The sister of The Bachelor's Brittany posted a video she probably shouldn't have.

Brittany Hockley is currently everyone’s favourite to win The Bachelor.

But if she does win, there is now a suggestion that she and the Honey Badgelor might not live happily ever after.

During Wednesday night’s episode, in which Brittany had her second single date with Nick, her sister Sheri shared a video on her Instagram story to support her sister.

brittany the bachelor sister instagram story
EVIDENCE. Image: Instagram.

The Daily Mail reported a telling conversation can be heard between an unidentified male and female in the background.

The man can be heard in the video saying "Maybe he's not ready to settle down..." to which another woman replies "Maybe not."




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While the show's winner is a closely guarded secret, it's understood that immediate family are aware of the Bachelor result ahead of its on-air reveal.

So if Brittany does win, surely her family would know Nick was ready to settle down... because he'd have settled down with her?

We are so confused.

Of course, Instagram stories only last 24 hours so Sheri's video has disappeared.

This comes after fans spotted another clue that Brittany wins, with the evidence all in their most recent Instagram posts. Observe.

This was Nick’s post….


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There is just something about a woman holding a snake. @thebachelorau

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And this was Brittany’s…

A few things of note:

  1. They used very similar language in both of their posts – “There is just something / There’s just something”.
  2. AND you’ll see that Nick wrote, “There is just something about a woman holding a snake,” and you know who was the only girl holding ‘a snake’ in that episode? Brittany Hockley.