Errr... an early montage for this season of The Bachelor gives away who makes it to the end.

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At the very beginning of every season of The BachelorChannel 10 shows us a several minute long montage of all the exciting things we can expect in the weeks to come.

There’s Osher’s smiling face, lots of sexy pool kissing, tears paired with tragic music, and that goddamn iconic voiceover of a man proclaiming that, yes, he has managed to fall in love in this hopeless place.

But that montage is also ripe territory for clues. 

Because at this point in the season, with just seven women left, the scenes in the montage that haven’t aired yet are particularly telling.

In fact, revisiting the six-minute teaser we were shown mere weeks ago pretty much gives away which contestants make it to the end.

As observed by, the following shot appears to be Nick Cummins with favourite Brittany Hockley, on a date we’re yet to see.

who wins the bachelor
Image via Channel 10.

It also appears to be going... well.

Then there's this shot of a contestant who can only be 25-year-old Sophie Tieman, having a steamy kiss with Honey Badger in a pool. SURELY YOU DON'T HAVE A DATE LIKE THIS THEN SEND THE WOMAN HOME.

who wins the bachelor
Image via Channel 10.

Another shot also looks like Sophie with Nick, as they kiss while playing ice hockey for reasons we doubt will ever become clear.

who wins the bachelor
Image via Channel 10.

Finally, there's a clear kiss with Brooke, again in a pool, because no one involved in this franchise has had a creative idea in legit five years.

Image via Channel 10.

So, who's missing?

Shannon, Dasha, Emily and....


She's going to be heartbroken.

While Shannon was an early favourite, scoring the first single date with Nick, she hasn't had another date since, and has remained a rather quiet addition to the mansion.

During last night's episode, Dasha, who seemed to have very much caught the attention of Honey Badger, had a painfully awkward date - likely meaning she'll be one of the next to go.

Then there's Emily, who's spent approximately four minutes with Nick, and seems to have flown under the radar for the entire season.

But... Cass.

She will... break.

And none of us are prepared for that.

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