Sophie Cachia On Letting The Public Into Your Family

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Sophie Cachia On Letting The Public Into Your Family

Sophie Cachia was one of Instagram’s original ‘mummy influencers.’

When she started out she was just 22 and quickly grew a following because of her candid approach to the highs and lowest lows of parenting. Fast forward to 2019 and she’s now got two children, a fashion line that’s so successful her most popular pieces sell out in minutes and a community of people hanging on her every word.

Since recording this episode Sophie and her partner Jaryd have publicly announced their separation on Instagram, a necessity when you live every aspect of your life and relationship online.

Join host Tully Smyth as she talks to the OG mummy blogger about how it feels to have so many people weighing in on your parenting, and how she navigates mixing family with business.

This episode of Social Squad contains discussion around suicide. If this raises any issues for you please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.  They're here to help.


GUEST: Sophie Cachia @sophiecachia_  Cachia Clothing

HOST: Tully Smyth @tee_smyth

PRODUCER: Elise Cooper


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