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Cat Lady April 21, 2020

The tabloid media have a lot to answer for. It’s why I won’t buy trashy magazines, I refuse to contribute to a culture of lies. Famous or not, no one deserves to have straight out lies and made up stories published about them.

Carmel March 20, 2020

Or just throw them out into the backyard to use their imagination and play? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Carmel March 5, 2020

I genuinely don’t understand the need to share so many selfies. I just don’t get it. Photos used to be about recording occasions, travel, family pics, pets, beautiful scenery etc. This mania for attention via selfies on social media is beyond my understanding.

Carmel February 25, 2020

He’s adorable! Love black cats 💗 look at his teensy little peets!
You could change his name to Marvin now he’s a boy - so cute 🥰

Carmel February 19, 2020

Agree 100%. Works both ways.

Carmel February 17, 2020


Carmel January 21, 2020

Hahahahaha! Poor Queen 👑

Carmel December 26, 2019

Crazy lady, so funny 🤣🤣🤣

Carmel December 24, 2019


Carmel December 17, 2019

Definitely jealousy.

Carmel November 4, 2019

It’s definitely nup to the cup from me.

Carmel October 24, 2019


Carmel September 11, 2019

I feel like her response to Matt when asked about her intentions was a master class in acting lolol!!

Carmel August 25, 2019

Thank you and I agree.

Carmel August 25, 2019

You don’t know what I value, Laura. Don’t assume. And don’t label what you don’t understand.

Carmel August 23, 2019

There are also people who value unborn human life who are NOT against “funding to education, health, public housing, social services, basically anything that helps people in need”. I spend every working minute battling for my clients access to these things, it is extremely stressful and takes a toll on my health. How many abortion advocates can say that? I walk the talk and completely resent being labelled as some kind of uncaring neanderthal who only cares about the unborn child and doesn’t give a shit about the mother. Stop generalising. It is possible to care deeply about both lives and do your best to help. Some of the insults hurled at pro-lifers are despicable and I for one am f*****g over it!

Carmel August 19, 2019


Carmel August 4, 2019

Not sure what happens in the US but in Australia when there are unexplained fractures in a child, especially under 2 years of age, blood tests are done as a matter of course to rule out all the medical reasons as to why that child has broken bones. This is normally done in a medical child protection unit in a children’s hospital.

Carmel August 1, 2019

We live to serve our feline overlords lolol!!

Carmel June 23, 2019

☝🏻This. According to Protestant (mostly Pentecostal) beliefs I, too as a devout Catholic am on that list - they believe we are idolaters. I chose to ignore the post and life went on. Can’t see any reason why the rest of the people on the list can’t do the same. We all have different opinions. I don’t think someone should lose their job over it. Also 100% over the Christian bashing, it’s ridiculous. Most of the people donating to the legal fund would have donated for that point alone.

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