10 chic sneakers that'll go with any and every outfit this summer.


When I look around the Mamamia office, I often see a particular fashion staple. One that almost everyone wears on a daily basis – sneakers.

We love sneakers.

Finally, we’ve come to a point where fashion footwear can be trendy, functional… and dare we say, comfortable. 

Pairing fresh, white sneakers with the right dress or blazer can completely transform an outfit. And when sneakers are this good, why would rather destroy the soles of your feet with heels?

Thankfully for us, the sneaker trend isn’t disappearing. In fact, it’s only getting bigger. From designer brands to trusty ol’ Target, every brand is working tirelessly to create the perfect pair.

And they’re delivering.

So, instead of scouring the internet and getting overloaded with way too many choices, take your pick from our 10 favourite pairs of chic sneakers.

1. New Balance X Reformation 574 Sneakers, $140.

reformation x new balance
New Balance X Reformation sneakers. Image: The Reformation.

Yes, dad sneakers are still in and no, we don't hate them. Actually, quite the contrary.

Especially when New Balance is collaborating with ultra-chic brand, The Reformation, and using eco-friendly materials.

2. Superga 2953 Cotu Swallow Tail in black and white, $109.95.

superga swallow tail
Superga 2953 Cotu Swallow Tail Sneakers. Image: Supplied.

No surprises here, Superga is killing the sneaker game at the moment. The Italian brand is known for creating comfy, canvas sneakers in a variety of colours, with white being the most popular (for good reason).

Superga recently re-released the classic canvas 2953s with the Swallow Tail logo, and this monochromatic design adds a little something extra to either a casual or dressy outfit.

3. Nike Air Force 1 Shadow, $180.

nike air force 1 shadow
Nike Air Force 1 Shadow sneakers. Image: Platypus Shoes.

COLOUR! We can't forget about colour.

Nike Air Forces have long been a fashion staple, no matter the season or occasion. However, only recently have they created these funky multi-colour pairs.

4. Lacoste Women's Court Slam, $199.95.

lacoste-court slam
Lacoste Women's Court Slam. Image: Lacoste.

Is it just us, or has Lacoste sometimes seemed a little... daggy? Well, not any more.

These are quite possibly the most versatile pair of sneakers this season, thanks to their simple white and neutral tones. And luckily, they aren't all over social media just yet – so get in quick.


5. Veja V-12, $180.

veja v 12
Veja V-12 Sneakers. Image: Tuchuzy.

Veja are bringing out some incredibly fun sneakers this year.

If you're like me and generally avoid colourful clothing pieces, these shoes will have just the right amount for you. They also come in a lot of other colour combos.

6. Forever New Quinn Trainers, $79.99.

forever-new sneakers
Forever New Quinn Trainers. Image: Forever New.

If you think these look strikingly similar to a designer sneaker (but with a much lower price tag)... you'd be right. Forever New has created this almost identical pair for much less. Bargain!

7. Spring Court Classic Canvas in Navy, $135.

spring court sneakers
Spring Court Slim Canvas Sneakers. Image: David Jones.

Although black and white can be worn with pretty much every outfit, you can't forget navy. Navy adds a certain sense of sophistication to a white tee and linen pants combo. We love it.

8. Rubi Willow Espadrille Sneakers, $29.99.

Rubi Willow Espadrille Sneakers. Image: Cotton On.

Transport your feet to the South of France with these Espadrille sneakers topped with some funky spots. Très chic.

9. Adidas Continental 80 sneakers, $150.

adidas continental
Adidas Continental 80 sneakers. Image: Adidas.

Simple, tick. A hint of colour, tick. Perfect with a dress or your favourite activewear that you never workout in, tick.


10. Zara Animal Print Sneakers, $99.

Zara Animal Print Sneakers. Image: Zara.

As you will have seen all over Instagram, animal print is not going anywhere.

Zara is always on top of the trends, releasing not only fabulous clothing options but some killer shoes too.

Do you have any sneakers you absolutely love, that we missed? Let us know which ones, in the comments below.