'You're pretty normally.' Sara was invited to a wedding, then received texts about her hair.

In news that is shocking to precisely no one, a bride has sent a series of texts she… definitely shouldn’t have.

It’s well documented that brides can take their ‘special day’ a little too seriously when it comes to ensuring everything is ‘perfect’, with bridesmaids generally copping the brunt of it, but this bride has come for a guest.

It’s official: no one is safe.

Bride-to-be Danni decided to provide some helpful (ha) notes to Sara about how she should dress for her big day.

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“Hey so with my wedding. I wanted to ask if you could please make sure your tattoos are covered & could you maybe fix your hair up so it’s a natural colour? We’ve put a lot of work into our theme and I’m sorry but your look clashes with it.”

The two part text then goes on to provide some helpful ideas for Sara on how to dress for the upcoming wedding. “Even if you just put some spray or something on your hair for the night. I just want it to all look perfect and I can send you some ideas nice long sleeve dresses for you to wear or just wear a jacket.”


A screenshot of the texts. Image: Supplied.

In her initial post to a private Facebook group, Sara explained her relationship with bride to be Danni.  "I’ve worked really hard to get along with this girl," wrote Sara.

"I was originally friends with her fiancé and when she and him got together, my partner and I were not fans of her. But she is usually pretty sweet and makes him super happy so we made an effort to like her and become good friends. She has been kind of challenging at times but mostly we’ve gotten along.”


Keeping her friends happiness in mind Sara responded, "Umm the wedding is in summer so I’m not sure I could wear a long sleeve dress or a jacket? I’m really sensitive to heat so I just don’t think I can do that if it’s a hot day." Sara then explained that she could definitely try to spray her hair, but it had taken her a long time to get it to the colour it currently is.

And that is where it gets… well. You may just need to read on.

In what I like to call, the ‘greatest overreaction to a seemingly reasonable text’ of ALL time.

"I know it’s hot but it’s my one day so if you don’t suck it up I feel like you don’t really care about me or Sam and probably shouldn’t come. I’m not asking much and it’s not my fault you get hot."

Oh. Sweetie… No.

"Sam is in full agreement with me on this so don’t bother texting him like I know you’re planning to. If you turn up on the day without anything covered you won’t be let into the venue."

Who needs enemies hey?

A screenshot of the texts. Image: Supplied.


Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get more insulting, Danni suggests Sara purchase makeup to cover her tattoos if she is unwilling to wear a jacket. When Sara explains money is a bit tight after having a car accident recently the charming bride-to-be comes back with "your money issues aren’t my problem."


To top it all of Danni tries to lighten the situation with "Your [sic] very pretty normally but your look doesn’t work for my wedding."

A screenshot of the texts. Image: Supplied.


That doesn’t seem like a… compliment?

Speaking to Mamamia, Sara said she planned to speak to Danni’s fiance, “"I see him in person in a couple of weeks and I’m going to bring it up with the both of them then. I didn’t want to text him because she’ll use it as a way to deflect and claim I went behind her back to him.

"If he’s on board with her then I’m just not going. They can enjoy their vanilla a** wedding. But I suspect he has no idea, and I’m not a super petty person, but I would definitely go if he said it was fine. In a dress that showed off as much ink as possible & with super bright hair..."


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