How do you shorten 'spaghetti bolognese'? Because we think The Project is lying to us.


There are some things in this world we know to be inherently wrong.

Melania’s I Don’t Care jacket. Kim Jong-un. Vegemite, without butter.

Then, there’s ‘spag bog’.

Depending on where you grew up in Australia, this term will have you licking your lips, or extremely confused.

For those in the latter camp, allow us to explain.

On Friday night’s episode of The Project, co-host Lisa Wilkinson brought up an apparent age old topic of debate.

Is the Aussie slang term for spaghetti bolognese ‘spag bol’ or ‘spag bog’?

The former Today Show co-host asked eliminated Masterchef 2018 contestant Aldo Ortado, who was known on the reality TV cooking show for his Italian cuisine, to settle the debate once and for all.

He, of course, said neither.

“It’s spagheeeeeeti bologneeeeeeese,” he said in his lovely Italian accent.


That was fine and all, except for the part where actual humans on The Project panel then said they refer to the delicious, slurpy pasta dish as ‘spag bog’.

Co-hosts Lehmo, Hugh Riminton and Gorgi Coghlan all admitted to favouring spag bog.

Lisa, like us, seemed utterly confused.

But… but isn’t ‘bog’ what you can a… poo? we presume she thought to herself. How strange.


We couldn’t agree more, Lisa. Spag bol just makes sense.

Spaghetti = spag and Bolognese = bol. By this logic, spag bog fools ought to be saying spag bolog. Ugh.

Turns out this isn’t the first time The Project desk has hosted this debate. Oddly enough, it went almost exactly the same way as last night.

In 2016, Peter Hellier, Fitzy and, well what do you know, Gorgi Coghlan said spag bog was correct as Waleed Aly sat there in disbelief.

“That sounds really disgusting,” Waleed said at the time, which is what we’re all thinking right now.

But the real question to emerge from this debate is, is it a coincidence Gorgi was present for both bog debates?

We think… actually, all we know is that SPAG BOG IS NOT A THING.

Do you call spaghetti bolognese spag bol or spag bog? Tell us in the comments!