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Lindsay Lohan just eviscerated Cody Simpson on Instagram for dumping her sister and it's awkward.


Family is more important than legally binding contracts for The Masked Singer judge Lindsay Lohan.

Well… sort of. ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯

As if watching a singing monster and frantically googling The Masked Singer conspiracy theories’ wasn’t enough for us, the end of Australia’s weirdest yet most endearing reality show has brought about some major scandal are we are HERE FOR IT.

After the Robot a.k.a Cody Simpson a.k.a Miley Cyrus’ new boyfriend was named as the winner, Lindsay took to Instagram to… uh, ridicule him?

Cody Simpson is unmasked as the Robot on The Masked Singer. Post continues below video.

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You see, Cody apparently dated Lindsay’s younger sister Ali in 2018. Who knew?

After The Masked Singer finale aired, Lindsay shared a now-deleted post to Instagram with a truly wild caption.

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"When you realise you failed. And you settle for less @codysimpson. Family is everything, you won The Masked Singer but you lost on your future."


Anyway, before long Lindsay realised she probably shouldn't throw major shade at the winner of her obscure Australian career opportunity, because it was not nice but mainly because her contract probably forbade it.

She deleted her original post and replaced it with something far less... ouch, but still managed to keep a sly dig in.


"Woohoo!!! I was right!!

"@codysimpson good job!! What a great time! What a great time and wonderful moments we have all had on this show! Congratulations to everyone!"

Then she tagged her sister Ali and wrote... "Leave the riffraff behind sista!!!"


To make things even more awkward, Lindsay even called Cody out during the show's finale, telling him he owed her furniture???

"I want my furniture back, because I bought your furniture for you house in Venice," she said after his unmasking.

Cody clarified what she meant but it didn't make it any less weird...

"Well basically I was living in this house in Venice, I had this kind of beach shack there near Venice Beach, and I had been living there for a couple of years and I was seeing her sister [Ali] for a short period at that time and she was staying there with me," he explained to Punkee.

"I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor because that was the vibe of the house and I loved it... [Ali] was like ‘Lindsay is going to order you this stuff’ but it never ended up coming and we didn’t know where it went."

What. The. Heck.

No one has yet asked him if he's okay with being called 'riffraff', but we're long overdue for Miley to get involved and WE CAN'T WAIT.