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"I spoke to The Bachelor's Cass and asked her the one question we all need an answer to."


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The Bachelor’s Cass Wood has had an interesting 24 hours. More like the last six months, but yeah, it’s been a weird time for her.

After Australia watched the 24-year-old from Sydney get her heart fly kicked out of her chest and onto the Bachie mansion’s freshly hosed-down driveway on last night’s episode of The Bachelor Australia, Cass has been sharing her side of the story.

She’s been on Studio 10 and will probably be on The Project tonight; she’s done radio interviews and spoken with Australia’s biggest publications. I can’t speak for her current state of mind, but if it were me, I’d be tired, grumpy, bored out of my mind of talking about a honey badger, and probably quite hungry too.

It was at this stage that it was my turn to ask Cass to please explain.

The pressure was on to uncover what every Australian who’s watched Cass on TV as the (alleged) stage five clinger simply must know…

What really went on between her and Nick in the real world? Why did it fizzle out? Who ghosted who? We need the truth.


Debrief on the madness that was last night’s episode of The Bachelor with Bach Chat below. Post continues after audio.

So I asked her, and her response was slightly infuriating, but also had an exacerbated kind of honesty to it.


“It’s so hard to put a label on it… we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend because we didn’t officially ‘go out’ or anything, so I’m not sure,” the accounting student told Mamamia.

“We had some really nice moments together [on the outside], we went on a few dates and spent time with each other, he met my brother and I met his, but Nick was travelling and I was travelling, so it was on-and-off. When we were back in town, we’d catch up and go to dinner, but I couldn’t put a label on it. All I can say is he and I both know what it was and it was nice.

“Honestly, I don’t have a bad word to say about him and I don’t think he does about me either, it’s not like there was ever an ending or a message sent saying ‘look, I can’t do this anymore’, there was nothing like that, it was literally a matter of timing. Our schedules didn’t align and he was so busy, [after Christmas] the next time I saw him was on the red carpet at the mansion.”

Next, I had to ask Cass about how it all ended with Nick after she didn’t receive as rose, as Osher puts it. Was it awful to have to hug the guy who just dumped her, and then listen to him ask her if they can still be friends?

“Yeah [it hurt when he said that], it was a bit weird because I was just trying to comprehend everything that was going on and the fact that my heart was getting broken at that time, and then he said he wanted to be friends, I was just trying to process everything,” she said.


“Um, yeah, we’d just be mates. I think him and I really care about each other. I’m not one to hold a grudge and we do live in the same area and go to the same gym and stuff, so we’re bound to run into each other. I’d like to remain friends.

“[The elimination] was very hard because we’d just gone to [hometown dates] and we honestly had the best time when he met my family. It all went so well. I was very confused, I was definitely completely heart broken, and when he walked me out and said we’d hit a ceiling, but I didn’t understand. At the same time, I couldn’t really question his decision and it is what it is.”

You can watch the gut-wrenching moment below. Post continues after video.

Video via Ten

One of things Cass said she was most frustrated with watching the show back was the way she was edited to come across a tad stalkerish, like she’d gone on the show specifically to get back together with Nick.

In her opinion, the editing in the first few weeks wasn’t an accurate portrayal of what was really going on, especially between her and Honey Badger.

“I was pretty disappointed at the beginning with how I was portrayed, they kind of made it look one-sided, so people were saying I was a ‘stage five clinger’. That wasn’t nice to read or watch,” she said.


“You didn’t get to see how much he complimented me and reassured me… that time when he explained that my feelings were ‘up here’ and his were ‘down there’, afterwards we hugged for a long, long time and we were slow dancing and it was a really, really nice moment. On the camping date, we kind of like walked away from the cameras a bit and laid down, cuddled and chatted, too.”

Considering how invested Cass appeared to be in pursuing a relationship with Nick from the start, many of us found ourselves yelling at the TV for him to send her home earlier, rather than stringing her along for ratings.

Cass feels differently – she said she doesn’t feel like he should have let her down easy earlier.

“I don’t feel like he should’ve sent me home earlier, because he only just realised then and there [that I wasn’t the one]. I think it was only in that [final] moment that he realised maybe he couldn’t see a future with me.”

“I spoke to him at the very beginning and said, look Nick, please let me know now if you can’t see a future with me because I don’t want to be strung along. He kept me there, he wanted me there and he did have feelings for me. I’m not angry and I don’t think he strung me along.”

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In other media interviews, Cass has said she’s still heartbroken over how things ended between her and Mr Badger. When I asked her if this was true, she confirmed she’ll always think of him as “the one that got away”.

“[On the outside], I was too scared to admit my feelings for him, so I didn’t and I lost that opportunity. I always thought he’s the one that got away, it sucked.”

“I’m just ready to find that person and the timing was bad with him.”

I have a feeling we may never fully find out the extent of Cass and Nick’s history, but when you take off your Bachelor fiend cap and chuck on the real human being one, you realise that’s OK and life will go on.


One thing’s for sure – Cass would probably be happy for ‘Honey Badger’ to never be mentioned in her presence again.

Who do you think will win The Bachelor? Do you think Nick will end up with whoever wins the show?

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