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mamamia-user-739637812 November 24, 2020

@bittersweet totally agree- food is definitely important! You don’t want your guests swinging past maccas on the way home because you haven’t fed them properly. 

mamamia-user-739637812 November 11, 2020

@cat - aboriginal people are statistically 16 times more likely to be incarcerated however there is no statistics to back that they are more likely to die in custody. All I am trying to say is that the problem isn’t JUST police and the justice system it’s a societal problem we non-indigenous people wipe our hands of by pushing the blame onto somewhere else. I just am over the police being blamed for everything when really we ourselves should be shouldering some of that blame for not lifting a finger to help where we should. I suggest following and buying from a few indigenous businesses and educating ourselves as to the proper history of Australia is a good way to start. But improving health care, education and working on the justice system to better help aboriginal people not become another statistic is what we as the community should be doing. 

mamamia-user-739637812 November 10, 2020

4. It’s easier for people to blame police and wash our hands of the issue but the root issue is indigenous inequality and until that is addressed more aboriginal people will end up incarcerated and as a result there will continue to be aboriginal deaths in custody. 

mamamia-user-739637812 November 10, 2020

3. Our government caused numerous emotional and mental injuries to the aboriginal people during stolen generation and have never truly made reparations causing a domino effect of mental health, poverty, lack of opportunities, addiction issues and as a result the justice system fails every time an aboriginal person is put through it. 

Of course I am sure that there is bad police and one is one too many given that they’re actions can completely affect our lives however, simply saying it’s a police issue and ‘f**k the police’ is not solving any problems and absolving everyone else of they’re collective guilt and blame for what is a societal issue.

mamamia-user-739637812 November 10, 2020

2. In fact there are 10 cases over the 25 years of which were ruled ‘justifiable homicide’. Meaning 10 times a police officer has killed an aboriginal person and been cleared by either a court or independent investigation. Is that ten times too many? Definitely. 

However, the real problem i would suggest isn’t aboriginal deaths in custody but rather the over representation of aboriginal people in the justice system.

mamamia-user-739637812 November 10, 2020

1. Just to clarify a few ‘facts’ that continuously seem to be misrepresented.

Of the 437 deaths, only 146 were actually in police ‘custody’. The remainder were in prison of which prison officers - not police officers (very different training) are responsible.

Of the 146 deaths, 39 were car crashes as a result of a police pursuit, 31 were natural causes, 28 were suicide, 38 were deemed accidents all fo which are deemed in ‘police custody’ at the time as they were pursued or under arrest. Police custody also includes the 48 hours after they have come in contact with police.

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