'She doesn't know I know.' Sophie Cachia discovered a friend was her biggest troll.



With over 250,000 Instagram followers and multiple successful businesses under her wing, social media is the basis of Sophie Cachia’s career.

Known as one of Instagram’s original ‘mummy influencers’, the Melbourne mum-of-two quickly grew a following when she launched her blog The Young Mummy after becoming a mum to her first child, Bobby, at 22 years old.

Since then, the now 28-year-old has welcomed another child, her daughter Florence, and launched a fashion line that’s so successful, her most popular pieces often sell out in minutes.

But it hasn’t always been easy.

Sophie Cachia speaks to Mamamia about striving to be the ‘perfect’ parent. Post continues after video.

After all, with a large social media following, comes trolls.

Speaking to host Tully Smyth on Mamamia’s podcast Social Squad, Sophie opened up about the impact Instagram trolls have had on her


“There’s been times that I have had thoughts of, ‘How am I going to escape this?’ And I know that there’s one way I can escape this,” Sophie told Social Squad host Tully Smyth.

“I haven’t contemplated doing it, but the thoughts have definitely come into my head because of how horrific people have spoken about me, and the opinions people have of me that I know are so not true. [It has] got to me to the point where I’ve been in counselling.”

Sophie Cachia on letting the public into your relationship. Post continues after podcast. 

Sophie, who announced her split from her husband of four years in the weeks after recording the podcast episode, shared that Jaryd has been instrumental in helping her deal with trolls.

“Jaryd has been absolutely incredible and he brings me back down to earth,” she said.

“He says, ‘Do you know why those people think those things about you? Because they don’t know you. If they knew you, they wouldn’t be saying those things.’ So you just have to keep thinking of that and you have to keep reminding yourself of your self worth.”

The mum-of-two also shared that she recently discovered that one of her biggest trolls is actually a former friend.


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“I know for a fact, that there’s one woman, who I have known in my life, who I was once friends with, who works in the media at times, who was trying to build her way up – I know she is one of my biggest trolls,” she said.

“I don’t know if she knows that I know that. I’ve had lawyers, I’ve had everything, I’ve been with the police – I know this girl who was in my life for years is one of my biggest trolls,” she added.

“I think the thing that hurts me is that you can talk about the trolls and all these anonymous people that have these opinions of you. But what hurts me and what I’ve found that has affected my life the most is the people that I am friends with, was friends with, have been really special to me in my life, that don’t want a bar of me anymore because of what I choose to do for work.”


Last year, the negative comments on Instagram grew so bad, the entrepreneur briefly restricted comments to only people she follow and who follow her back.


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“I use Instagram’s setting that only allows people that I follow to write on my photos if they wish,” Sophie told Mamamia at the time.

“At the moment, I have control over my own channel, and so I should,” she added

“I just post a pic I like and move on with my day now, instead of trawling through thousands of comments from strangers.”

Speaking to Mamamia earlier this year, Constance Hall, who has over 400,000 Instagram followers, explained how she has become an expert at spotting the difference between a male and a female troll.

During her time on Dancing With The Stars, she was closely followed by a troll named ‘Alfredo’, who claimed to be a man.


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“This guy knows everything about me. Most guys aren’t that invested in me. One guy messaged me yesterday and he said ‘you need to close your legs and read a book’. He will never message me again,” she explains.

“Whereas women become very personal. All of my real haters, the ones that started the groups, the ones that have taken it to the next level, they’ve printed things out and stuck them up on the street, they want to find my family, they want to find exes of mine, that sort of obsessive behaviour I found only comes from women.

“The only thing I can put it down to is that they’re so f*cking hurt, they’re living such shit lives, they’ve been put down so much by the people who were supposed to love them, that they have to spit vitriol.”

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