Sorry to the Amandas and Kristens: The names on the verge of extinction in Australia.

Do you know any baby Amandas? Well, they may be the last of their kind. This once wildly popular name is on the verge of extinction in Australia.

In fact, there’s a possibility that it may already be extinct. A list of all babies registered in South Australia in 2017 turned up not one single Amanda. As we previously reported, girls were given the names Wallaby, Kindle and Amnesty, but not Amanda, or even Mandy. There was just one Amanda born in SA in 2016, and just one in 2015.

What the hell happened? Not that long ago, Amanda was one of Australia’s favourite names. In 1980, it was the second most popular name for girls born in New South Wales, with 1716 sets of parents dubbing their bundle of joy Amanda.

It’s the name of Amanda Keller, and everyone loves Amanda Keller. Everyone. Amandas just seem to be good people. Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia!. Mandy and Toad in House Rules. The name itself means “deserving of love”. So why don’t we love it anymore?

Amanda isn’t the only once-popular name that Australian parents have gone cold on. According to SA statistics, there was not one single Tamara born last year, or Melanie, or Simone. No Brittany (understandable: Britney Spears did kill the mystique of the name when she wandered around barefoot eating Cheetos). No Kirsty, Kristy or Kristen. Not a Karen or a Patricia.

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As for names hanging on by a thread, there was just one Kelly registered in SA last year. There was also just one Danielle, Cassandra, Tiffany, Carly, Michelle, Kylie and Belinda.

Yep, they’re all on their way to being old-fashioned. Sorry, Great Aunt Danielle and Grandma Carly.

Baby girls these days are way more likely to be called names like Summer and Winter, Heaven and Nevaeh, Scout and Sailor.

As for boys’ names, looking through the same list, there’s not a single Craig or Gregory or Brendan. You won’t find a Darren or a Gavin, a Glen or a Todd, a Trevor or a Colin, a Grant or a Rodney.

As for Gary, that turns up just once, as do Scott and Brett, Richard and Russell.

Parents would rather call their boys Boston and Harlem, Anakin and Loki, Bowie and Jagger and Hendrix.

Okay, so this is only South Australia. If information was available on births registered in other states, we might see that we have been panicking unnecessarily. There may be a healthy number of baby Amandas, Tamaras, Craigs and Trevors in NSW, Victoria, and everywhere else.

Please, if you’ve recently called your baby one of these names, or are planning to call your baby one of these names, let us know. Especially Amanda. We’re not ready to let go of Amanda just yet. Amanda is deserving of our love.

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