How to cook the perfect amount of spaghetti for one. Every single time.

There are few foods that have such a strong connection to families as spaghetti.

It is low-cost, high-taste and a crowd-pleaser for children who consider the act of plucking at the long strands just as enjoyable as eating them.

But there is one drawback to our wiggly friend and that’s the difficulty in assessing how many strands make one serve.

If spaghetti isn’t your jam, we’ve got some other handy hacks.

If you’re a calorie counter, you’re inevitably going to overestimate or underestimate your serving.

If you’re cooking for three, you’re stuck with either cooking all of it or keeping an estimated handful poorly wrapped with a rubber band.

If you’re cooking for one, well, you have three estimated handfuls or a giant pot of leftovers that stops being fun by Wednesday.

Online kitchen blog America’s Kitchen have revealed the solution to all our problems and it’s been under our noses this whole time.

The spaghetti server.

The blog revealed that the hole in the spaghetti server is not just to release water but also the perfect way to measure a single serve.

These are the times in your life when the “aha!” moment has never felt so satisfying.

This life-hack mimics but does not replace the careful skill that nonnas have been perfecting for generations. 

My own nonna wouldn’t care much for it but then, most of her cooking magic is conveyed with a few shakes of the salt shaker and a shrug.