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km January 18, 2021

@cat I agree. If he has done something illegal,it should be reported to the police. If not this is just gossip and social media gone bad. 

km January 18, 2021 was a totally dumb idea....but I guess it shows our "can do" attitude as nation....even if it was doomed to be a flop.

km January 18, 2021

Grace is wonderful.... but her family all of them are the true definition of family and unconditional love. 

km January 17, 2021

Send them all home. Sick of reading about them already!

km January 16, 2021

I have mixed feeling on this one. On one hand I absoluetly agree with you. People shouldn't be invading privacy from those sign in sheets and yes he crossed a line by contacting you. I guess on the flip side, interacting, dating etc in hard these days and does often involve texting etc. I mean if he had chased after you in the car park and asked for your number what would you have found that weird?

Buy hey...I'm 40 and it's been a looooooong time since any guy wanted to track me down for a drink so my view may be skewed :))))))

km January 7, 2021

I don't watch the Batchelor and am only watching the jungle show under duress as my 12 yo likes it. Abbie is not someone I would follow on Insta or be interested in usually. However.....I have LOVED watching her on this show. What a sassy, vibrant, interesting young woman who wants to challenge the status quo. Good on you Abbie. 

km December 21, 2020

Some people really are selfish idiots. It’s a simple thing to do to help keep people healthy, keep businesses open, keep people employed and some idiots couldn’t care less. 

km December 18, 2020

Dear God...No...Will this show never end!!!

km December 2, 2020

@cat ...100% agree it's absolutely heart breaking. It's amazing what the human spirit can endure. 

km November 27, 2020

@mamamia-user-482898552 ... I tend to agree. Eating out is something children need to learn about and be taught about like many many other things. We have always taken our kids out to eat even when tiny terror toddlers but we are early like seated at 5.30 out by 6.30.... firstly it gives your kids the actually capacity to behave because they are not exhausted and you have less chance of annoying other people. Secondly if they are crying, yelling, throwing and  not behaving we took them to stand on the footpath until they stopped. You can’t let them run wild but you can teach them how to behave and what is and isn’t ok when eating out. Thirdly take a colouring in book and pencils waiting is boring for kid’s , give them something they can do that works in a restaurant environment. My kids are now 8&12 and manage to eat and behave beautifully in restaurants. It’s a two way street, people do need to allow kids a bit of slack when learning (but the 6pm time slot will often allow this) and parents need to accept other paying customs don’t want to be paying to eat out in a feral play centre. 

km November 26, 2020

With millions of dollars, trainers, chefs, time, surgical interventions... we could probably all look like this at 50. In the real world probably not. 

km November 26, 2020

100% agree!!!!!! Are these men watching too much porn or just bought up badly??? Or just selfish and only interested in their experience of the sexual encounter !!! 

km November 25, 2020

With all the money, time, trainers, chefs and surgeons we could probably all look that that at 51!!! 

km November 24, 2020

I agree with spend money on what's important to you. I'm a crazy foodie, I wanted great food and great booze, choice for guests and plenty of it. 

We had 5 courses (including canapes and cake), for entrée, main and dessert guests had a choice of three dishes  for each course (no alternate drop in sight). My wedding was 12 years also and people still rave about the food. Spend money on the things you and your guests will enjoy and one is keeping your expensive letter press invite .....

km November 20, 2020

True. Also the dynamic changes as they get older. My hubby (the second favourite parent) is always the first one they ask to take them snorkelling, biking, kayaking... and he always jumps at the opportunity. 

km November 17, 2020

Why are we giving this guy more air time?? Let him disappear. The more you post about him the more you inadvertently push his weird ideas.

km November 16, 2020

This is a powerful piece. This should be updated every month and send to all MP's around the country....This is a very shameful part of Australia that we refuse to deal with

km November 10, 2020

Just another typical example of Hollywood double standards. If a man was doing different roles he'd be a genius, but a woman doing it, no way. 

km November 9, 2020

They were all fantastic, they and their families should be super proud. 

km November 9, 2020

@cat ... in a future where STEM is going to be vital I want to ensure my girls aren’t left behind. Meditation is great ... but I can teach that at home ... I can’t however teach maths ... even my kids grade 5 maths is bloody complicated. 

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