Sophie Cachia shared a bikini photo, and then saw the awful things being said in a mum’s group.

With almost 250,000 Instagram followers and two successful businesses under her wing, social media is the basis of Sophie Cachia’s career.

The mum-of-two from Melbourne originally built her following on her popular blog, The Young Mummy. From there, Sophie has amassed a following of women who love her for her no bullsh*t attitude.

But with a large social media following, comes trolls.

After sharing a video of herself posing in the mirror in a bikini this morning, Sophie found a Facebook post in a ‘mums group’ with multiple women ridiculing her Instagram story.

One woman wrote: “Did anyone see Sophie Cachia’s Insta story this morning?! I used to loveeeeee her now she is like so self-obsessed.”

Another commented: “I think good on anyone for having self-confidence but I think she’s a little too vain”.

Sophie shared screenshots of the conversation on her Instagram story. Image via Instagram.

Sophie shared screenshots of the Facebook post to her Instagram story, responding: "To everyone who's messaged me to see if I'm okay – guys, I am more than fine. I am sitting on a holiday, with my hubby, with my book. I just wasn't in the mood to be f*cking spoken about like that today."

I never engage with trolls or critics like that anymore but at the end of the day, I just want to say I will never ever ever apologise for being a confident woman who is happy in her own skin and none of you should."

Right on.

Sophie concluded her rant in the best way possible – dancing in her bikini to Big Sean's I Don't F*ck With You.

Don't mess with Sophie Cachia.

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