What I wore to work: A 24-year-old social media executive with big sleeve energy.

Getting dressed for work can be a lot of things: Exciting, frustrating, inspiring, a chore, or a creative outlet. Each to their own. In our new series, ‘What I wore to work,’ we ask Australian women to give us a week-long snapshot into what they wear, and why. From capsule wardrobe devotees, to ‘throw it on and dash out the door types,’ it’s a pervy look into the closets of everyday women. In this week’s edition, we have Mamamia’s Social Media Executive, Eleanor Katelaris.

Job: Social Media Executive at Mamamia.

Office dress code: It’s not super corporate, but you can’t come in wearing your pyjamas unless you’re going for a ‘sleepwear to streetwear’ look which in that case, go for it!

Side note… Mamamia’s Clare Stephens reviews the latex bodysuit. Post continues below.

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How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t really have one, to be honest, but I’ve come to realise that the absence of a personal style doesn’t mean you don’t have style – it just means you have varied tastes. One constant you will see in my wardrobe though is Zara, because literally everything in that store is a banger, and you either agree with me on that, or you’re wrong.

I would say that my overall aesthetic is simple looks with a quirky twist. I love to mix basics with maximalist pieces in the same outfit. Or some days I go completely basic and then the next day I’ll be donning sequins.

If I had a dream wardrobe, it would be Kat Edison’s from The Bold Type – and no it’s not just because she’s a social media manager as well, although she’s definitely #careergoals. I just love that her style reflects her personality – she’s confident and free, and she’ll rock a thrifted dress as soon as she will a designer jumpsuit.

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Without further ado, here’s a sartorial sneak peek into how I outfitted my way through the week.


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Today I decided to fall back on my standard work ‘uniform’ which for me is a flowy dress and sneakers. I opted for my favourite Zara dress, and although it’s white and spotty, don’t mistake it for that viral Zara dress with its very own Instagram account, although I do think this one is deserving of its own too!


It ticks all the boxes for me in terms of the perfect work dress. My first non-negotiable fashion criteria is that an item needs to not require any ironing. It’s not that I can’t iron, it’s just I really don’t have time in the morning and would rather something I can just throw on.

My second criteria is that it needs to be loose, aka eating-friendly. Almost all of my clothes I wear to work are, which leads to every pregnant woman in the office asking me where I got my dress from. No, I’m not pregnant, I just want the option to eat as much as I like.

I was really vibing this look until I came home from work and my boyfriend told me I looked like I was wearing a hospital gown, and after he sent me this photo, I can’t un-see it.


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Tuesday’s look is all thanks to a lucky find in my local Vinnies. I stumbled across this orange jumpsuit and immediately thought, I NEED to own this. But it was two sizes too big for me.

It was then I realised, it was time for me to do a very adult thing and get something tailored... at a TAILOR! What a hack! (Sorry for those of you who don’t find this revolutionary but for me this was really an epiphanous moment.)

What was once just a mythical place that only my mum spoke about, has become an essential part of my op-shopping process - which is kind of problematic because now I’m constantly buying inappropriately sized things when really I should just... not.


Anyway. Today I threw on a basic white tee underneath to make it work appropriate (even though you could rock cleavage at our workplace and everyone would be like yaaas) - and then after work, I just took it off before I went out.


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It might only be my second week back at work, but there’s something about January that makes me feel like I’m still on holiday. So today I thought I would live vicariously through this dress that I bought in Corfu and channel some Greek Island vibes.

Possibly the worst thing a person can say when you ask them where their outfit is from is, “Oh, this? I got it in *insert overseas location here*”. So, unfortunately, I can’t direct you to anywhere that you can buy this unless you want to go to that little boutique tucked away off the main drag in Old Corfu Town next to that gyros shop? You know the one? Ok great.

I love that it’s super comfortable and also it’s made out of this really thick material which means you can be sitting down at your desk all day and you still won’t have any of those awkward 5 pm creases in your dress.


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This is actually something I can link you to - a gorgeous Mister Zimi matching set. The shorts are quite baggy and the top is also loose, so I tucked it in here to create a more flattering silhouette. I'm never afraid to bare a little leg at work, I just try and balance it out with a high-neck top for proportions.


Can we talk about this fabulous print in all of its colourful glory?! I feel like wearing bold patterns inadvertently makes me more creative at work, I don’t know... Is that a thing?

I wore mules as well because they’re timeless and comfy. Enough said.


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No casual Friday here!

I decided to step it up today with some Big Sleeve Energy. Originally when I bought this Zara top, I never envisioned wearing it to work, but here I am on a Friday, trespassing in someone’s terrace house on my way to the office.

You're probably familiar with a certain work get-up called the ‘Day to Night’ look. I’ve reimagined this concept and coined my own terminology. Introducing: the ‘Desk to Disco’ outfit.

The top is suitable to wear to work but extra enough for the dancefloor. The culottes are quite corporate-looking on their own but paired with this outfit, they’re suddenly fun.

These shoes are my go-to black heel. I love the wrap-around straps and the gold buckle is a subtle yet elegant touch.

What's your favourite outfit to wear to work? Tell us in a comment below!

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