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Mamamia recaps The Bachelorette: We need more conversations like this on our screens.

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Brooke is so excited to be going on a date with Holly that she's legitimately lost for words.

"I'm excited to go on this date with you," Brooke tells her.

"You make me so nervous."

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They drive a red convertible and get salsa dancing lessons and... wait.

Is this the start of a Bachelorette success story?

Guys. You don't understand how badly we need this. 


Yikes. Image: Wikipedia. It's not... good.


After their dancing lesson, Holly tells Brooke that she has been questioned over her sexuality before.

"I don't care if you're a guy or a girl, for me it's always been about who you are on the inside," she says.

"The only issue that I've ever faced, because I've not actually had a girlfriend, is people asking, 'Are you actually bi?' And doubting me for it.

"But I know who I am, and I wouldn't be here if I didn't."

"I know who I am." Image: Channel 10. "I look at all my different [past] partners and there are girls and guys. Some have done transitions, and some are non-binary. And I love each and every one of them for their different reasons and what they've taught me. So I completely and utterly get that," Brooke replies.

"It's not about physical things, it's not about genitalia," she adds.

"All my life, people have tried to put me into boxes, categories, label me. And I've been called names.

"I think you set your own path, and nothing really defines you unless you want it to," states Brooke.

Okay, can we talk about how refreshing it feels to hear conversations like this on national television? BECAUSE IT'S BLOODY BRILLIANT.

Brooke hands Holly a rose and they share a kiss.


Image: Channel 10. Oooooooh.

It's time for the group date.

Osher announces that the group will be participating in a ~compatibility~ game, which involves the contestants racing to collect plush hearts on a giant inflatable ring. 

???????? Image: Channel 10. 

After the weird first round in the inflatable ring, Darvid, Emily, Steve, Jess, and Timm 2.0 compete in the actual compatibility test.


Osher announces that the contestant with the most answers matching Brooke will win the challenge. 

The grand prize? A rose, of course.

In the first round, Osher asks the contestants whether they use a top sheet. (Honestly, Osher, please just send anyone who says yes home. Top sheets are bulls**t.)

After getting the answer right, Emma is allowed to cut the 'heart strings' of another contestant. And yes, she picks Darvid. Because... drama.

Savage. Image: Channel 10. "I kinda feel like there's a target on my back already. It kind of sucks, but I understand why everyone is targeting me," he says.

After all five contestants get another question correct, Emma, Steve, Jess and Timm 2.0 all cut Darvid's heart strings.

And within minutes, Darvid is out of the game.

Goodness. Darvid really does have a target on his back.


In the end, Emma wins the competition.

The cocktail party is here.

Almost immediately, Brooke pulls Holly away for a chat.

They hug for approximately 45 seconds while the rest of the contestants awkwardly watch on.



Elsewhere, the guys and girls are discussing the politics of taking Brooke away for a chat.

While Darvid thinks it's perfectly okay to chat to Brooke at the cocktail party if you've already received a rose, Emma, who got a lil upset at Darvid for doing exactly that last week, disagrees.

"Any chat that I have tonight can be postponed," Emma says.

"I disagree with that," Darvid replies. 

"I understand what you're saying, but I'm not thinking about this week, I'm thinking about how much [time] I can get in this small amount of time.

"I'm not just going to take my foot off the pedal. That's not my style at all."

Poor Darvid. Image: Channel 10.


Later on, Brooke takes Darvid away for a chat.

She asks him if he's doing okay with such a big target on his back, and they share a kiss.

"I'm in trouble, hey," he tells her.

"I'm all in."

Oooooooh. Image: Channel 10.


Darvid gets a rose. Jamie-Lee gets a rose. And Carpenter Konrad gets a rose.

Sadly, Ritu is sent home.


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