Davina Rankin just revealed exactly how producers manipulate reality TV footage.

It’s no secret that reality television is edited to make things seem a little more dramatic, but now Married at First Sight star Davina Rankin has shared how producers regularly manipulate footage and re-arrange vision to create dramatic narratives.

Speaking to Hit105’s Abby and Matt on Thursday, Davina revealed that there was one way the producers changed things to make them seem worse than they were.

(Warning: Do not continue reading if you want to watch The Bachelor without critically analysing it.)

“There would literally be shots of my head (me talking to someone)… and then a voice over of me talking about how my day was three days ago,” Davina said.

She added that audio from completely unrelated moments would be used completely out of context.

“The producer might ask, ‘Do you like your outfit today?’ and I’d say ‘Oh I hate it!”, adding that the same audio would be used to talk about another contestant’s outfit.

The news is unsurprising given that we occasionally notice some sneaky editing on The Bachelor ourselves.

In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, 23-year-old Cass Wood claimed the show’s portrayal of her as a “stage five clinger and a stalker” is “nasty and untrue.”

“I didn’t know I would be featured this much,” the student and actress said. “The first episode was pretty hard to watch because they only show certain things.”

Then, during the rose ceremony, after the girls had met Nick’s family, we heard it. A three-second long soundbite that changed everything.

As the Honey Badger walked into the culling room, the camera zoomed in on Cass.

“He’s definitely someone I can see myself falling in love with,” her voice was heard to say.

But this soundbite wasn’t a clip from the episode, or even the one before it. Cass said these words right back in one of the very first episodes and they’re being played as a soundbite over and over to make her sound… well, like a stalker and a stage five clinger.

Yep, those producers deserve all of the editing awards.