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sylv January 7, 2022

My 31 year daughter in law was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021. She has one infusion to go. I just want to put her in her own bubble. I feel for you all and have had the same thoughts. So our older people and compromised are ok collateral damage to some! I don't think so! 

sylv December 12, 2021

Not everyone gets sore boobs. I didn't but did get sore in my groin joints. Everyone is different. Love comments on books. Only advice i would give a new mum re feeding is go with the flow. I remember my dad saying are you feeding that baby again? Was probably 2 hours since last feed but he was hungry and it made him and me happy. Also he slept through the night from early on so I guess he needed needed it. If in doubt feed them is my motto. Doesn't go on forever. 

sylv December 4, 2021

Yes that's difficult for sure but you can't change most anti vaxers mind. To me it's a no brainer. Also many wedding venues for next year say you can have unvaccinated guests but you will limited to 20 or so. Go ahead and enjoy your well deserved wedding with people who have the same ideals as yourselves. Hope you have the most wonderful day!

sylv December 4, 2021

I'm a primary school teacher and have certainly experienced all of the above - many times. Sometimes it gets to a point where you won't have a meeting with some parents unless another teacher is present. How about teaching your children to try out for a leadership position and when they don't get it say good on you for giving it a go. It's not easy giving a speech about yourself is it. That was great practice for next time. Or if the parent comes in and says something like Johnny said this and is quite upset so I thought I better check with you as to what happened and how we can work together to make sure it doesn't happen again. Now I am living in fairy land! To be fair there are many great parents but over 35 years teaching the tables have turned far more to the situations outlined in the article. All I can say is ,"Enjoy your entitled, selfish teenagers and adults!'

sylv November 16, 2021

As a primary school teacher I get everything this article says. Once a curriculum coordinator came into me to give me some tasks and I said not to bother! My brain was full. You have to learn to push back. I preferred to get to school early as after school I was exhausted and get my preparation done then. I tried not to do work at home. Only at report time. My final straw was when the new 'thing' was that each  child had to have a written goal you wanted for them for every subject every week! And the testing for the sake of it! I was on contract so finished the contract and did supply teaching at select schools. At least I could say 'no'. I'm still supply teaching but at a private school. Whole different ball game. They do work the teachers hard but there is more satisfaction. I know not everyone can afford to do supply teaching as its not consistent and no holiday pay but its surprising how it adds up. I still enjoy teaching but knew I could not keep that up while my kids were in high school and needed me.

sylv October 12, 2021

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful story!!!

sylv September 13, 2021

Excellent article. Adding that people have underlying health issues almost let’s us think , ‘luckily I don’t have any so up I’ll be ok!’ Firstly you don’t always know if you have any and secondly you’re not expendable because you do have a health condition. Many people live with all sorts of health conditions very well. The other thing I haven’t liked is that if you are ‘elderly’ you are expendable! It’s true very old people often can’t handle a bad dose of the flu or pneumonia so,covid, being respiratory, is also hard for them to beat. But I’ve felt everyone over 60 is expendable at times. Especially last year! I’m 64 and am by no means done just because I have had more life than people younger than me.I haven’t even got grandchildren yet or been to one of my children’s wedding!  I think the messaging and language needs to change. 

sylv July 30, 2021

He hasn’t been convicted. He still might be guilty but no conviction means he shouldn’t be discriminated against. 

sylv July 29, 2021

This is totally unacceptable and that woman should be removed from the show immediately! No ratings are worth that! 

sylv July 28, 2021

This is a horrific but intriguing story but the  mini series was often confusing and seemed to flounder and go no where at times. It’s watchable but the podcast was executed much better. 

sylv July 25, 2021

He now looks like an adult! Great makeover. Actually I only watch the makeover results. They are all lovely people but this show is pretty average . 

sylv July 18, 2021

Another very strange show! Why women would want to put themselves through it is beyond me! I watched a couple but now just read these articles which I find quite amusing! 

sylv July 18, 2021

This show is very wholesome and the contestants seem kind and considerate. I love the makeovers but, seriously, I’m sorry but the rest is such rubbish! I just record now to see makeovers.

sylv July 17, 2021

Best thing is you did it for you! 

sylv July 8, 2021

I feel you! I’m 5’ 11”. 180cm if I find a long pair of jeans I buy two! At least. And if you’re tall pants must be long enough. I have often let down the 2 cm in a hem of dress pants. USA was amazing. Always had long lengths in all pants.  And the longs are always sold out first! You would think that would tell fashion houses something. 

sylv June 17, 2021

That  was SO GOOD! Was a bit of a slowed down season which I loved. THE last 15minutes! This is the best show ever! An eye for an eye! 

sylv May 21, 2021

As a teacher in both primarily and secondary school I can confirm this is pretty accurate. No hat no play is for every day as the habit has to be there.The child can go to the library or play under cover. Can you imagine how many spare hats would be needed! So teaches responsibility too. Yes they eat lunch outside but there is usually an undercover area with bench seats to sit on but primary kids often sit on the hall floor for assemblies but not high school. uniform comments are also true but mainly for private high school. Public schools have a more polo and shorts uniform. And yes I do not understand the Atar! I know kids are ranked. Unnecessarily complicated and who cares what Johnny got. If your work was an ‘A’ standard that’s what you should get. 

sylv October 5, 2020

Isn't this behaviour a big part of what sent Victorians back into lock down in the first place?

sylv August 8, 2020

I love how she shows her tummy post birth. I remember having my first and excitedly looking in the mirror to inspect what  I expected to be my nearly flat tummy. I felt so light! But there it was.. the seahorse tummy! It does contract quite quickly and then just have reasonable expectations. You have a baby! It should be noted, though, that Ellie is quite slim everywhere else. If you can it does help to not put on too much extra weight but everyones experience is different. Do what you need to do. 

sylv July 30, 2020

Hair grows back and colour grows out but to me, unfortunately, those neck tattoos make  his head look detached!