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1. The clue that proves that Ciarran definitely doesn’t win Angie’s heart on The Bachelorette.

Prepare yourselves. A pretty big Bachie clue has just surfaced and it strongly suggests that fan favourite Ciarran Scott does not win Angie’s heart on The Bachelorette.

It appears that Ciarran has been out and about with his ex-girlfriend and former Bachelor contestant, Renee Barrett.

According to the Daily Mail, Renee, who briefly appeared on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor, shared a photo of herself on a date with a man who bears a striking resemblance to Ciarran.

We can’t say for certain if the mystery man is Ciarran because his face is concealed. But if it is, then it would mean Ciarran has added a new neck tattoo since leaving the show. And I mean, if it wasn’t Ciarran, wouldn’t it be odd that she’s editing her friend’s face out?

Renee Barrett
Image: Instagram.

Renee also posted a photo of herself out with friends, one of which also looks similar to Ciarran (top right). But the faces have been concealed. Suspicious. 

Renee Barrett
Image: Instagram.

The Daily Mail claims an 'inside source' told the publication that Ciarran went on The Bachelorette to get back at Renee for going on The Bachelor after they had broken up.

While we're unsure if Ciarran is actually the mystery man in the photos, we may have to think about crossing his name off our list of frontrunners.

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2. "We’re bloody sick of it." The Block's Tess and Luke just unloaded on the show's producers and yikes.

Well then.

This season of The Block has been dramatic to say the least.

From a homophobia scandal to accusations of cheating, it's been... a lot.

Now, before the season has even wrapped up, contestants Tess and Luke have unloaded on the show's producers in an interview with news.com.au.


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Speaking to the publication, Tess and Luke shared that they believe they've been given an unfair edit to look like "lazy pricks".

"For some reason, they’re just not showing us doing any of the work. We’re just getting painted as these lazy people and we’re bloody sick of it. We’re really disappointed," they said.

"We’re not coping with it any more. We’re really heartbroken. We thought this was going to be an amazing, positive experience in our life, but we wish we never went on this bloody thing.

"We got bullied the whole way through [filming] the show, and now we feel like they’re bullying us on the show as well."

The pair also alleged that the show lied by claiming the couple had spent $25,000 more than the other contestants on trades. Yikes.

3. "She kind of shut down." Cody Simpson apparently got caught discussing a recent tiff he had with Miley Cyrus.

Since Cody Simpson landed in Sydney for The Masked Singer Australia, it's safe to say the 22-year-old hasn't been afraid to talk about his ~new love~ Miley Cyrus.

In almost every single TV and radio interview, The Masked Singer winner has opened up about his new relationship, even sharing that Miley was his childhood crush.

Behind the scenes, however, it doesn't sound quite so positive.

In fact, it looks like Cody was actually overheard discussing a recent argument he had with Miley.


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"We had a weird one yesterday... not really an argument but she kind of shut down," Cody was apparently heard saying, according to the Daily Mail.

"Yeah, it was kind of sh*tty, but whatever," he added.

While chatting to a friend on the phone at a public pool in Sydney, Cody also reportedly touched on Miley's ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

"I'm copping sh*t here because of [her] exes. You know, her husband is Australian."


4. The Chase's Andrew O'Keefe has opened up about his mental health struggles after separating from his wife.

Andrew O'Keefe has opened up about his mental health struggles in an interview with Sunrise, where he explained his leave of absence from The Chase back in April.

The father-of-three was candid as he spoke of separating from his wife Eleanor in 2017. The former Deal or No Deal host said he thinks that everyone has times in their life when they question their meaning.

"I think, when I split up with my wife, that was my time, and the thing I always believed in most of all was the power of love and combining with someone to make something special, and when I lost that, I thought it was all meaningless," he said.


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Winter isn’t coming....

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He also hinted at his self-medication throughout the period, saying, "In life, we have several choices on how to deal with things, and some people work their way through their pain, or turn to alcohol or drugs or eating."


"I feel very lucky that in this country, we have these institutions and the expertise to be able to deal with those things and get on top of it."

O'Keefe concluded that he's now "feeling great" though, as he works on a national tribute tour honouring his late uncle, Johnny O'Keefe.

5. Let us present a very compelling theory about who Angie's top four are on The Bachelorette.

We’re a few weeks into The Bachelorette now and there are a few things we know for sure:

What we don’t know for sure is how this season will play out. But yes, we have a theory.

It’s clear that bachelorette Angie Kent takes her best friend Yvie Jones’ opinion very seriously, as do we, so we went digging through Yvie’s social media for clues…

This is when we discovered Yvie was following only four of the men left vying for Angie's heart and UM, WE'VE CRACKED IT.

the bachelorette australia 2019 spoilers
Image: Network Ten.

Yvie has already appeared on an episode, throwing Angie a bachelorette party and saying the word 'penis' multiple times, so it's conceivable she will pop up again later on in the season...

Therefore, we think Yvie's choice to follow only a certain few may indicate who makes it to the top four men, a.k.a the hometown visits.

For a very important investigation into Angie's top four contestants, read our earlier article here.

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