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Mamamia recaps The Bachelorette: Everyone is freaking the f**k out.

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Carpenter Konrad is going on a single date.

Although a trip to Ikea seems like the most appropriate first date option considering Konrad's, erm, elaborate entrance, Brooke decides to take him on a motorbike ride.

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Is it just us, or does this date feel... familiar?

Oh. That's why. Image: Channel 10. 

They arrive at their destination, and Brooke announces that they'll be having a ✨ self-care ✨ day.


They give each other massages and face masks and manicures and it all feels a lil bit cute.

STOP THIS IS TOO MUCH. Image: Channel 10. 

Okay, let's be honest, we've joked a lot about carpenter Konrad and his love seat... but he's actually shaping up to be a serious contender here.

And we all know what that means.

Konrad doesn't want to be... lonely no more.


Later on, Brooke gets emotional.

"I haven't felt this giddy and happy and playful for a while. I take life a little bit too seriously," Brooke says.

"I'm the kind of person who just takes care of herself, and no one really looks after me. But you made me feel really appreciated today."

Brooke is crying. Konrad is crying. EVERYONE IS CRYING.

Image: Channel 10. 


"It feels like I've just met my forever partner," Konrad says.

"She definitely a girl that I could fall in love with."

It's time for the group date.

Osher announces that the group will take turns go-karting, before taking part in a series of domestic duties, including folding the laundry and... untangling fairy lights. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Sounds... fun.

On the track, things quickly become competitive with Timm 2.0 tailgating Taje, leading her to crash into a barrier and injure her neck.

Meanwhile, Emily legitimately doesn't know how to drive, giving her a serious disadvantage. (Shouldn't they have...  checked that first???)


As the challenge wraps up, Brooke selects Carissa for some extra post-race time together.

Although Brooke and Carissa had a really strong connection when they first met, it seems things have... fizzled out.

"I feel confused," Brooke tells producers after kissing Carissa.

"I felt this really strong connection with her at the start but I didn't really feel that in the kiss."

It's time for the cocktail party and Taje isn't attending because she has an injury... from competitive go-karting.


While the guys and girls are arguing over who gets to speak to Brooke first, Osher appears.

Yep. This is not good news.

He announces that he's invited four new people to enter the mansion, and approximately everyone is panicking.


In an added blow, the OG contestants will have to watch as the intruders meet Brooke.

This. Image: Channel 10.

Is. Image: Channel 10.

Awkward. Image: Channel 10.


The first intruder to enter the mansion is Millie, a 22-year-old gym manager.

Meet Millie. Image: Channel 10.

"She's talking about doing a session [with Brooke] in the gym. F**k off," Holly says from the sidelines.


"Alright, someone lock the door," Jess adds.

"Release the hounds," Timm 2.0 replies.

S**t. This is... awkward.

The next intruder to enter the mansion is Will, a landscaper with an impressive moustache, followed by another Jess, who gifts Brooke a house key, and Luca, a PE teacher.

Meet Will. Image: Channel 10.

Meet Jess. Image: Channel 10.


Meet Luca. Image: Channel 10.

While Brooke meets each of the intruders, the other contestants are freaking the f*ck out.

To make matters even worse, Osher announces that following the arrival of four intruders, four people will be asked to leave the mansion.

Cue: absolute panic and a scramble to chat to Brooke before the night ends.

While the OGs and the intruders battle over who will speak to Brooke first, Brooke grabs Timm 2.0 for a chat.

They're approximately 30 seconds into their conversation when intruder Luca attempts to interrupt their chat. Not once, but twice.

"It's been two minutes. Time to interrupt." Image: Channel 10.


Luca. Pls.


Oh s**t. It's time for the rose ceremony.

Darvid gets a rose. Holly gets a rose. And intruder Luca even gets a rose.

But OG contestants Jess, Bec, Matt, and Emily are all sent home.



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