'Siren eyes' vs. 'doe eyes': The viral makeup trend that changes your eye shape.

If you've been slinking around the interwebs as of late, chances are you've come across the viral 'siren eyes' versus 'doe eyes' trend.

And while viral TikTok trends come and go quicker than you have the chance to try them, we're officially calling it: these two makeup looks are going to stick around. Because they can single-handedly change your entire eye shape.

Don't believe us?

Just look at our friend Kelly McCarren on this week's episode of You Beauty:

'Doe eyes' (left) vs 'siren eyes' (right)


Pretty crazy, no?

The comparisons are WILD.

@sarahnewsfx Which is your favourite? #doeeyes #sireneyes #makeuptransformation ib: @Hayley ♬ original sound - Bernardo

"It's all about your eye shape," explained Kelly. "Different people will suit different things. I suit a 'doe eye' more. I can suit a little bit of a 'siren eyes' look, but something for that's quite hectic like this, I don't have that much eyelid real estate on show."

So... how do you know which one suits you best?

"When you're looking front on, do you have a lot of lid?" said Kelly. "If the answer is no, then you're probably (like me) not going to suit the 'siren eyes' as much as the 'doe eyes'."

However, you can also use these looks to manipulate your natural eye shape and create the illusion of something very different. It all really depends on what kind of look you're hoping to achieve.

Keen to learn more? Here our top tips for picking your next eye look based on your eye shape.

What are 'siren eyes'?

'Siren eyes'.


'Siren eyes' is basically the new term for that '90s-style eye makeup technique that's all about elongating the eyes for a sweeping effect. It's sultry. Dramatic. Very chic. 

And there are no surprises that it's trending – because, well... it just looks so damn good. Perfect for those with rounded eyes, it can give you a more almond-shaped look in seconds.

"'Siren eye' makeup is super hot," said Kelly. "It's sultry, alluring and fascinating – but also a little dangerous."

Think Em Rata, Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner. That kinda vibe!

There are thousands of different tutorials getting around right now, but the term 'siren eyes' was originally coined by TikTok makeup artist Danielle Marcan, who posted the below clip.


So, how do you create 'siren eyes'?

Well, there are a few different variations, and it all depends on how graphic you want your eyeliner look to be.

Using either a liquid eyeliner or a pencil liner, draw a long, straight line from the outer corner of your eye, stopping just above your crease, before connecting the line back to your lash line to create a wing.

As Kelly explained on the podcast, "You can also add an inner flick to really sweep it up and out. Remember, it's not a smoky eye – it's like an elongated cat eye."

Another one of Kelly's tips? Don’t apply liner all the way across your lid.


Instead, leave an empty gap in the middle of your eyes (where your pupils are most rounded) to make the look even more elongated.

You can also try lining your lower waterline with liner for a more dramatic, sweeping look, or add individual lashes to the outer corner if you want to level it up even more.

If you're looking for something a little more subtle, you can just ditch the inner flick, or use pencil over liquid and blend it out a bit.

What are 'doe eyes'?

'Doe eyes'.


If your goal is to open your eyes and make them appear bigger, brighter and wider, please meet the 'doe eyes' makeup technique.

Put simply, 'doe eyes' are exactly how they sound – big, innocent and sweet. It looks pretty and 'girlie' in comparison to the sultry 'siren eye'.

Think: Bambi vibes.

Actresses like Sydney Sweeney, Amanda Seyfried, Zooey Deschanel and Anya Taylor-Joy are among some of the celebrity inspo that repeatedly nail the 'doe eye' look.

@cczuleighka Doe Eyes = cute everyday makeup look ~ Products used: - elf grip primer - Loreal Infallible Foundation (450) - maybelline fitme concealer (10 Fair) - Nyx Wonderstick (medium) - Kaja Heartstamp blush (coy) - Elf Brow Pencil (Neutral Brown) - Etude: Nudifull Espresso (from YesStyle- use my code "LOVEIT153") - Etude: White Tear Liner (from YesStyle) - Nyx Epicwear brown Eyeliner - Nyx Jumbo white eyeliner - Heroine Mascara - Elf Halo Loose Setting Powder - Dear Self Beauty Clayblush- Dorothy - Makeup Brushes, Sponges, & Spatula (on my Amazon Storefront- link in bio) #doeeyes #doeeyesmakeup #makeuptutorial #makeuplook #koreanmakeup #manhualashes #cutemakeupideas #forfun ♬ cupid twin version - ⟡ TRACYTRACKS ⟡

To create 'doe eyes', Kelly said to focus on the whole eye, rather than just the outer corners (like we did the 'siren eye'). 

One of your most important weapons? White eyeliner.

Apply this along the lower lash line and it's guaranteed to make your eyes appear bright and round. Kelly also added some brown shadow on her lower lash line and smudged it out for a soft look (and to make her blue eyes pop!).

To further play up the illusion of wide eyes, "I then fanned all my lashes out", added Kelly.

We recommend using an eyelash curler and a mascara to make them appear wispy and fluttery. 

So, there you have it!

Are you a fan of 'doe eyes' or 'siren eyes'? Or do you like a mix of both? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Kelly McCarren/Mamamia.

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