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km October 16, 2020

We earn 180k a year (combined double income). I certainly don't feel "rich". However I would say we are "comfortable". To me comfortable means we are lucky enough to not have to stress about paying normal bills that come in or worry about where our next meal is coming from. However we still have debt of around 350 000 which I would like to be less. 

km October 13, 2020

@rush ...same with Brownies and Girl Guides.......I hane one friend who's kids so "sea scouts" but that's it!!

km October 13, 2020

OMG.... they are ALL... amazing .... but BEN.... BEN is one out of the box!!!! I mean seriously Cub Scout leader ..... give the little guy his bloody cooking badge before the whole world tracks you down and gives you are ear full !!! Loving Ben!! 

km October 13, 2020

What a beautiful mum doing that for her daughter and son in law. I wish them all the safest of arrivals for their precious Bub. 

km October 11, 2020

The things some people say online are just vile!!!!!!

km October 7, 2020

I think anyone getting on a plane should have to be tested two days prior to travel. No test, no travel. It should be our new internal passport!!!! It's just the new normal!

km October 7, 2020

I don't know....I'm a 40year old working mum, I run a business. Husband and I most are what I would call "middle income" earners. We like, most have paid the astronomically high child care bills and are super glad our kids are now in school. However I think families need  to plan for these costs, we can't expect the government to pay for everything. I think the tax cuts will help.

I do think pensioners should get a meaningful increase and I do think there is too much focus constantly on construction jobs, I do understand the importance of infrastructure,   but it would be good to see diversity in job creation. However, it doesn't matter what any government does in a budget, you will never please everyone. 

km October 3, 2020

Yep... I don’t make plans with flakers... it’s like they think they are your only friend and can treat you like shit. 

km October 1, 2020

I made and decorate cakes as a side hussle. I;m busy so don't do as many as I potentially could. Now I have most of gear etc I probably make $100-$150 for every cake I do. 

km September 25, 2020

@laura__palmer ... sorry I didn’t realise only comments quoting studies were welcome here, I thought it was a “conversation”, my sincerest apologies for my irrelevant contribution. Next time I’ll have my references listed as the bottom of my comments. Thanks for educating me on how the comments section is to be used. 

km September 24, 2020

@cat ...Yes, I attended what would be referred to on this site as an "elite" private school for over 10 years. My experience is markedly different. We had a great eductaion and great facilities, but we also went at lunch and sat with dying elderly people at the nursing home next door who had no family visiting them, we went and worked in soup kitchens as a class group during holidays, we fundraised for fantastic charities, students with indegenous heritage did the welcome at speech night in their tradtional langauge, before the english version. Yes we were "priviledged" but we were also taught to understand that, and taught to give back to society in a meaningful way. 

Yes all teenagers across all segments of society can make dumb choices, but I don't believe necessarily that the school is the main issue (yes it may play a part). These boys think they are above the rules because their parents have instilled that in them. I could say the same for the kid at a local public school here, who just spat at a police officer....again this kids parents have led him to believe that that behaviour is ok (I wouldn't jump in and blame his public school). There are entitled little shits in "elite" school and in public schools, the common denominator is that attitudes they see and experince at home. 

km September 23, 2020

This has absolutely nothing to do with going to an “elite” private school and everything to do with poor parenting and an overall societal issue with how Australians treat women in particular. This type of behaviour can be observed in both rich and economically disadvantaged segments of society .... it just makes for more “outrage” when the kids parents are rich. The behaviour is terrible, those involved should be held accountable, but I don’t believe for a second this is only happening on the rich side of town, nor do I think the school should be blamed. 

km September 16, 2020

This is incredibly sad :( I have always found this blended family to be so beautiful in how they all respect and love one another despite divorces, new partners etc. 

km September 14, 2020

Yep...exactly. These deaths were 100% preventable. Our systems, policies, procedures and overall acceptance of family violence caused the deaths of these innocent children. Every police officer and court appointed advocate involved in this case has blood on their hands in my opinion. The case highlights everything that is wrong with the family violence situation in Australia.    

km September 8, 2020

So glad today that my kids aren't allowed on social media. Really good opportunity to explain to my 11 year old why she doesn't have a phone or social media at this age.

km September 1, 2020

This one is such a lovely love story. 

km August 30, 2020

yep 100%. I also saw a tourist in beauntiful honeymoon bay in Tassie not paying attention and their inflatable flamigo just flew off into open water!!! Yet another piece on plastic in the ocean!!!

km August 30, 2020

@laura__palmer ..I'm in TAS too and there seems very little appetite to open the borders, which I fully understand. I think most Tasmanians think this is a once in a lifetime situation where being on a tiny island is highly advantageous, so why not take advanatage for as long as we can. 

km August 30, 2020

I like the idea, but i'd be very surprised if the states that currently have no community transmission will risk it. I'm in Tassie and there is very little support to re open borders at this stage. Plus how do you manage it, just because someone lives/works in a green zone doesn't mean they aren't socialising with people from a red zone.

km August 29, 2020

My mum had me at the time she was 40 I was at uni and essentially out of her hair (although they did help me financially through uni). I'm not 40 and still have primary school aged kids.....yes we are more financially secure, but also a hell load more tired:))))). I think if you have met the right partner...go young.

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