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1. As if we needed more proof they don’t last, MAFS’ Tash was spotted kissing someone who definitely wasn’t Amanda.


We’re only three episodes into Married At First Sight and it’s already safe to say Tash and Amanda won’t be ending up together.

After Tash recently told NW magazine that she and Amanda are “so incompatible”, pictures have now surfaced of Tash kissing another woman on the Gold Coast last month.

And it’s not just any woman. According to the Daily Mail, Tash was photographed kissing her new girlfriend, Madison Hewitt.

Tash and Madison supposedly started dating recently, after first meeting online five years ago.


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Rate our chemistry below… ???????? #MAFS

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According to New Idea, the couple are currently in a long-distance relationship as Madison lives on the Gold Coast and Tash lives in Adelaide. But they’re apparently planning to move to Melbourne in the upcoming months.

Sorry experts, it seems Tash and Amanda aren’t going to be the next MAFS success story.

Married At Frist Sight returns tonight at 7.30 pm on Channel Nine.

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2. Oh. Charlotte Crosby is apparently coming back to Australia to be with Ryan Gallagher and we did not see this coming.

Charlotte Crosby always planned to come back to Australia after her I’m A Celeb… departure, but we didn’t know until now that it was because of her on-screen beau, Ryan Gallagher.

When she spoke with Mamamia’s entertainment editor, Laura Brodnik a few weeks ago, Crosby announced that she will be coming back to Australia soon, potentially for some more Australian reality TV shows.

She also shared details about her relationship with Gallagher, explaining that despite things going well, the distance is a huge obstacle.

She said, “With me and Ryan, we are going to see how things go, but I really like him.

“Obviously me living in England is a real problem, but we’re both very ready for children so I’ll probably be pregnant by the end of the year.”

I'm a celebrity charlotte crosby
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It seems the pair may have found a solution since then.

Speaking to OK! Magazine recently, Crosby shared that she will be back in Australia this month, attending a date entirely organised by Ryan - the two of them will go whale watching in Port Stephens.

And to make things a little more serious, she also shared that Gallagher has got the tick of approval from her mum.

Who knows, a pregnancy announcement might be sooner than we think.


3. The Bachelor's Georgia Love has spilled all the tea on her upcoming destination wedding.

Everyone who has ever planned a wedding knows it's hard work. You need a venue, a dress, food, flowers, oh my, the list goes on.

Not only do you need to organise everything but you have the added pressure from family and friends asking a million and one questions.

All in all - it's bloody stressful.

But not for Georgia Love and Lee Elliott.

The former Bachelorette and her fiancé have said no to the pressures of wedding prepping and have decided to enjoy their engagement first.


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The pair got engaged back in September 2019 and they don't have plans to wed anytime soon.

When speaking to Now To Love, Love shared that a small destination wedding was preferable but no bookings have been made.

She said, "We haven't booked a venue. We're going to have an engagement party next month and then look a bit more deeply at it.

"We want to do something smaller and travel is really important to both of us, so we really wanted to have a destination wedding."

4. "It’s crippling." MAFS' Hayley on how she turned her life around after her drug addiction.

Married at First Sight star, Hayley Vernon, has opened up about her crippling drug addiction after her premiere on MAFS last night where she married 31-year-old, David Cannon.

The 32-year-old bubbly bride said she was nervous to tell her husband about her past, explaining that her severe addiction lasted just under 10 years.

"My teenage years were probably a little bit rougher than most… I was abusing several substances," she said.

"This was all I knew for about eight or nine years, it’s actually the worst thing in the world, it’s crippling."


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I’m loving these two ❤️ #MAFS

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She explained that her life took a turn after receiving some encouragement from a female bodybuilder she found online.

"I started following a lady on Instagram and she was a bodybuilder and she said, ‘Oh Hails you’re at this point of your life if you’ve got nothing to lose, pack a bag. Come to Queensland, come train and let’s turn your life around.

"And then I started training. It gave me direction, it gave me purpose, it gave me focus and slowly, the pieces of the puzzle and people that I love came back into my life."

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Married At Frist Sight returns tonight at 7.30 pm on Channel Nine.

5. An emotional affair and rock bottom: Everything we learnt from Jessica Simpson's tell-all book.

Jessica Simpson has released a memoir called Open Book, and well, that’s certainly a fitting title.


The book reflects on the 39-year-old’s career as well as some painful memories, including the sexual abuse she suffered as a child and her problem drinking.

It also holds nothing back when it comes to Simpson’s past relationships, including her marriage to Nick Lachey, on/off relationship with John Mayer and an emotional affair she had with Jackass star Johnny Knoxville.

Here are the most surprising revelations from Jessica Simpson’s memoir, Open Book. 

jessica simpson memoir
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Jessica was sexually abused as a child.

In her memoir, Simpson recalled how at age 12, while in the car with her parents, she told them about the abuse she had suffered at the hands of a family friend’s daughter.

She was sharing a bed with the daughter, who began by tickling her back, then evolved “into things that were extremely uncomfortable”.

She was frozen with fear and worried that she was to blame.

“I wanted to tell my parents,” she wrote in her memoir. “I was the victim but somehow I felt in the wrong.”

Six years later, as a 12-year-old, Simpson told her parents about the abuse as they were on a car trip.

Her mother slapped her father’s arm and yelled at him: “I told you something was happening,” Simpson recalled.

“Dad kept his eye on the road and said nothing.

“We never stayed at my parents’ friends house again but we also didn’t talk about what I had said.”

She also found out her abuser was being abused by an older boy. Six years ago, she confronted her abuser to say “I need you to know that I know what was going on… And I’m sorry for your abuse”.

For more on Jessica Simpson's tell-all memoir, read our earlier article here. 

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