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km July 22, 2021

I agree...mass vaccination should be offered in NSW. I'm in Tassie.....currently waiting for my Pfizer shot in 2 weeks but we have no covid here at the moment....we should be diverting as much Pfizer as we can to NSW. It's in the whole countries interest that we get that state vaccinated....nothing else is going to stop the NSW outbreak now...Genie is well and truly out of the bottle.   

km July 3, 2021

All elite Athletes know the rules for their sport … all of them. Even kids in club sports these days are educated about banned substances. There is no excuse here. It’s absolutely terrible she lost her mum, it’s no surprise she looked for an outlet but that doesn’t change the rules of the sport. 

km June 29, 2021

He's an Australian treasure. 

km June 28, 2021

I'm 41 and have no issue having AZ...the only thing that I'm debating is that I have heard Pfizer offers more protection against Delta...So do I have AZ this week, or wait 6 weeks for my scheduled Pfizer. That's my only question. 

km June 27, 2021

I really agree....In whole I think our Federal and State governements have done a great job managing COVID. Yes it hasn't been perfect but compared to the rest of the world we have done well. However...the vaccine rollout has been an epic fail!! Yes there have been geeze...we really need to step up the gas on this now/

km June 23, 2021

It one of those examples that highlights just how powerful language can be. I had never given this any thought, but she is absolutely  correct.

km June 14, 2021

I started loosing my hearing at 35…. I’ve just started wearing hearing aids at 41. I absolutely did not want to wear hearing aids, I didn’t want yo be perceived as being old!! I feel really young in all aspects of my life and the hearing aids I just found so challenging to that. Anyway … 4 months on…. They are amazing!!! I’ve been able to actually hear a movie for the first time in years. You miss so much of the world when you don’t hear well. 

km June 11, 2021

Each to their own...but some of these I find really selfish. For example, never volunteering for anything. That's absolutly ok, but from a club sport perspective, if that's how you roll, please don't enrol your kid in a  club sport. Sports clubs usually 100% run on voluneers and actually cannot legally run without a committee (some poor bugger is required to do that job, so your kid can still participate). I'm always perplexed by parents that still expect "jonny" to have his time recorded at swimming (club swimming) but 100% expect another parent or volunteer to do all that. We now make parents sign a voluneering committment expectation if that apply to join our club, and reserve the right to end membership if you don't do your bit, because so many parents have tha above attitude. 

km June 11, 2021

1.ER (bloody fantastic..may be showing my vintage :)

2. Grey 
The rest…. Hmmmm 

km June 9, 2021 brain 100% cannot understand this. The bit I find most confusing is, they appear to have blatantly defied lockdown rules....but then they go and get tested...that's the bit I find surprising. On one hand it seems to selfish and stupid...yet then they have the sense to get a test???  

km June 9, 2021

It breaks my heart that some children are subjected to such a traumatic life. This poor girl wasn't safe in her birth home and is then not safe in a foster home. This "family" are nothing short of evil in my opinion. They were given the privilege of giving this child a safe home and they  did the exact opposite!!

km May 27, 2021

Isn't it an eviable position when we can sit around and whinge about the governments COVID management when we have whethered this virus better than almost every other country on earth!!! Yes it hasn't been perfect.....but geeze.......we've been looked after pretty well by both Federal & State governments during this overall. We need to keep some perspective in this country right now.

km May 26, 2021

@liadomin9 ... I was bought up in a pretty well off middle class family, went to private school, nice holidays etc and we (me and my sister) had part time jobs from 15. It was highly encouraged.  We always worked from then in even during year 12 and through university. Working early teachers you so much and it also helps you in getting your first professional job as your employer can already see your work ethic. 

km May 25, 2021

Whilst I'm very sympathetic, unfortunately in Australia children legally become adults at 18, and as such neither parent has a responsibility to feed or house them, they are adults. Now, in reality and as loving mothers we understand at 18 our kids still need all those things, but I don't see how at 18 the government can make either parents keep paying. I would suggest having a frank discussion with your daughter, that at 18 she needs to start making  a  financial contribution to the household if she isn't already. There is no reason she can't have a part time job while studying, going to uni etc.

km May 25, 2021

This is very very good news. This woman's story was heart breaking, she has been extremely brave in advocating for the law to change. This law should also significantly impact  on the ability to secure a guilty verdict for accused rapists as there will need to be evidence they sought to clarify consent, the old " i thought she was consenting" won't be an excuse. 

km May 18, 2021

I have slightly mixed feeling about this. I actually do agree with the article, his history is terrible and that should be remembered and monitored. However, people also need to be given the opportunity to get themselves right (much like the man in another article from last week). Cousins hasn't declared himself a hero, the media have done that, and I do agree that is wrong. What the media should be doing is ignoring this man, let him play footy (it's probably a very important part of him making a recovery), let him do therapy or whatever programs he requires. Ensure his family are protected and getting all the support and services they need.  We really should be ignoring this guy as much as possible. 

km May 13, 2021

I loved this book!!!!

km May 9, 2021

Beware...A Little Life is heavy...beautiful, amazing but heavy!!! If you are struggling a bit emotionally, wait and read this when you are in a good place. 

km May 8, 2021

Two years !! :( that alone breaks my heart 

km May 7, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 ...and this is the bigger issue really isn't it. Not being the problem, also doesn't mean you are being part of the solution!

It's like those guys spitting on that victim outside of court, their peers need to stand up and call that out as wrong, that's being part of the solution