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km February 5, 2024

This is just horrific....This poor family. 

km January 18, 2024

It's just the new way of marketing to kids. Unregulated and often unseen by parents. That's why I don't allow a phone until 13 and no social media until 14. Even with that my 14 year old quickly became Mecca obsessed after previously having zero interest in beauty and make up.   

km December 11, 2023

I agree, some parents need to tone it down. However I would still urge parents to be actively involved in their kids sport. My child is a swimmer and we struggle to get enough parents to time keep at a meet. We get the "I pay coaching fees, so I don't need to help" attitude. Club sport needs parents involved. Yes, screaming at your kid, putting on the pressure and trying to be a coach isn't ok......but please be there, help fill volunteer rolls (it's essential) and always be your child's biggest supporter no matter how they play/perform. 

km October 18, 2023

100% agree!!!!

km October 2, 2023

@katet ... I had this with my in laws. They helped a lot (probably too much) with their first two grandchildren. By the time our two were born they pretty much wanted nothing to do with ours. Perhaps burnt out and taken advantage of. 

My advice is, don't have kids expecting anything from anyone. That way, you won't be disappointed.   

km September 29, 2023

Each to there own. No two schools are the same, no two kids are the same. Just let everyone do what is best for them. My girls go to an all girls school, but are involved extensively in high level sport with both boys and girls. That works for us. 

km September 7, 2023

I'm 43 and have come to realise a couple of things, firstly some people don't value and nourish a friendship like others do. I have a couple of friends who do, but most don't. Secondly, there are people who organise  and those who don't. However as an organiser it can be frustrating that no one can bother to organise a dinner or coffee. I now have a rule  3:1. If I have instigated the last three catch ups with a "friend" the ball is now in their court. If they don't ask or organise something, I'm done. 

km August 27, 2023

I’m young but wear a hearing aid…. Even with them I just find background noise in movies makes it so hard to hear the dialogue. My husband has perfect hearing but often misses dialogue in movies these days. So yeah, we often use the subtitles. 

km August 23, 2023

She looks great. My mum had an eyelid lift as the dropping lids make her feel constantly tired. It has made a real improvement to her feeling well. I see this as no different to a breast reduction improving someone's back/shoulder pain.  

km August 23, 2023

I guess no parent would ever want to believe their child was capable of such horror. 

km August 20, 2023

The same story has been done on Disney+ Dopesick … staring Michael Keaton (who is brilliant) we now seem to have different streaming services making the same shows with different actors 

km August 2, 2023

I’m 43… never ironed as an adult. Don’t buy clothes that need ironing. If they do, I take them to the dry cleaners. Life is way to short for ironing.

km May 23, 2023

I'm loving Tunny on the project....her and Kate are my favs

km May 17, 2023

@di_p ... I'm not sure that is fair and I'm a full time working mum. Lots of people of medical issues, disabilities etc that "never stop" either.

km May 13, 2023

@sincly 100%. I have heard a few people comment on this case (not here), I have observed a lot of comments from older men & women (60+), that the victim in this case obviously intened for sex to occur.... We need a culture shift (which I do think is happening slowly) that consent can change at any point...even mid sex act. 

km May 12, 2023

I have my teens phone on a shut down timer (with a PIN) (much to her frustration)...All apps, and text shut doen 8.30pm (sunday to thursday) 9pm (friday & saturday) and it wakes up at 7am each day.....she hates it....but I feel limits are important. If she's at a sleep over I unlock the schedule, but it goes back on again once home)

km May 7, 2023

HECS has been indexed to inflation for a very very long time. That's isn't a broken promise. It just happens to be that most people have been living blissfully unaware of what inflation is or means for the last decade or so. 

km May 4, 2023

All ages are great...but I loved the Big Baby stage 14-19 months type of thing. Chubby...waddling around in the last size of Bonds wonder suit. Super cute. Currently trying to love the 14 year old girl stage...tryyyyyying :...ha ha 

km May 2, 2023

Pet insurance is mad expensive (I have it)… if you are struggling to put food on the table, suggesting pet insurance is ridiculous. 

km May 1, 2023

Geeze...It's a nightmare...i have one kid who does one activity....BUT it's competitive goes 44 weeks of the year.. and involved 6-7 sessions a week (5 x 5.30am starts)...Then child two....does swimming, dancing and netball. I would prefer 2 activities but .....