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sylv January 2, 2024

@restingcatface I'm with you on the pillow cases! tried to not iron and just smooth or put in dryer but I love an ironed pillow case! Will iron the odd dress or shirt but i'm glad so many items don't need ironing. Days of a piled up ironing basket are gone.

sylv September 19, 2023

Very different but lovely rooms. I have to say I really don’t get why Kristy has to get into Steph’s head as she puts it. Maybe it’s the editing but her and Leah are coming across as nasty bullies. Husbands are not much better. It’s a shame as Kristy and Brett’s room was lovely  but nothing was going to beat Gian and Steph  this week with all the extras they had available from a previous win. It’s karma at its best when Gian and Steph room won! Steph seems a genuinely nice person who is a bit naive. Maybe she’s never come across mean girls before. 

sylv August 16, 2023

I don’t think it’s too much to be at least in a room that is prepared for giving birth. Also for the nurses and obstetrician to treat you with kindness and care and with dignity . Nurse taking baby was not reassuring or kind!  It is such a vulnerable time for women.  It’s easy to sat that the husband should have told the nurse to be kind or shut up but in the situation it would have been very confronting and he would have been disbelieving! She dilated in half an hour! She should have been monitored, reassured and supported to give birth. We don't know how big the baby was but it seems baby was well. Thank goodness. I wonder if they had a good hospital experience after the birth. I hope a few words were said to the obstetrician at their follow up visit! Even he should have told the nurse to be quiet!. This is an awful birth story that definitely didn’t need to be that way. I wish them the best from now on and hope they can put the birth behind them and enjoy their beautiful baby girl. 

sylv May 29, 2023

I really can't see that being against being 'woke' is a good platform for anyone let alone acting or potential leaders of a country. 

Woke - "having or marked by an active awareness of systemic injustices and prejudices, especially those involving the treatment of ethnic, racial, or sexual minorities."
How could anyone be against this? It's basic human rights.

sylv May 9, 2023

I started having Botox when I was 40, 25 years ago. It worked very well to lessen my crows feet. I never had a ‘frozen ‘ look. It only ever lasted 3-4 months while with others it seemed to last longer so maybe I always metabolised it quickly. About 8 years ago it didn’t work as well from the start, I went back for a top up but not much difference. I tried a different type but no difference. Continued a couple more times and stopped getting them as they no longer worked for me. These days I find fillers work well and I love getting the light treatment for pigmentation on my face and hands. Makes a big difference to the brightness of my complexion and spot free hands take away that age give away. I’m happy to live with my crows  feet.

sylv April 29, 2023

Thank you! I’ll be checking these out. I’m 5’ 11” and length is a real issue. A tall girl can’t wear pants too short because it looks like you couldn’t find a pair long enough while on shorter ladies a little short, especially in slim legs looks great. Katie’s has a lovely stretch classic pant in a few colours. They make them in short, regular and long….and the longs are usually sold out! Doesn’t that tell suppliers something. I have bought a regular in desperation and they have an inch (2cm ) I can take down. That inch makes all the difference. If there is a long I snap it up even if I don’t need them right now! They are around $60 to $70. 

sylv March 20, 2023

I know we only see the bits the producers want us to see but I really hope Alyssa watches this back and sees how ridiculous she is. If I hear , ‘I have a child’ and ‘my child will always be my first priority’ again I’ll throw something at the tv.. I hope she enjoys her lonely life once ‘ her child’ goes off to make his own way in the world. You can have more than one important person in your life. Sometimes one will need to be the priority and sometimes the other. Duncan comes across very patient and emotionally mature and in touch. She is doing his head in. 

sylv February 17, 2023

I feel for all these pregnant women being discriminated against just because we are the gender that gives birth and keeps the human population humming along. Employers should definitely do all they can to be accomodating where they can and of course follow the law. There is the other side though. Businesses have to have reliable employees and especially smaller business will find it difficult to run their business if someone is constantly ill or can't work. You decided to get pregnant and the responsibility has to fall on you. You can't expect everyone else to make alterations to suit your choice. Hopefully most employers can be flexible with work hours, working from home, giving women a seat if their job requires them to stand most of the day, allowing them to leave early for an appointment etc. Ultimately the employer is not responsible for you deciding to have a baby.

sylv February 3, 2023

When I read the Mathew Bach article I did not think it was about disabled or challenged students. As a teacher there were many parents who didn’t seem to value education especially in primary school. Too many brought children in consistently late which is disruptive and teacher is expected to explain again what is going on. Children were kept home because it was their birthday or visitors were coming or the dog was sick. Or even to help mum with chores and younger children. Teachers are then expected to catch the child up on continuing projects or work they have missed. They took their kids on holidays during the term and expected teachers to put a pack of work together for the child to cover weeks. I did this  on a couple of occasions and the work was rarely done. Now I tell them to write a diary and get an age appropriate maths book. If the child is kept home too much they know there will be a lot of catching up and they don’t know what’s going on in the class so then become reluctant. 

