ROAD TEST: “I tried the iconic Meghan Markle jeans to see if they're really that good.”

In October 2018, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle arrived in Dubbo, New South Wales. 

She was wearing a crisp white shirt, a grey checked blazer and black, skinny jeans. Specifically, Outland Denim black, skinny jeans.

Image: Getty.

The jeans, created by the Australian label, sold out within a week, and Meghan has continued to wear that same pair to various events since.

But what's so good about this particular pair of jeans? Well, fair question.


This week, I managed to get my hands on the same pair of jeans Meghan wore to work out why she and so many other women love them so much.

I considered the cut, the style, the price and of course, the comfort.

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First, let's discuss the jeans before I try them on.

The pair Meghan wore in the photo above were the Outland Denim Harriet Jeans. And as described on their website, they're a "staple high-rise skinny jean". 

The jeans come in both ankle length (28 inches) or full length (30 inches), and also come in washed black and four different shades of blue denim. 

They retail for $199.90.

Image: Outland Denim.


My favourite part about them is that Outland Denim was created with the aim to train and employ women who have experienced sex trafficking. 

The jeans are made by women who are paid fairly and work in a safe environment, while also using sustainable ingredients such as organic cotton and zero harmful chemicals. 

Now, it's time for my try on.

Let me start by explaining I'm short, very short (five-foot, to be exact) and a curvy girl. So I knew that on me, the jeans would sit a little differently to Meghan. 

Once I put them on (after doing the whole jumping up and down thing) they fit comfortably and are definitely true to size. However, they aren't at all stretchy. Meaning if you are curvy, they will take a little while to get on the first time.


Also, they are made for average height people. So as you might notice in the photo, I have rolled them up a little at the bottom because there was too much material for my short legs.

They're on! Image: Supplied.

After I got them on, I wore them for a full day. I walked to work, sat at my desk for eight hours, did some shopping and walked home.


Throughout my day of wearing the jeans, I noticed two things: 

Firstly, they do stretch a little after. So, if you were a little worried before about them being stiff, don't stress. As you move throughout the day, the denim loosens and becomes much more comfortable. Honestly, it doesn't take long at all.

Secondly, because of this stretch, I found that the jeans tend to fall down a little.

This might just be me, but when I wear high-waisted jeans, I like them to sit quite high around my waist and stay there. These ones started to fall off my waist after a little while, so I found myself pulling them up a bit. But I guess that's why belts were invented. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Note to self: wear one next time.

As for the price, think about it as an investment. Cheap jeans probably won't last the distance, and super expensive jeans are generally overpriced for what they are.

$200 for a good pair of jeans is pretty fantastic because if you take care of them (it's hard not to), they will last.

My final verdict.

After wearing these jeans for a full day of work at the office and the following day at home, I can confidently say I love them. 

Despite the short girl issues and belt situation, the colour is a really nice wash of black (not too dark, not too light), I can easily wear them for a whole day without wanting to change into my trackpants, and they are really flattering on. I could even dress them up to go out at night... if I had anywhere to go.


So thanks Meghan Markle, you've just sold me on my new favourite pair of skinny jeans.

Feature image: Getty/supplied.

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