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Mamamia recaps The Bachelorette: You can't just... tackle children.

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Welcome to another week on The Bachelorette, and we're finally getting down to crunch time.

With hometowns looming, Brooke selects frontrunner Holly to come on her second single date.

After doing a traditional weaving workshop together, Brooke and Holly open up about their feelings for each other.

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During their D&M, Holly admits that she hasn't taken a girl home to meet her family before.

"I really want to introduce you to my mum and sister," Holly shares. 

"They mean the world to me, and you would be the first girl that I've brought home to my mum," she adds.

"That thought doesn't scare me, that excites me. I want her to know you, and I want you to know her."

But... there's a slight roadblock.

While Holly is based in New South Wales, Brooke is based in Victoria.

"Everything feels right, and I think everything feels really beautiful," Brooke shares.

"It's just trying to figure out logistically how it would happen." 

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But enough about feelings. 

It's time for the group date. And yes, it involves... unnecessary physical activity. Again.

The group date begins and a horde of small children are ordered by Osher to pick contestants for their teams, one by one. 


"Can we pick Osher, or?" Image: Channel 10. 

It's triggering for precisely everyone who was selected last for group activities in primary school.


After being split into three teams, the group compete in an intense egg-and-spoon race, followed by a jigsaw puzzle. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Then, they compete in a game called 'Protect The Treasure' , which involves protecting a collection of... balls.

While most of the group are playing nicely, it seems Millie has forgotten that she's playing with actual children.

"With Millie, she kind of forgets where she is a little bit," Timm 2.0 says.

"This isn't a World Cup final. It's hard to watch."

Oh. Image: Channel 10. 


This is... intense. Image: Channel 10. 

Eventually, Millie gets so competitive that she almost runs over a small child, forcing Osher (aka the referee) to give her a penalty. 



As the competition wraps up, Brooke selects Timm 2.0 for some special one-on-one time after he won over all three kids.

For their ~romantic chat~, Brooke and Timm 2.0 sit surrounded by candles... in the middle of the sporting ground.


Nice. Image: Channel 10. They discuss marriage and kids and it's all feeling a lil bit serious.

Honestly, who even is the frontrunner at this point? HOW THE HECK IS BROOKE GOING TO DECIDE?

It's time for the cocktail party and things are getting tense.

With just one final single date card up for grabs, the contestants are keen to snag more time with Brooke.

So, they've prepared... presents.

First, Brooke takes Luca away for a chat. He presents her with a toy replica of Jimothy's plane a fighter jet in a throwback to their single date.

Oh. Image: Channel 10. 


On the other hand, Millie presents Brooke with sangria, which is a far superior present to Luca's toy plane. (Sorry, Luca.)

Later on, while intruder Will is having one of his very first chats with Brooke, a ~secret admirer~ sends Brooke a bunch of flowers.

"Just a little something to share my appreciation and feelings thus far," a note on the flowers read.

"So excited for what the future may hold. Come and find me. From, your not-so secret admirer."

So... the contestants are just allowed to order flowers to the mansion now? Image: Channel 10. 

Within minutes, Darvid sheepishly admits to being Brooke's ~secret admirer~. 




After chatting with Darvid, Brooke meets with carpenter Konrad, who gifts her a rose necklace.

But despite Konrad's move, it's Darvid who lands the final single date card.

WE MUST PROTECT KONRAD. Image: Channel 10. 

"It sucks. I've had my heart on my sleeve from that start. It's just shattering. It's heartbreaking," Konrad says.

"This is probably the most uneasy I've felt being in the mansion."

Oh s**t. Konrad is definitely going to have his heart broken, isn't he?


The rose ceremony is here, and everyone is... tense.

After Darvid, Holly, and Timm 2.0 secured roses earlier in the ceremony, Brooke selects Konrad, Jamie-Lee, and Millie.

Will and Luca are sent packing. 


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