Disabled, children with behavioural issues or learning difficulties often feel isolated if they feel they don’t fit in. The bottom line is a teacher with 25-30 children  cannot cater for those with many extra needs. The fact is there are not enough trained aids or resources. Did you know that a teachers aid is not replaced in Qld until they are absent for 3 days! There are many children who need an aid helping them constantly. Hopefully aid can assist more than one child at a time but that doesn’t always work either. I have seen limited hours work. The child comes in 3 mornings and two afternoons for example. It’s not easy for teachers or parents
 but we keep trying with limited resources. 

sylv January 29, 2023

I knew Felix would pick Jess. Abigail is far too mature and settled for  immature , still playing the field Felix! Jess much more his match as they are both selfish. The Jess/Damien thing took up far too much airtime. Only way I could watch was by fast forwarding. Jed and Thomas came across as great people who were ready to find their life partner. Thomas in particular was on a mission.  Jed is probably still a but young but I wish Jed, Thomas and their chosen partners well. Now I want to be at the next family dinner with Jess and Felix! 

sylv May 25, 2022

Why are interest groups allowed to make big donations to politicians.? It doesn’t happen here. There are laws.  Of course it makes their system corrupt! It’s a terrible situation. Texas is so extreme in its gun laws and abortion restrictions . Hard to believe this is the situation in a supposedly first world country. 

sylv May 9, 2022

This article is spot on and describes what most people are feeling. I have had a lot to do with high school debates and there is no way this can be described as a debate. Each should be given a time limit on an opening statement, then rebut or reaffirm or explain their response, then questions from the audience. End with a final statement each, time limits enforced and mics turned off if other interrupts. We would learn a lot more this way. This format is just ridiculous! 

sylv May 2, 2022

This article describes exactly how I feel!

sylv April 27, 2022

I have tears! So glad you were able to have the surgery and able to join Masterchef once again. Breast cancer affects so many. My mother had it and just recently my 30 year old daughter in law had it. After chemo and a mastectomy she is cancer free and will have implants next month. As she said to me when she was first diagnosed, 'Breast cancer takes away everything that makes you a woman. Your fertility, your breasts and your hair!' Ten months on she managed to get 13 eggs fertilised and frozen, she got a great wig but often just rocked the bald head and turbans and with her mastectomy the drs were able to keep her nipples. She couldn't have the fat transfer for reconstruction so it's implants. Medicine, doctors and nurses are just amazing!

sylv April 22, 2022

Under no circumstances pluck your eyebrows thin! Do not do it. I’m so jealous of the lovely shaped thicker eyebrows girls have been sporting this last year or two. I just about have every eyebrow applicator  available to make mine look a better shape and thickness. They do not grow back. At least not properly! 

sylv April 11, 2022

What Laura said! How you dress has no impact on anyone else. Sounds like you were having a very normal, fun day with your family. Some people are just awful humans unfortunately!

sylv April 8, 2022

Even though I did have two children I never thought I definitely would. I was 32 before I had the feeling I’d like to have a child. I would have been happy with one if second did not happen within a time frame. I can see the great life one can have without children. Children can be demanding, noisy, annoying….. especially the way that many are brought up to think they are the most important part of a family! As far as career I am a teacher but my husband and I bought a caravan park while kids were young. Both successful endeavours but not exactly high flying. Definitely not one or the other. Very personal decision  whether to have children or not. Both completely acceptable. 

sylv April 4, 2022

Personally I think it’s very hard to expect people to not even go out for a walk. That was allowed when we were all locked down for months. I know it can’t be policed but we have to trust people to do the right thing. If we are to live with Covid I feel the person who tested positive should stay home (with an adult of course if a child) and everyone else goes about their business while monitoring for symptoms. Once symptom free the sick person should be able to resume normal life. My daughters family was stuck at home for 7 days when the youngest child of three tested positive. He was slightly unwell for 2 days and tested negative day 3. Everyone had to stay home until 7 days finished and no one else in the family got sick. Also rat tests should be much cheaper if the government expects to keep testing ourselves. $50 a pop to test a family of 5 is too much for many families as well as other households! And while this new strain is ploughing through the community it’s probably best to wear masks into shops and chemists etc. but up to the individual. Just a suggestion. I don’t want it again as although not too bad for me it was still a very unpleasant illness. 

sylv March 8, 2022

Matt was too much right from the beginning! He was all over Kate! He has no awareness! Dom loves to share her opinions on matters already addressed. Not her job to rehash and sometimes it’s best to zip it. Olivia is next level nasty. Dom smashed the glass in utter frustration and was being verbally attacked by Olivia. Olivia was goading her to react and she got her wish. If she thinks it’s assault report it to the police. Dom shouldn’t have done it. She knows this. Ella is wonderful. Finally Dion is standing up to his awful wife. 

sylv February 21, 2022

I don't even know what to say other than your physical and mental reactions are completely understandable. Sounds like you need a security person whose only job is look out for escalating situations. You should have another person in the room at all times. Even in mainstream schools I have often been allocated children with special needs who need constant attention and requiring specialist programs. They are often disruptive as they are not getting enough attention. I might have received more aid time but aids rely on teachers to give them the plan. I was not trained in curriculum for these children. The special needs teacher took these children for short periods of time and did their best to give me activities but these children often needed one on one attention. What do I do with the other 26 -30 children who also have their individual needs. I was threatened with scissors once. Of course more funds are needed and these children need a full time aid and maybe only attending school part-time which is hard on the parents. It's an ongoing never ending problem.