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Brooke has addressed her astonishing Bachelor exit from last night's episode.

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We didn’t realise just how many… feelings… we had before this season of The Bachelor aired.

It’s been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster, and to be honest…we kinda never want it to end.

First, we were angry at the bullies, then we fell in love with Vanessa Sunshine’s realness, then we felt genuine heartache for Cass and on Wednesday night, our hearts broke again for Brooke.

(No seriously, is it normal to be this invested in a TV show?)

The 23-year-old social worker left the mansion last night in tears after she poured her heart out to Nick. And he said SQUAT.

In the previous week’s home visits episode, she admitted she thought she was falling in love with the rugby star, which is obviously a big deal – as it would be for anyone.

But when Nick had nothing to say during last night’s rose ceremony, she packed her bags and left.

We were salty at Nick for letting her go, and we weren’t the only ones: Twitter agreed.


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But now, Brooke’s opened up about the real reason behind her shock departure, and it’s made us feel much better about it all.

“I realised I still wasn’t in love with him,” she told TV Week.

“I didn’t see myself saying ‘I love you’ at the end and I didn’t want to take that away from him.

“I really liked him and I did see a lot of potential to fall in love, but it takes me a bit of time. Love is a very strong word.”

To be honest, we’ve always wondered how contestants fall in love after a few weeks on a reality TV show, so we’re glad someone’s finally admitting that it’s…not as easy as it’s made to look.

She said that without knowing where Nick’s head was at, leaving was the only option.

“Nick wasn’t giving me the clarification I needed, either. I love having certainty in a relationship and I need to know that person wants to be with me.”

While she admitted she understood Nick’s “difficult situation”, with two other women still vying for his heart, she said she had to protect herself.

“I had to think to myself, I’m also involved and I have to do what’s best for me too.”

Brooke – we just fell a little bit more in love with you ourselves.

Now can it hurry up and be 7.30pm? We must know how it all ends.