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Let us present a very compelling theory about who Angie's top four are on The Bachelorette.

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We’re a few weeks into The Bachelorette now and there are a few things we know for sure:

What we don’t know for sure is how this season will play out. But yes, we have a theory.

Mamamia’s superfan meets bachelorette Angie Kent. Post continues below video.

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It’s clear that bachelorette Angie Kent takes her best friend Yvie Jones’ opinion very seriously, as do we, so we went digging through Yvie’s social media for clues…

Matty J Catfish

This is when we discovered Yvie was following only four of the men left vying for Angie's heart and UM, WE'VE CRACKED IT.

Yvie has already appeared on an episode, throwing Angie a bachelorette party and saying the word 'penis' multiple times, so it's conceivable she will pop up again later on in the season...

Therefore, we think Yvie's choice to follow only a certain few may indicate who makes it to the top four men, a.k.a the hometown visits.

The chosen four are... pretty obvious, actually, but if you're not keen on a possible probable spoiler, turn back now.

They are: Carlin (and his face), sweet angel Timm, fashion icon Ciarran and dog dude Ryan.

bachelorette spoilers

The only other contestant she follows is Niranga, who has already been sent home.

bachelorette spoilers
We don't know why but we like it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Angie on the other hand just follows Ryan, but this isn't that suss considering we already know about their pre-show DM flirting and bachie rules should forbid her from giving contestants a follow until we know the final decision.

If you've watched any of the show, it's fairly obvious that Carlin, Ciarran, Timm and Ryan are the frontrunners who have made the greatest connections, which makes Yvie's follow choices that much more interesting.

Whether this theory is accurate remains to be seen but we're feeling pretty confident in our sleuthing abilities.