigenous gentlemen acting as an additional guide on only one tour and they did a few. She said the only other Indigenous people she saw were sitting in a park. Hopefully there are more learning skills and talking about the land and their culture and they were just not there when she was. I really hope so. To me that would be a big part of taking the tour.

Sylvia July 14, 2019

Maybe he is but i do understand her comments on the whole episode of making fun of award which should be a celebration not a joke.

Sylvia July 13, 2019

When I read the article, I thought ,'Yes, that sounds fair.' but when i read people's responses I agreed with them as well! I really don't like the the rubbish that's left. That's a no brainer. Different organisation, maybe guided tours only and those to be limited would keep both camps happy.

Sylvia July 13, 2019

Awful thing to have happened all round but I agree your anger was a bit misdirected although understandable. Time needed to pass for you to see this as it is with most things.

Sylvia June 10, 2019

My thoughts exactly! Hope they got bonuses!

Sylvia May 27, 2019

I don’t even know what to say! Horrific. So glad she went to uni and coped the best she could with the shitty parent hand she got. How brave and determined she was to see her father convicted. Please courts , give him the sentence he deserves.
I would very much like to know a bit more about her siblings, mother and the other people she tried to tell. Surely someone knew something.
I truely hope she can live a peaceful and happy life.

Sylvia May 21, 2019

Thankyou! Exactly. Also franking credits encourage investors to buy shares in Australian companies. They were also an incentive to encourage people to put money into Super and eventually not require a pension. Yes I get franking credits which have had the tax paid. I’m not taking the food out of someone else’s mouth! I dont get a pension or health care card or rebates on registration or energy bills. I pay tax although at a reduced rate. That was another motivation to put money into Super. And Ive paid plenty of tax along the way, employed people, taken risks, supported charities, worked long hours and done without and spent money which in turn keeps our economy ticking over. I’m not ‘rich’ but I don’t require a pension. Good thing I would have thought.

Sylvia April 27, 2019

Exactly what I thought! Can’t wait to hear his I can have a good laugh!

Sylvia April 24, 2019

So many red flags! Run Tenille! Seriously!

Sylvia April 2, 2019

I just don’t understand why they don’t say , ‘ None of your business!’ In reply to the sex question. If someone is cheeky enough to ask, you don’t have to answer! 🤷‍♀️🙅‍♀️And I agree with her about Melbourne. Sun and beach all the way! 😂

Sylvia April 1, 2019

So someone posted me a very real looking video promoting a new class at my gym. It was for a class which was an hour of burpees! I almost believed it! But then I’m taken by something every year! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Sylvia March 12, 2019

I would refuse to discuss anything with parents who got loud and abusive or make me feel uncomfortable. I'd actually walk out the room to get a colleague or tell the parent I would discuss the matter in the principals presence. If a parent assaulted or threatened me, which luckily never happened, I would have no hesitation in reporting it to the police and taking it as far as it needs. How dare parents come in to a teacher's classroom with all guns blazing! Or troll on social media. That's a great way to get the best education for your children! Not. I remember one parent who came in very being very accusing of something i'd apparently done to their little angel. Didn't calmly tell me what their child had told them. Didn't just air their concerns. Weren't interested to hear what I had to say until I looked at the child who has come in with the parent and said ,'Would you like to tell Mummy why I moved you and what you did?" Child went bright res and owned up. Never got an apology. It would be a shame if parents were banned from interacting with teachers without a formal appointment and another person present but that's where it is heading in some schools.

Sylvia March 8, 2019

I'm not keen on the over enhanced lips but then i'm not a fan of ridiculously torn jeans either! That's just my opinion and my taste. No one is making me have lip fillers or making me wear torn jeans. I have botox and am not against natural looking plastic surgery or natural looking enhancements. That's my opinion. Others think we should just age naturally. And that's their opinion. I'm not keen on tattoos either tbh but a lot of people seem to love them and find them attractive. But other people can do what they like to themselves or wear what they like and in their opinion, it looks good. It's not hurting anyone else. Being different and liking different things makes the world interesting.Yes Jessika has some cellulite, especially in an unflattering light but that's a woman body just like people are short or tall or have saggy bits for whatever reason. But you should never ever be just nasty, mean or cruel. The old saying of, 'if you can't say something nice keep quiet', is a my opinion!

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