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1. There’s a rumour Matt Agnew is going to propose to The Bachelor winner.

Excitement is well and truly building.

In just one more sleep, we’ll finally know exactly who wins Matt Agnew’s heart on The Bachelor. 

And while there’s lots of rumours swirling around about the season finale, Channel 10 have just teased that Matt could end up proposing to the winner.

Which honestly would be a nice surprise after last season’s debacle, when a certain member of the weasel family decided not to pick a winner.

But let’s not dwell on the past.

In a teaser trailer released today by Channel 10, Matt is shown nervously looking at a diamond ring and saying, “‘I want to walk away from this with the love of my life”.

“This is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do,” Matt adds.


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Who’s ready for their #TheBachelorAU Finale party? Get the champers ready ,We’ll see you tonight 7.30 on 10.

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We then get shown a montage of Matt on his final dates with Chelise, Abbie and Helena.

But Matt still sounds pretty confused, adding,”I just don’t know anymore” towards the end of the video.

Hopefully the choice will become clearer once he’s whittled it down to the final two contestants in tonight’s episode.

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2. Apparently Jennifer Lawrence and her fiancé Cooke Maroney could already be married.

Uh, It looks like Jennifer Lawrence and her fiancé Cooke Maroney may have just secretly tied the knot at New York’s City Hall’s Marriage Bureau.

The rumours come as an on-looker shared in a now-deleted tweet: “When you go get your marriage license and Jennifer Lawrence walks by to tie the knot before your eyes. Yeah, kids, City Hall is COOL. The place to go!”

Jennifer Lawrence and her fiancé Cooke Maroney. Image: Getty.

Jennifer was spotted holding a document alongside her possible-husband, an unnamed friend, two security guards, and photographer.

The pair are not usually ones to announce such events.

The couple's engagement only came to light in February, when Lawrence was papped rocking her engagement ring.

3. The Princess Bride might be getting a reboot, and Twitter is absolutely not having it.

Movie producer and sitcom writer, Norman Lear has revealed to Variety that "very famous people" are looking to "redo" his iconic 1987 film The Princess Bride


Following the news, actor Cary Elwes, who appeared in the original film, has come out against the idea, promptly sending Twitter into a frenzy.

In response to the above tweet, fans were quick to express their agreement, one writing: "This can't be stated in stronger terms. Damnit Hollywood, is there not an original thought left in your collective minds?"

"I love this movie. My 29-year-old loves this movie. My 18-year-old loves this movie. There's absolutely NO reason for a remake when all we have to do is watch the original to be perfectly happy," another wrote.
It's safe to say even the biggest The Princess Bride fans are okay with missing out on this reboot. After all, the original was just so good.

4. Get excited. Australian Survivor: All Stars is premiering next year.

Don't go into post-Survivor mourning just yet, Channel Ten have teased a promise of Australian Survivor: All Stars, set to premiere next year.

Network Ten chief content officer Beverley McGarvey said: "We have watched almost 100 fantastic contestants play the game. Now with the next All Stars season, we have the exciting opportunity to invite some of our most memorable players back for another chance to take home the title of Sole Survivor."


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Ready for #SurvivorAU All Stars? ???? Early 2020.

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Expect all your favourite villains and heroes as Ten will feature 24 of the biggest game players from the past four seasons.

“Australian viewers have embraced the game play, the physical challenges, and the passionate characters that makes Survivor so unique and compelling. We can’t wait to return in 2020 with more twists and turns from the All Stars cast.”

We'll just be over here counting down the days...

5. 18 months ago, Davina Rankin was the most hated woman on TV. Now, she's 'so content'.

Last year Davina Rankin was the most hated woman in Australia, but 18 months on the former Married At First Sight contestant is loved up and ready to meet her daughter who is weeks away from being born.

Speaking to A Current Affair on Tuesday night, Davina says she’s the happiest she’s ever been after settling down with Jaxon, who she’s actually known for seven years after meeting on the dance floor of a Brisbane nightclub.

davina rankin now

“It was 3 o’clock in the morning on the dance floor, a little bit of a kiss, a ‘pash and dash’ and that was it. Through mutual friends we rekindled on and off and then we well and truly hit it off after MAFS aired,” Jaxon told the show.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for Jax, he’s always been that guy on my radar. He’s always been someone I’ve been really nervous around. As soon as we started actually dating he was just everything,” Davina said.

“We’ve just bought our first home, we have a baby girl on the way, I am so content right now.”

Read our earlier article on Davina and Jaxon's relationship, here. 

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