A wedding planner has shared her 5 most unpopular opinions about weddings, and... no.

If there's one thing I've learnt from working in the wedding industry, it's that everyone (I repeat, everyone) has an opinion.

Your mother-in-law to be will have the opinion that she gets to decide the colour scheme. Your groomsmen will have the opinion that it's up to you to buy the suits. Your next door bloody neighbour who isn't even invited will have an opinion that whatever date you've set for the wedding is unequivocally wrong

As a completely random side note: Take a look at some never-before-seen footage Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared from their wedding day. Post continues after video. 

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And while that's a heck load of mayhem to deal with when you're the one planning the wedding, it is jolly fun to criticise unpopular wedding opinions when you are not in the throes of 'wedmin'.

Which is why when this Dallas Wedding Planner took to TikTok to air her 'unpopular opinions' about weddings, I was all ears.

And now I'm going to be all mouth while I debate her on (nearly) every point...

Unpopular Wedding Opinion 1: “Spend the money on the wedding flowers.”

Often the response to this is, “why would you spend so much money on something that will just be thrown out at the end of the night?”, and while that is a valid point - let me remind you of one thing: EVERYTHING GETS THROWN OUT.


Those personalised name cards? In the bin.

Those gallons of crystals sprinkled on the table? In the bin.

The slices of wedding cake everyone forgot about? In the bin.

After the festivities are done and dusted, not much sticks around - you know, other than the everlasting love. Duh. 


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♬ original sound - sisteredstates I completely agree with this wedding planner. You should be splashing your cash on the things that make you happiest. So if you want a liquored-up congregation, sink some dollars into the bar. If you want florals to be spotted in every single shot, blow your budget on blooms. If you want to turn your wedding into a pimped up music video, get a damn drone. 

And for those who think it’s fine to spend thousands on a wedding dress and not on flowers because you ‘throw them out’, I will politely remind you that you will never wear that gown again once you rip it off on your wedding night. 

Unless… you do this.


Unpopular Wedding Opinion 2: “It doesn’t matter if a wedding guest shows up in white.”


If any lady DARE show up to my wedding in white they will be ceremoniously banished from all festivities. 


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♬ original sound - sisteredstates

I know that everyone will still know that I am the bride, and the groom (hopefully) won’t run away with the wrong lassie wearing a white frock but I DON’T CARE.

I want absolutely zero comparison happening on my wedding day. I’m already fraught with enough insecurities so the very idea that someone I know would be comparing how I look to how a guest looks when I’ve likely been preparing to look my absolute best on this day for over a year makes me want to scream a little bit. Actually, a lot. 


Unpopular Wedding Opinion 3: “Food doesn’t matter.”

As someone who finds the purest form of joy from a meat pie, I am going to have to fight this wedding planner on this one.

Food is VERY important for a number of reasons.

  1. There is a high chance that this will be the only meal your guests eat all day, so you’re gonna want it to be substantial and delicious.

  2. It’s a chance to eat literally all of your favourite things and force your friends to do the same.

  3. It is the only single method to stop your uncle getting absolute s**tfaced too early on in the night. 


Appetizers all the way #dallasweddingplanner #dallaswedding #weddingtips #wedding101 #weddingadvice #weddingopinions #weddingfood

♬ original sound - sisteredstates

I will concede on one element though. She’s right in saying that this won’t be the best meal your guests have ever eaten - but it should be in at least your top 20 favourite meals as the happy couple. So choose for YOU, not for your guests or what you think you’re supposed to serve at a wedding.

Unpopular Wedding Opinion 4: “Couples should shop for the engagement ring together.”

This one is a hotly debated topic that I have many conflicting feelings about. Luckily for you, I can snip these into two very succinct feels.


Does this make me controlling? 🙈 #dallasweddingplanner #engagementring #ringshopping #engagementringcheck

♬ original sound - sisteredstates

FEELS 1: It’s probably the only decision that your partner will get to make about the engagement/wedding/marriage completely on their own - so let them go for it! They (hopefully) know you really, really well so will have a sense of what you want. But if they panic and have no idea what to do, I have faith that literally every single person who works in a ring shop has been trained to steer panicked proposers in the direction of something classic. 

FEELS 2: If your partner has a sense of style that would make Tan France quiver in his boots, go shopping together. 

To ensure you still get that romantic ‘spontaneous’ proposal moment, let them pop the question with a filler ring (AKA a cheapo one or a literal Haribo jelly ring) and then go shopping together as a cute date night thing.


Listen to Kelly McCarren talk about her 'disaster wedding' on Mamamia's podcast Overshare. Post continues after podcast. 

Unpopular Wedding Opinion 5: “The only holidays it is acceptable to get married on are Halloween and New Year’s Eve.”

For this, I completely agree.

But why Katie? You’ve been so hideously opinionated about everything else?

Well, because Halloween and New Year’s Eve are what I like to characterise as ‘friend’ holidays. I’ve never once hung out with my parents, grandparents, distant cousins and random colleagues over NYE or Halloween, and that makes it a safe space for wedding bookings. 


No more weddings the week of Christmas 🙅🏻‍♀️ #dallasweddingplanner #weddingopinion #holidaywedding #halloweenwedding #newyearsevewedding #dallastx

♬ original sound - sisteredstates

If you choose to plan your wedding on any other holidays (like Christmas or Easter) then you’re dragging your guests away from potentially the only time they get to properly spend with their own family.

Look, I get it, you can easily forget that factor because you (as the couple getting married) will be surrounded by literally all your family and friends, so it seems great! But your mates attending your wedding will 100 per cent think otherwise. 

And, because apparently I cannot not have an opinion about everything, I do think it’s a d**k move to plan a destination wedding on New Year’s Eve.

Do you have any wildly unpopular opinions about the do's and don'ts of weddings? Let us know in the comments!

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