Is it spag bol or spag bog? We didn't even know there were two options.

Is this the greatest debate of our time? Australians love to shorten words. Arvo, servo, Maccas, probs… the list is pretty long. But it appears there’s one we don’t all agree on. Is it spag bol or spag bog?

Whether or not you love spaghetti Bolognese is not the question here. Because everyone loves it, this we know.

But what became eerily apparent on last night’s episode of The Project is that there lies a great divide in what we’re all calling it.

According to panelists from the show, some call the cheap-but-cheerful mince delight “spag bol” while others refer to the Italian staple as “spag bog.”


Please excuse me while I collect my blown mind from the floor.


Peter Helliar: advocate of the bog. Source: Channel 10.

This is like the potato cakes versus the scallops all over again. Or the Big M versus the Moove. It's the supermarket version of the haves versus the have nots. As far as I'm concerned Turnbull and Shorten can retire now. Because this is the vote that we really need to be having.

The problem all arose when co-host and, ahem, Logie award-winner, Waleed Aly asked panelist Peter Helliar to repeat something. "Did you say spag bog?" he asked looking bemused.

"Yes," Helliar replied sheepishly.

"That sounds really disgusting," Aly replied.

When explaining why "bol" made more sense as an abbreviation than "bog", Helliar replied, "I know what the word is... You don't just go for the first three letters you know."

"That's very often how you do it," Aly replied.

From there, debate was fierce, with Gorgi Coghlan and Fitzy all siding with Helliar.

Aly eventually conceded that he was "surrounded by disgusting people."


That moment when you realise you're surrounded by people who aren't your people. Source: Channel 10. 

Without wanting to weigh in too heavily, I will say this. Given how often Aly is right about things maybe we should go with him on this and unite the nation under the one (correct, cough) spag label.

So, how do you say it? What's your family pronunciation of this much-loved freezer friendly classic?