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mamamia-user-739637812 March 2, 2021

People need to stop watching this s**t. The more people watch it the more likely the producers will pull this c**p for ratings so do the right thing and TURN IT OFF. It’s 2021 for gods sake why do we watch a show that makes people rank based on looks. Pathetic. 

mamamia-user-739637812 February 10, 2021

I’ve asked for natural makeup a number of times, just means you want to stick to more nude tones and not be over done. Also, try not blinking when a stranger comes at you with an eye pencil and mascara - literally your bodies natural reaction to blink lol 

mamamia-user-739637812 February 1, 2021

As a parent I don’t mind sacrificing some work to spend that quality time with my kids, I am lucky my husband can work to support us and I want to be a part of they’re lives growing up. I do agree with one thing being that companies should continue to contribute to our superannuation whilst on maternity leave. 

mamamia-user-739637812 January 22, 2021

I find a majority of people who are against changing or abolition of the date are against it without being properly educated as to the background. This is the fault of our education system not teaching proper Australian history. Makes me sad that a meaningful gesture so small such as moving a date can divide a country so much. 

mamamia-user-739637812 January 19, 2021

Uhh the one about extreme rudeness- it is absolutely important to research the company and your job role when going for an interview, don’t know why you’d go in blind about a job you want, although I’m not inferring they weren’t rude it might be something they thought was important when interviewing for the role.

mamamia-user-739637812 January 19, 2021

Thanks goodness for some positive spin on this. So sick of hearing the negative self entitled drivel of some of the other players when everyday people have been struggling through this pandemic causing serious mental health issues and affecting thousands of working Australians. Glad some players see the logical side to their isolation regardless of how hard it may be. 

mamamia-user-739637812 January 17, 2021

There’s no data on long term side affects of both covid-19 or it’s vaccine which makes the decision on whether to take it harder. I’m not an anti-vaxxer by any means but the rate in which it has been rolled out is concerning when considering you and your children’s future should you take it. 

mamamia-user-739637812 January 13, 2021

Why do we always hear the sob story of the criminal who committed the crime. What about the victim who’s life was cut short? Who never got to hold the child she carried? Sometimes I think Australia should have the death penalty for extreme cases such as this, I don’t feel sorry for her execution I feel sorry for the 16 year old girl who never got to meet her mother. 

mamamia-user-739637812 January 3, 2021

100% rape. The problem is that in today’s society, a jury of 12 peers might not agree ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’. Essentially it’s his word against yours and unfortunately going through our current justice system revictimises the victim with an inevitably unfavourable outcome. And now victims don’t even get a name. 

mamamia-user-739637812 December 23, 2020

My best friend is like this. It’s like everything revolves around her and what’s going on in her life, I barely get asked how I am before she launches into another story about what’s happening with her work/relationships/family etc. I’ve gotten over it so slowly ghosting her and maybe she’ll figure it out or not but I dont care anymore. 

mamamia-user-739637812 December 14, 2020

These! All of these! I wish someone had told me these before hand lol 

mamamia-user-739637812 December 13, 2020

I’ve recently had our second baby and suffered from postnatal depression and anxiety. Sometimes the sound of the baby crying makes me so furious and I’ll just tell him to shut up. I’ll tell him I hate him. And I walk away a lot. I don’t have much support but I have sought psychological help and it’s slowly making a difference. Your partner sounds like he may be suffering it too. Even though you love your baby, it’s like an unexplainable anger towards them erupts from you. It makes it hard to bond and enjoy the experience. However, slowly things are improving and its starting to get easier. Give your partner some time and potentially talk to him about seeking professional help if he is open to it. 

mamamia-user-739637812 December 5, 2020

Aw geez still considering going from two to three... seems hard while they’re young but I doubt I’d regret having another in 15years time. 

mamamia-user-739637812 November 29, 2020

He caused the problem in the first place with the mishandling of the hotel quarantine. Looking to other Australian states that did it properly we would have never had the numbers we had, had it not been for the bungling of the Dan andrews government. The Victorian people stepped up and did the right thing when it came down to it. Did he make hard decisions after the stuff up? Yes. Did he take responsibility for it? No. Does he deserve credit, I don’t know. But I’m certainly not going to praise his decisions given it caused the issue in the first place. 

mamamia-user-739637812 November 29, 2020

Definitely a personal preference and can understand both sides of it. Personally sleep training worked for me- better sleep made me a better mother to my kids after suffering PNDA. But sometimes I do wish I could have bed snuggles!! :)  

mamamia-user-739637812 November 24, 2020

@bittersweet totally agree- food is definitely important! You don’t want your guests swinging past maccas on the way home because you haven’t fed them properly. 

mamamia-user-739637812 November 11, 2020

@cat - aboriginal people are statistically 16 times more likely to be incarcerated however there is no statistics to back that they are more likely to die in custody. All I am trying to say is that the problem isn’t JUST police and the justice system it’s a societal problem we non-indigenous people wipe our hands of by pushing the blame onto somewhere else. I just am over the police being blamed for everything when really we ourselves should be shouldering some of that blame for not lifting a finger to help where we should. I suggest following and buying from a few indigenous businesses and educating ourselves as to the proper history of Australia is a good way to start. But improving health care, education and working on the justice system to better help aboriginal people not become another statistic is what we as the community should be doing. 

mamamia-user-739637812 November 10, 2020

4. It’s easier for people to blame police and wash our hands of the issue but the root issue is indigenous inequality and until that is addressed more aboriginal people will end up incarcerated and as a result there will continue to be aboriginal deaths in custody. 

mamamia-user-739637812 November 10, 2020

3. Our government caused numerous emotional and mental injuries to the aboriginal people during stolen generation and have never truly made reparations causing a domino effect of mental health, poverty, lack of opportunities, addiction issues and as a result the justice system fails every time an aboriginal person is put through it. 

Of course I am sure that there is bad police and one is one too many given that they’re actions can completely affect our lives however, simply saying it’s a police issue and ‘f**k the police’ is not solving any problems and absolving everyone else of they’re collective guilt and blame for what is a societal issue.

mamamia-user-739637812 November 10, 2020

2. In fact there are 10 cases over the 25 years of which were ruled ‘justifiable homicide’. Meaning 10 times a police officer has killed an aboriginal person and been cleared by either a court or independent investigation. Is that ten times too many? Definitely. 

However, the real problem i would suggest isn’t aboriginal deaths in custody but rather the over representation of aboriginal people in the justice system.

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