These Aussie baby names are so unique, they were only given once in 2017.

Every year we see lists of the most popular names: Oliver, William, Jack, Charlotte, Ava, Isla, etc. But some parents don’t want to give their child a popular name. They want to choose a name that will stand out, a name that nobody else in their class – possibly nobody else in the country – will have.

And that’s cool.

As reported in the The Advertiser, he list of names given to babies in South Australia in 2017 has just been released. If you scroll down past all the popular names, you eventually get to the names given just once in the state last year.

These are South Australia’s least popular names. But among the ones that everyone has just got a bit tired of (Richard, Michelle and, er, Helen) are some absolute gems, some truly original and unforgettable ones.

Here are the standouts. To these babies, we hope you live up to the promise of your names.


1. Wallaby
2. Kindle
3. Khe-Sanh
4. Amnesty
5. Starlett
6. Favour
7. Moon
8. Peaches-Marie
9. Cazaly
10. Snow

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1. Trick
2. Reign-Wolf
3. Mercury
4. Iron
5. Comet
6. Godlove
7. Eccho
8. Shine
9. Macgyver
10. Rhythm

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