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km April 22, 2021

This is a total system failure. This woman did everything right to tell the system she needed protection, she went to Police she went to Domestic Violence support services...she did every thing in her power to save herself and a life of trauma for her kids. We must do better in this country. 

km April 20, 2021

I just cannot believe we as a Nation are still in this situation!!! This poor woman...these poor children.

DVO's need a MAJOR overhaul immediatly....they simply are not worth the paper they are written on!!

km April 20, 2021

@gypsy .....that might be true. However I'm sometimes surprised about the success of some pretty teriible advertising. I'm not trying to justify this as i agree it's cringworhy...I guess I'm just trying to think of "why" some high paid content creater thought this would work. 

km April 19, 2021

This is horrifc....that poor woman and those poor children :( We have a REALLY big problem in this country.

km April 19, 2021

Whilst I agree it's awful.....lets not forget the point of advertising is to get people to watch and react and discuss......perhaps the fact that we are all talking about it and watching it means it is working to a certain extent???? I don't know... what does Todd Sampson think?? Maybe it's a good one for the Gruen Transfer

km April 15, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 .... after a year of not being able to perform they were probably just excited to the booked for an event. 

km April 14, 2021

Yep, I feel bad for these great dancers and the company they work for. They have done nothing wrong and smashed out a great performance. The person who booked this act should have checked it was appropriate for the event.

km April 12, 2021

@stclair ...that's a lovely way of putting it :)

km April 9, 2021

Generic medicine make your pharmacist more money .. plain and simple. Sometimes saving the consumer nothing at all!!!! 

Size and colour of tablets being different can be a real issue for people taking many medications especially the elderly. There are many cases of patients double dosing medications they didn’t realise the tablet was the same as another one. They also only need to be 80% bio equivalent. 
Generic drug companies do no research and development into new drugs they simply profit off the compound another company put to market. If you want future medicines for cancer and other diseases take the brand name option. 

km April 8, 2021

I worked in pharma for 15 years. This type of thing happens ALL the time with various medicines we all get prescribed. Drugs are released, monitored, if flags come up, labels and side effect data is updated accordingly. We just usually aren't paying attention or made aware, but trust me this is a very common situation. Secondly, the side effect is still very rare!!! 

km April 7, 2021

Personally I really like her and enjoy her films,but welcome to the real world. Plenty of people are kick arse at their jobs and never get recongintion for anything! 

km April 7, 2021

I suspect we will look back on shows like MAFS in 20 years and think exactly the same thing. 

km April 5, 2021

@anonymous ....yes I didn't allow my girls to go on sleepovers until 11...and then only 1 or 2 families. You also need to have had the discussion around what is and isn't ok behaviour so they are equipped with the language and skills to talk to you if something is amiss. 

km April 4, 2021

I’ve long had an issue with how people found guilty of crimes against children in this country are dealt with. This is why victims don’t come forward. In Australia you can rape a child and just get a slap on the hand..... it horrendous.  

km March 26, 2021

I’m a Tasmanian and I was 16 when this terrible day happened. I can tell you... every heart in Tassie broke a little on this day, we lost our innocence. I now have two children and we spend many holidays in Port Arthur. It is such a beautiful place. 

km March 25, 2021

Seriously....I can't believe this rot is allowed on our TV screens.....more importantly I cannot believe so many people watch it!!! In my opinion if you are sitting at home watching this, helping the ratings grow....aren't you part of the problem? Watching this is making this treatment of women "entertainment". If this was a show where women were treated well, but nice, respectful blokes...there would be NO SHOW. It's absolutely toxic.  I honestly do not understand. 

km March 24, 2021

@gu3st .... it’s an interesting point. I can’t stand Abetz or his views ... but he is my local Liberal member so I feel I get stuck voting for him. Voting Liberal is my preference... but I sure as hell will be happier when it’s not him !!!! Like being stuck between a rock and a hard place ... that’s probably what has kept him in the job unfortunately. 

km March 19, 2021

It AMAZES me that there are not more of these stores...from a business perspective it would be great to have the captive market. All brides of every shape, sizes, sexual orientation etc deserve to have a fabulous time trying and selecting their wedding outfits.

km March 18, 2021

You’re kids won’t remember that you weren’t the most organised mum... they’ll remember the spontaneous adventures you’ve taken them on.... and side note ... I love the slightly too loud mums at the school gate .... there the people I feel most comfortable around.!!! 

km March 18, 2021

@biancam ... exactly. Apples don’t fall far from the tree!!!