ROAD TEST: “I tried the $39 Target tights for two days to see if they rival my expensive pairs.”

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I must confess: I have a serious obsession with tights.

If I'm lounging around the house? I'll wear tights. If I can't decide what to wear on the weekend? I'll wear tights. Going to the gym? Well, that's an obvious one - you'll find me in tights.

And that was before COVID-19.

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These stupidly simple-looking pants are a staple in my wardrobe that I will more than likely, never stop loving and purchasing them. 

I already have way too many expensive(ish) pairs. But they all serve a different purpose.

Some are perfect for my workouts, others are purely for when I watch TV. I even have my 'nice pair' that I wear for coffee dates (again, when I can't decide what to wear). 


But of course, I still need more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This week, I tried the Target Infinity Tights that everyone's been talking about. Firstly, because they're $39 and secondly, because they have pockets

So to see if they compare to my other, more pricey pairs, I wore them for two days while I did various activities.

Here's what I noticed.

Image: Target.


As I'm short, I tried out the Target Active 3/4 Lycra Infinity Tights in a size eight. They fit right around my waistline and finish just short of my ankles. They are black, have pockets on each side, as well as one across the back waistband and include some criss-cross detailing down the front. 

They come in sizes eight to 20 and various lengths depending on your height.

After initially putting them on, I immediately noticed how comfortable they are. They slip on really nicely and aren't too tight. They also fit true to size.

Image: Supplied.


My first activity to do while wearing them was to go to the shops.

I left the house and wore them for a few hours while doing the groceries. I noticed two things that really impressed me: not once did they fall down (I've had issues with affordable tights falling down in the past) and I barely noticed I was wearing them.

Later on in the day, I decided I'd watched enough TV and it was time for some fresh air. So I went to play tennis (a sport I never, ever play) and spent most of the hour chasing balls that I failed to hit. 

Again, my tights didn't fall down and the pockets were perfect for stashing my tennis balls.

Handy. Image: Supplied.


The following day, I wore the tights to CrossFit training. 

During my session, they were really comfortable. I had plenty of movement and didn't feel as though they were hugging me in the wrong places.

My final thoughts.

All in all, I seriously love these tights. 

They tick all the right boxes for me: comfortable, a good length and the best part, affordable.

Also, unlike my various other pairs, I find these tights are multi-purpose. I would definitely wear them around the house, to coffee dates and for my workouts. Winning.

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