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km July 2, 2020

I've found the us vs them thing throughout COVID to reflect the worst in our society. I'm in TAS and even when we had the N/West outbreak,  the attitude about protecting the "south" from the N/west was terrible. We are one nation, in a pandemic. Yes States should take measures to protect themselves but that doesn't mean we should be smug or treating other areas with cases badly. It only takes 1-2 people anywhere doing the wrong thing and this will be off and racing across the whole nation again. 

km June 28, 2020

That seems a little the end of the day it's not the government or health department spreading the's individuals not doing what they need to do. 

km June 21, 2020

I attended a wedding once where ALL people who knew each other were separated. It was bloody horrendous. All these groups of people stuck with people they didn't know, as soon as formalities were over everyone left there "assigned" tables and went and found their friends. People didn't even go back to their tables to eat the dessert, it was all just abandoned. At the end of the day....your wedding...your choice..... but I'm still referring to this as the worst wedding I've ever been to 10 years later.

km June 16, 2020

Such a tragic story :( I am finding these stories really powerful. For me personally they make me consider the issue of racism and bias more than rallies or people screaming at the tv.

km June 5, 2020

My puppy tips:

1) What you allow as a puppy is what your puppy will expect as a dog eg. if you let your puppy on the couch, your 25kg drooling dog will also expect to be on the couch, you let the puppy sleep in the bed, the dog will expect to sleep in the bed.

2)If you need to train your dog where to pee inside, I found the kmart, fake grass dog mats good. During winter it goes near our backdoor and the dog now knows that is the only inside option.

3) Crate training is good, not cruel, even RSPCA recommend correct crate training, do's a really good thing for your dog. My dog has free access to our huge warm house.....I often find her chilling in her crate as her preferred chill zone. Plus if you ever need to happily contain your you can. Eg we someones have kids over who are scared of dogs, our dog can hang happiy in her crate for an hour why that kid is visiting.

4)If you have a small dog, do not pick it up when walking, esp if it barks at a bigger dog. You are teaching your small dog that other dogs are bad and your little dog and you are in danger......little dogs are in some ones more prone to behaviour issues as people treat them like babies and don't understand dog behaviours.

5) Research the breed you are getting, you cannot train genetics out of a dog.....think about the breed and if you can manage it in your lifestyle. Yes Cattle Dogs and Blue Heelers are great for it fair and ok to leave a catte dog locked in your yard 12 hrs a day and expect it to behave itself? 

km May 29, 2020

Heaven forbid a husband or wife did something nice for each other!!!

km May 22, 2020

At the end of the day, this pandemic has meant policies have needed to be done on the run, anyone who expects perfection from any government during this time is kidding themselves. Ultimately it was businesses who made this error (perhaps because it was too complicated or unclear, who knows). I think if this is our biggest economic issues during the pandemic, I don't think we are doing too bad.

km May 20, 2020

Gladys needs to respect the states and the different positions they are in. NSW has community transimission. From an economic position i'd LOVE to see Tassie over run by cashed by Sydney siders looking for a holiday, but is it worth the health and economic risk if it lead to a huge outbreak? In a state with the oldest and some of the unhealthiest population? That's just Tassie, but ALL the states are trying to protect there people as best they can, from a health and economic stand point.

km May 5, 2020

We have had to cancel our 2020 O/S adventure :( but I have already decided we will visit the Great Barrier Reef....before all the overseas tourists get back to it.

km May 4, 2020

We certainly do. I'm at the stage where I worry we will loose more lives to the economic fallout than the virus :(

KM April 30, 2020

I'm becoming increasingly frustrated. My kids can't go to school for face to face learning, but I have just come back from the shops and countless parents are rooming around the supermaket with their teenage kids. My kids haven't left the house (except for a walk/ride) in 6 weeks. I just find the constant frustration at my fellow humans bloody exhauating!!!! The second biggest cohort out and about over 75s again all chatting right on top of each other like they havent a care in the world. Meanwhile people are going to kill themselves from the economic fallout and some people couldn't give a shit. Yes....mental health in a problem!!

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