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"I just discovered Nick Cummins' aunty is my favourite reality show contestant of all time."

I woke up this morning to very important news.

You may have heard of a young man named Nick Cummins. He’s the current Bachelor and apart from referring to women as ‘birds’ and occasionally whistling at them – he seems fine.


You see, Nick Cummins has an aunty. Yes. Interesting. But also predictable. Most people have an aunty or two.

But, pause.

His aunty is goddamn MARGIE.


THIS MARGIE. Image via Channel 10.
Bloody legend. Image via Channel 10.

Margie Cummins was potentially the greatest Biggest Loser contestant in the history of the world and I shall never forget her.

She was funny and driven and one time got publicly berated by Michelle Bridges for having an extra diet coke and I just kept thinking, "Aren't they... calorie free?".

But I digress.

Margie - a living Australian legend - won the season after losing an amount of weight that probably wasn't healthy to lose in such a short period of time but it's okay because it was Margie.

Given how exceptional my knowledge is of reality television circa 2012, I'm horrified that I didn't remember Margie's last name was 'Cummins' and OF COURSE she's related to the Honey Badger.

I let everyone down, but mostly I let myself down.

In week one, you may recall that Nick took Romy on a date to his uncle Mike's restaurant.

Video by Channel 10

Well, you'll never believe it, but uncle Mike is Margie's very own brother.

Before Nick's Bachelor debut, Margie wrote on social media: "Wishing you all the best @nickbadger for the launch of the 2018 @thebachelorau .. No doubt the show will be a ratings winner with you at the helm. Reality TV can be a tough gig, but you'll have it covered. Enjoy the ride. See you on the other side. Love you xx."

What a woman.

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