What I wore to work: Lily, 26, lives in laidback pieces paired with sneakers.

Getting dressed for work can be a lot of things: Exciting, frustrating, inspiring, a chore, or a creative outlet. Each to their own. In our series, ‘What I wore to work,’ we ask the Mamamia office to give us a week-long snapshot into what they wear to the office, and why. In this week’s edition, meet our Audience Development Manager, Lily Allsep.

Job: Audience Development Manager.

Office Dress Code: I interpret the dress code at Mamamia to be quite casual, with a side of fun to show your personality. There are no real rules and everyone is encouraged to dress in what feels right for them, which has really allowed me to evolve and develop my personal style.

On any given day you’ll see one person wearing activewear and another wearing sequins, but that’s what I love about it. Nothing is ever too much or too little, and you can be yourself.

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How would you describe your personal style?

My style is an eclectic mix of different things, mostly a mash-up of beachy meets street meets bold colours and bright prints. One day I might go all black and feel quite chic and refined, and the next I’ll go out there with a crazy print.

To me, style is a way I express my creativity and I love mixing it up and pairing different items together to see how I can create different looks.

My one rule is that every outfit must go with sneakers. My Reebok classics are my go-to and I don’t think I own anything that I can’t wear with them. Comfort first. ALWAYS.

I love to pair each outfit with simple and classic jewellery. I wear my Holly Ryan Picasso Necklace every day, and like to layer with a few other necklaces depending on my outfit.

I really enjoy following a variety of different fashion influencers on Instagram. My recent obsession is with a German blogger I discovered, who wears a mix of street style and higher fashion. If I could have her whole wardrobe I’d be one very happy lady!


Now onto what I actually wore this week…


Image: Supplied.

Today I tried out a new outfit for work and went for this cute black top and baggy jeans. I really loved how it looked and felt... until I spilt my red curry all over it at lunchtime (*I took this photo after so please excuse my stained jeans.)

I’ve been loving the puffy-sleeved tops that are about and snagged this one for a bargain at Glassons. Anything under $20 is a big YES for me.

I found my jeans when I was travelling in Denmark, after a long hunt of trying to find the perfect high waisted ‘boyfriend’ jeans that are still flattering.

Last but not least, my belt is from Zara - and is a favourite of mine as it can make any outfit feel a bit more ‘done’. My tip with belts is to get one with enough holes that you can wear it both low and high waisted, to get maximum use out of it. My shoes are black leather slip ons I got at Hype years ago and are a staple I can wear with anything.


Image: Supplied.

Today I was feeling confident so I went all out with this pink boiler suit. Pink is not my usual style, so a full pink jumpsuit is pretty radical for me. I love the concept of a boiler suit, but also can’t help but feel a little bit like I belong on a race track.

I got this one at Vinnies for $15, but it’s originally from Nasty Gal. If I had seen it in a regular store I don’t think I would have bought it, but something about the charm of Vinnies and the fact it was so cheap made me give it a go - and I’m so glad I did. I’m trying to do more of my clothes shopping through second-hand op shops and markets, to save on money and the environment.

I paired this with my Reebok classics.


Image: Supplied.

Today I went the complete opposite of yesterday, and reached for my trusty black outfit. My t-shirt is from Nude Lucy, and I have one in white and grey as well. Whenever I don’t know what to wear to work I always go with a basic tee and a fun skirt or pants.

My skirt is from Bronze Snake Store, an awesome little boutique in Sydney's Newtown. I like it because it’s a classic black and white print, but the frills make it fun.

This skirt is one of those things that random people always compliment me on. I like it because it’s a bit unique too, and you don’t see anything else like it around. On a night out it looks awesome with heels, but for the office, I like to go comfort first and have paired it with yet another pair of sneakers - these canvas ones are from Simple.


Image: Supplied.

Today I went bright again and decided to rock these spotty linen pants from Gorman. I LOVE Gorman, and can spot anyone wearing it from a mile away. It's normally on the exxy side, so I often wait until key pieces are on sale. I got these pants super discounted in the Boxing Day sales last year, and they are a combination of my two favourite things - linen and bright watercolour prints.

I also love these pants, they sit at just the right height to hug your waist, but aren’t too tight, and the waistband is all elastic so doesn’t cut into you.

Today I paired them with a simple white linen shirt - this one is from Uniqlo. I bought this in a men’s large, as I like the style to be oversized and the men's cut is a bit boxier compared with the women's. This cut allows you to create definition in other ways - here I’ve tucked it into the pants to give it more shape. Again, I’ve reached for my Reeboks to finish the look.



Image: Supplied.

Today I’ve gone for a rock-chick-meets-corporate approach. Vintage band tees are a must in my wardrobe, this one is from a little op shop in Newtown. I actually stole this off my boyfriend, and have worn it so much it’s now accepted that it’s mine (and yes, I am a genuine Pink Floyd fan, don’t worry). To make it feel more ‘work appropriate’ I wore it with a black leather skirt and blazer.

The leather skirt is from Zara and is a staple that I reach for again and again.

The blazer is from Dotti a few seasons ago, which feels surprisingly chic. I like it with this outfit as the big check creates a bit of pattern and movement, but still works with the busyness of the t-shirt.

I decided to wear it with black old school Vans, despite them being painstakingly annoying to get on and off.

That’s a wrap on my week of work clothes! I’m heading into the weekend in a permanent mix of activewear and swimmers!

What's your favourite outfit to wear to work? Tell us in a comment below!

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