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cat lady February 29, 2024

@millie1986 I wonder if she has something like Diverticulitis or Crohn’s Disease and has had to have a section of her intestine removed?  This happened to my mum and it was major surgery and she had to have a colostomy bag and took ages to recover as it takes a while for the gut to settle down and work properly, not to mention getting dressed differently to hide the bag.  Catherine has always been incredibly thin but markedly so the last few years, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was something like this. 

cat lady February 24, 2024

You call it the shedding, we used to call it the quarter century crisis, lol.  What’s actually happened is your brain has finished growing, as it does for all of us, at around 24-26, and we think differently because we (and our brain) have finally matured!  Welcome to adulthood 🙂

cat lady February 16, 2024

I think she’s just having her cheerleader/captain of the football team moment.  I doubt this will last.  She’s too  intelligent. 

cat lady February 8, 2024

Honestly.  What a load of BS.  Just people who hate Taylor making a mountain out of a molehill 🙄

cat lady December 21, 2023

If I were famous, who I voted for, what causes I supported and the people who are my friends would be my business and my business alone - just as they are now as a very non-famous person.  I would feel no need whatsoever to publicly comment on any of these things and bullying from other celebrities or the public would be water off a duck’s back.  Just keep comments turned off on your public social media and go about your life. The pressure on public figures to comment on any given subject on social media is ridiculous, unless they are actually involved in the matter being discussed. 

cat lady December 11, 2022

@gu3st  I think you are confusing Andrew Morton with Bashir.  Andrew is talking about his own work with Princess Diana (the book she sent him tapes for) not Bashir’s deceitful actions in obtaining an interview.  

cat lady November 21, 2022

@tan70 😹😹😹😹😹

cat lady November 7, 2022

Whilst I don’t mind a horror flick, this kind of extreme torture and mutilation leaves me wondering about the kind of psyche that conceives and/or makes a film like this. Much less those that enjoy it 👀

cat lady July 9, 2021

@millie1986 I agree with this 100%.  I’m in WA and because our lockdowns are hard and fast, for the majority of the pandemic we’ve been able to live normal lives (except for travel obviously).  I am horrified at what is going on in NSW. 

cat lady April 18, 2021

Dakota Johnson looks like her father, Don Johnson. The only one with any real resemblance to their grandmother is Rose Kennedy Schlossberg. 

cat lady October 22, 2020

Wow.  Diversity also includes the people you don’t agree with, or it wouldn’t be diversity.  Just let people have their own beliefs and stop savaging them.  Where is the tolerance?  Hate what we have become as a society. 

cat lady October 16, 2020

@msd Same!  I’ve gone from a size 7-8 in my teens, to 10-12 most of my life and now a 14-16 as a post menopausal woman, and the change in other attitudes is amazing!  Not to mention the sheer lack of larger sizing available in some labels, which just infuriates me, given the only reason for it being that the label only wants skinny people in their clothing!! 

cat lady October 6, 2020

Got to ride shotgun AND pick my room first lol! I am definitely bossy, definitely the organiser and from looking at old photo’s, was clearly disgusted when my siblings were born 😹

cat lady September 7, 2020

This is a very curious situation with both of these women.  They don’t just seem to identify with a different culture or ethnicity, they seem driven to become experts, activists and have a high profile where they could easily be outed as frauds.  Wonder what a psychologist or psychiatrist would say about them?

cat lady September 6, 2020

@mamamia-user-405278599 I know right?!  These are LEGGINGS.  Not tights!  SMH. 

Cat Lady April 21, 2020

The tabloid media have a lot to answer for. It’s why I won’t buy trashy magazines, I refuse to contribute to a culture of lies. Famous or not, no one deserves to have straight out lies and made up stories published about them.

Carmel March 20, 2020

Or just throw them out into the backyard to use their imagination and play? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Carmel March 5, 2020

I genuinely don’t understand the need to share so many selfies. I just don’t get it. Photos used to be about recording occasions, travel, family pics, pets, beautiful scenery etc. This mania for attention via selfies on social media is beyond my understanding.

Carmel February 25, 2020

He’s adorable! Love black cats 💗 look at his teensy little peets!
You could change his name to Marvin now he’s a boy - so cute 🥰

Carmel February 19, 2020

Agree 100%. Works both ways.