Mamamia recaps the wild Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson, Liam Hemsworth and Maddison Brown love square.


Stand proud, Australia. This great nation is the homeland of 3/4 members of the world’s newest, most interesting love square.

You see, Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson, Liam Hemsworth and Maddison Brown have had a lot on lately.

Break-ups, real life PDA, social media PDA, surfing, smoothie bowls, chest nuzzling, road cones… it’s a lot.

It all began when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced their split in August. That was after Miley was photographed pashing The Hills star and ex of Kardashian stepbro Brody Jenner, Kaitlynn Carter.

Mamamia’s daily entertainment podcast The Spill talk about Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson’s relationship. Post continues after. 

Everyone was sad, especially Miley and Liam’s seven dogs, two mini horses, two regular-sized horses, pig and three cats.

Liam hunkered down in Byron Bay to surf and do shirtless workouts, which was nice.

Then Miley and Kaitlynn broke up and the 26-year-old singer began another whirlwind relationship with Australian musician Cody Simpson.

They grabbed acai bowls together, because nothing says romance like a delicious purple, sugar-laden treat moonlighting as a healthy breakfast option.

Then Miley called Cody her BF on Instagram which is the 2019 equivalent of Tom Cruise shouting about Katie Holmes on Oprah’s couch.

As if this situation was not dramatic enough, Miley threw some surgery into the mix.

She had her tonsils removed and documented her recovery which regularly featured Cody… shirtless, for reasons unknown.

miley cyrus cody simpson

Not to be outdone, Liam paddled himself to shore and got on a plane to New York, where he announced a new relationship with Aussie actress Maddison Brown the old fashioned way: with papped photos published to TMZ.

Images emerged over the weekend showing the pair hanging out making out on the streets of NYC, before Liam nuzzles into his date's chest (???) and maybe steals a road cone.

We've all been there.

If these words make no sense to you, let us present this extremely easy-to-understand diagram:

miley cyrus cody simpson liam hemsworth maddison brown
Makes... sense.

Cody himself confirmed his relationship with Miley is more than just thirsty Instagram comments and smoothie bowls.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the 22-year-old said he is totally stoked, dude, with his new 26-year-old girlfriend.

"I’m very happy. We are very, very happy. She’s creative. She’s very passionate about what she does, and I’m very similar in that sense.

"That’s why we get along so well. We just have a ball, yeah, and that’s the most important part of a relationship, you know?"

He also spoke about how in the heck he and Miley came to be an item. Turns out, they’re both in a really good place right now, ya feel?


"The reason why it hasn’t been a really crazy sudden thing is just because we’ve been friends for so long," he said.

"We found each other again in a space where we’re both not partying, working real hard, and it just keeps things healthy and it’s good."

Maddison, on the other hand, may have manifested her new relationship and ugh, why didn't we think of that?

The 22-year-old actress joked in an interview earlier this year that she would like to have sex with both Liam and his brother Chris (relatable)... at the same time (also relatable).

While playing a game of "F*ck, Marry, Kill" with options of the Hemsworth brothers, Margot Robbie, and Hugh Jackman she said: "I’m gonna kill Hugh Jackman and get that one right off the table. I’m gonna marry Margot Robbie because I would like to f*ck her for life.

"And then I will f*ck the Hemsworth brothers but at the same time, both of them. I couldn’t marry them, I’m too insecure. I would just be like, 'You’re too attractive, you are never allowed to leave the house.'"

True. Yes. Same, minus the murder of a living legend.

Will the social media PDA of Miley and Cody ramp up even further given these new developments?

Will Liam be punished for the attempted abduction of New York City property?

Will we discover that Maddison and Cody are also old friends making this even more of a complicated relationship scenario?

Probably, yes to all of the above. We're waiting.